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FAQ Last Updated on July 2, 2010


The reviews on this site are too positive! There should be more fairness and a better balance between positive and negative ratings! (I swear, this was really posted in the guestbook on several occasions.)

This is the stupid question/complaint that killed the guestbook on this site because I was tired of all the fucking morons whining about such a non-issue. For the first several years, the site wasn't on many promo lists because we did not actively ask for promos (most of the time), so we would mostly review stuff that we buy. Call us crazy for trying to buy stuff we would like. ;) Over the past couple of years, the tide has changed a little. With the rising popularity of "mp3 promos" which cost very little for labels to distribute (there is a cost for those labels using mp3 promo services such as iPool and Haulix), we have started receiving a lot more promos than in the past. At the end of the day, if we like it we give it a reasonably good rating, otherwise we don't. Note that the question is stupid: There's no such thing as "balance" or "fairness" in the overall positive to negative ratio in ratings. Attempting to do so would be stupid. We take each album for what it is, we don't feel obligated to give a positive or negative review just to maintain an artificial ratio just to keep you happy. The reviews are the reviewer's opinion at the time he/she wrote the review, that's all they are. Don't try to make it a social issue. If you are really distressed about all this, there are kids out there who download just about everything and trash it just for the hell of it, you might want to look for such a site.

What is the rating system?

There is no standard rating system on the site - it's pretty much up to each reviewer. The only standard is that the ratings are between 0 and 5 (with 5+ being "off the charts" for those albums that really kicked the reviewer's ass.) We've thought about standardizing, but with more than 5200 reviews already on the site at the time I'm writing this, it wouldn't make much sense. A rating is just a number. Read the entire review to get a better feel for it... After all that is what will tell you roughly what the album sounds like, not the rating.

Do labels pay you to get good reviews?

No. Man that was a stupid -yet real- question. See first question above.

Why don't you have more reviews?

We don't have a large team of reviewers, and there are no quotas. Plus there's only 24 hours in a day, and it's not like this is a job either: We have other things to do. Usually I put a couple of reviews up per day.

Do you have a "reviews review board" to screen reviews?

No. I leave that to people who like to suppress free speech. A review is simply a reviewer's opinion and should be taken as such. Nobody will agree on everything in this world and it's likely you'll disagree with many opinions here (and elsewhere.) Tough. Very few reviews have been rejected over the years.

How can I contact a reviewer?

Click on the reviewer's name on the review page. This will bring you to the reviewer's profile (if there is one) and you can e-mail from there if the reviewer is still active. If there is no profile for the reviewer, and if the reviewer is still active, then you'll be presented with a form you can use to send a message.

Can I write reviews for your site?

Possibly. Use the Contact page and select "Other Inquiries" to send an e-mail. If you have written reviews on some web sites, please provide a few links in the message as well.

Can you review or interview my band?

As long as it's metal, yes. Hardcore and "nu-metal" bands need not apply. Use the Contact page and select "Submitting Music for Reviews". If you qualify (i.e. we consider you to be "metal enough"), then you will be sent a postal address to send your CD to. Note that it can sometimes take a while before you get a reply. You can also e-mail a reviewer directly (see above), if for some reason you'd like a particular reviewer to review your stuff. Note that we are frequently backlogged, so it may take a while (sometimes months) for a review to get done.

Why are some albums reviewed more than once?

Because someone had a different opinion (or a similar one with different comments) about an album and submitted a review.

Why the hell is album xyz not reviewed!?!?! It's a classic!

For a variety of reasons.. It could be that none of the reviewers have the album, or nobody has had time to review it yet, or simply nobody has felt like writing one. It's impossible to review everything, classic or not.

Album xyz should have a lower/higher rating!!!

Not according to whoever reviewed it. Opinions vary. But if you suffer from insomnia because of that, submit your own review.

There are way too many reviews of this or that band!!!!! Not fair!

No. Shut up.

Why do you review older albums, rather than only the most recent releases?

Metal isn't pop music with a 6-months lifespan. Also a lot of people do not own older releases, and reviewing them today allow these people to learn about them.

Why did you trash my favourite band?

Because I wanted to hurt you.

I found a review that's also on another site. Are you stealing reviews?

Nope. Some reviewers also write for other sites, and sometimes they also submit the same review here. This is cleared with the owner of the other site as well. However, if you think that this is not the case, then please use the Contact page and select "Other Inquiries" to send a message with all the details and we'll look into it.

Affiliate Links

What's with all the affiliate links (Amazon, The End, eBay...)?

These links are there to help pay for the site's operations (web hosting, domain names, postage, etc...) It does not cost you anything more if you go through these links to buy, for example, a CD through Amazon. A small percentage of the sales is paid to us.

Affiliate links? I'm not seeing any such links!

There are a couple of them on the main page and in all review pages. If you don't see them, you are probably using some kind of ad blocker which also unfortunately blocks affiliate links. If you want to see them, you can usually unblock the site through the blocker's settings.

You're just trying to make money off our backs!

Trust me on this: The money generated from those links is far from enough to cover the expenses, so I'm not retiring on this any time soon! ;)

But if a lot of visitors use the links, eventually you will make money off our backs!

Technically. But the idea behind the affiliate links is to make the site self-sustaining financially, so should this ever happen, the extra money would most likely go into adding more features to the site - for example a new, better trivia system would be an option but is pretty expensive to purchase, so for now it's not an option.

I want to buy something other than music. Will you get credited?

Yes. Even though the links displayed on the site are music-centric, once you get onto Amazon or eBay through one of our links, a percentage whatever you buy there should get credited to our account. So yeah, if you have an eye on that expensive big screen 3DTV, by all means go through our links. :)

I never buy anything from the stores you are affiliated with, but I would like to contribute financially. How can I do that?

Currently there is no way (unless you are really obsessed with the idea, in which case you could always contact me directly and arrange a Paypal payment, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with this scenario. ;)) Some people have suggested a "Paypal Donate" button. This may or may not happen in the near future - I'm still looking at the pros and cons of converting my Paypal account so that I can use the "Donate" feature.


Can you post news about my band/label/etc... ??

There is no news section on the web site (there was one for a short period of time, a few years ago.) All is not lost, however. You can use the News & Promotion forum on the message board. Note that this is for metal-related stuff only (and "nu-metal" (sic) is not permissible - such ads will be deleted.) Note that you do NOT need to register on the message board to post in the News & Promotion forum. Only people wishing to participate actively on the message board should register a user name there.

Can you put my banner up on your site?

Usually no. There's occasionally a banner up for things such as the Classic Metal Festival, but that's my prerogative.

Do you sell advertising space on your site?

No. It's not ruled out in the future, but for now there's no advertising other than banners I select personally (see previous question.)


When did the web site open?

September 18, 1999. It was originally called "Michel's Metal Page", then "Michel's Metal Crypt", then I finally settled on "The Metal Crypt", which is what most people were calling it anyway. :) A more detailed story was written on the site's 10th anniversary. Click here to read "10 Years and Counting..."

Is the visitors count accurate?

Pretty much. I've used other counters in the past that were more accurate, but they often went offline and stopped counting for several hours or days. The current one is less prone to such problems. It still gives a pretty good idea overall.

What browser can I use to view the site?

I try to test each new features with Firefox (my standard browser), Internet Exploder 7.0 and 8.0, Opera and Chrome. I don't feel like installing more browsers. . Let me know if you run into any problems while viewing the site, making sure you tell me where on the site the problem occurred, and what browser (including version number) you were using at the time. Please note that due to the use of a few more advanced cascading style sheets, Internet Explorer 6.0 and below are no longer supported and you will see a message to that effect at the top of the screen if you visit using that. If you're browsing from home you shouldn't be using such old versions anyway, and if you're browsing from work... Well... Your company sucks. ;)

The site stretches my screen!

As an absolute minimum, you should be running in 1024x768 resolution.

Why don't you have an MP3 section?

MP3 files are large and therefore eat up a lot of disk space and bandwidth, meaning $$$ in web hosting costs. There are also legal issues that would need to be dealt with (obtaining authorizations etc...) that make this even less worth it. Most web hosting companies, including the one this site is hosted on, do not allow the posting of mp3s unless they are our own music. I don't make music, so that pretty much solves that issue. :)

I'm offended by the language in a review/interview/article/message board post.

Then I suggest you go to a web site for children, where you should feel safer.

What's in the mailing list?

Usually a list of new interviews and reviews since the last posting, plus other "significant" changes/additions to the site, if any. If you are a regular visitor, there isn't much point subscribing to the list.

What's the frequency of mailing list postings?

Mailings are usually sent no more than once a week (except in extremely rare occasions.)

You suck!

That's not a question. But hey, you suck too.

Metallica rules!

A little tense-challenged, aren't you? It's spelled "ruled".

Why isn't the site always updated every day?

I try to, but sometimes there just isn't time.

Some of the answers to these FAQs are rude!

Lighten up.

Trivia Games

I was playing a trivia game and it timed out on me.

Use the Contact page and select "Other Inquiries" to provide your username and the name of the trivia.

Why did my high score disappear in the trivia?

High scores are reset after a certain amount of time. It happens to everyone, not one user in particular.

Some of the trivia games are way too difficult! How am I supposed to know about this or that?

Relax... It's a game, and you're provided with the answer if you give a wrong answer, so you learn something. It's not like there's some prize to win.

There's an error in one of the trivia games.

It's possible - sometimes something slips through the screening. Use the Contact page and select "Other Inquiries" and provide the name of the trivia, question and correct answer, with a source for the correct answer (if possible.) If your information is deemed correct, the trivia will be modified accordingly.

Why do I have to register to play the trivia? I don't want to give you my e-mail address!!

Well, for one thing, I can't see the e-mail addresses (at least in the current version of the trivia system), so that's relatively safe. Even if I could, I don't spam or sell the addresses. Only people who subscribe to the site's mailing list or the trivia announcement list will ever get e-mails. Registration is necessary because of the way the trivia system was built by the company that sells it. Suggestion: Use some free webmail account when you need to register for such things, that way you don't give away your main e-mail address. Also, registration enables things such as the possibility of a list of high scores, and seeing which games you've played or not. Without registration, this would not be possible.

Why don't you add more trivia games?

Lack of time. It takes a while to find questions/answers and to enter them into the system. That's why there can sometimes be long periods between the addition of new games. And sometimes we're simply out of ideas for new games...

Can I submit a trivia game?

Yes. Use the Contact page and select "Other Inquiries" to provide the questions, each with a few choices (try to keep it around 4-5 choices per question), with the correct answer marked (I don't know everything.) Please ensure the answers are correct.

I don't want to register for the trivia games!!!

Then don't play.


Are interviews conducted by phone?

E-mail, phone and in person. The vast majority is conducted by e-mail, but there are a few exceptions.

Why do you keep such old interviews?

Why the hell would I delete them?

I interviewed a band but have nowhere to publish it. Can you do it?

If it's metal, yep. Use the Contact page and select "Other Inquiries" to contact me with the details.

Message Board

One of the moderators deleted my post/thread!

Usually there's a good reason for it. Contact the moderator through the board's private messenger to know the exact reason.

Why can't I promote "nu-metal" (sic) on your board? Band xyz rules!

Because it's not metal, and xyz do not rule. Go away. There are plenty of retarded boards for you to promote that crap.

Why did I get banned?

You probably asked for it. Spamming, being an overall asshole, posting inappropriate material are all grounds for immediate banning.

Can you unban me?

I can, but I don't want to. Unless you were banned by mistake, of course.

Can I be a moderator?

If I ever want more moderators and think of you, I'll let you know. ;)

Artist Features

What happened to the artist features?

Artist features quickly became a maintenance nightmare, and most of them had not been updated in years. Beside, Metal-Archives is better suited for this kind of stuff - check it out at

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