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Any MCers in the Phoenix Area?
I know, it's been awhile since I posted here.  In the past year, I've moved to Scottsdale, Arizona- got tired of slipping on the ice back in Illinois. I've also been working my ass off doing customer service, taking phone calls from mostly pissed off people, complaining how they got ripped off. 

On one hand, Scottsdale's been great- plenty of bars within bicycle distance, and quite a few great bands come thru here. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the bars here are addicted to playing that "thump thump thump" club crap, and all too many of the people I've seen out are self-pretentious types who seem to think that the entrance fee to the human race is a minimum $500,000 a year income. 

So are there any members of this board here in the area? And how about places to hang out that focus on metal?
"I have 1,000 years of power!! Come and get me!"
I haven't really been on the site much lately. Looks like my reply is a few months late. I lived in Tempe from 2011-2015 and Chandler 2015-2018. From my experience, I'd say you moved into the least most metal-driven community in the Valley. Well, that is unless you count west valley, because Peoria, Surprise, and Sun City are mostly old folks.

Tucson is likely a better city for metalheads. Scottsdale is often thought of by people in other areas of the valley as the elite Hollywood side of the area. Although there are lots of snubby people there, there are also a lot of really nice people there, mostly in North Scottsdale, which also seems to be where the absurdly rich live. I feel so low walking into the Scottsdale Fashion Mall, since it is so polished and full of brands I could never afford.

Never found much metal culture there when was there (just left Chandler and moved to China today, actually!), but if you like great beers, you're in a great place. If you do, head down to Arizona Wilderness Brewery. They have good food and their beers are top-notch! They only have their own beers, which rotate quite rapidly, as the Brewery is really adding lots of solid beers to their repertoire. It is my favorite place in the valley. Go try it out!

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