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(12-26-2018, 07:26 PM)metalcrypt Wrote: I've been using a VPN for a while but only use it for specific things. I noticed that OpenVPN was quickly draining my phone's battery, so I've rarely used it with the phone. My VPN provider has a new Android app that I have yet to try. I hope it's gentler on the battery. Not much use in running a VPN if you can't get through the day on one charge.

No company could afford what I'd ask to go to work in China. Cool
Yeah.  I bought Astrill VPN.  $100 gets you a really solid product that runs across up to 5 devices.  I mostly use it with my laptop and my iPad because those two devices I don’t worry about battery.  

As for working in China, unless you hate Chinese food, I bet you’d actually be surprised how comfortable it can be.  I got a teaching certificate back in February.  Teaching in schools in Arizona pays extremely low and places incredibly high demands on teachers.  In the end however, it was easier for me to find a job in China than in Arizona.  And I cannot complain when a school provides you your own apartment free of charge and already furnished, a location with great public transportation so that you don’t need to buy a car (Can you see now that I have zero expenses? Haha!), and incredibly delicious and cheap food.  I can only complain about the need of VPN and lack of craft beer scene in the Shanghai area, although they did just open Stone Brewing here this summer, a favorite brewery of mine.  

But yeah, I am partial because I’ve been to Shanghai a few times and my wife is from here, and it just made sense to come here because mostly the jobs open to me here provide excellent benefits whereas I was making a shit ton of money in Arizona teaching violin lessons 7 days a week but keeping very little of it due to high taxation and complete lack of benefits.  

ANYWAY, if you move this forum to a Google based system, I will still make an effort to participate from time to time.  I don’t really have a really high activity rate anyway, but I do come here everyday and at least browse.  The site is very important to me.  I have been reading the reviews on it since the very beginning when my mom brought me to work with her and I stumbled upon it by accident while browsing black metal.  Haha
I'm aware that the menu currently looks weird while viewing the message board. Can't figure it out and I have to leave, so I'll look into it later.
Well, I had figured it out but somehow the file didn't upload correctly. Seems to work fine now. If not, make sure you do a hard refresh/reload in your browser.
YouTube channel looks great!
We need it as a liquid in our veins instead of blood

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