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What's the last movie you saw?
Inspired by a popular thread on the Metal-Rules board...

I saw The Bourne Ultimatum last night.  I liked it better than The Bourne Supremacy (watched that one on Friday night.)  One hell of a car chase in NYC!

The story in The Bourne Supremacy was pretty far away from the novel (currently reading...)  The first movie followed the story of the first novel more accurately.
I just watched The Fearless this afternoon although I fell asleep towards the end.
Halloween  Confuseduper:
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I watched Hard Boiled on DVD last night, badass film - full of action. Had to go out to buy it after playing Stranglehold on the Xbox 360 (which is a game 'sequel' to the movie).
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Must've been Dawn of the Dead about four days ago, for Halloween. Great stuff.
I watched 1408 last night, Very good movie. Also I watched The new Fantastic 4 not to long ago.
The Heartbreak Kid
The Living Daylights

Last night, in honor of daylight saving time ending...  :roll:

(11-04-2007, 09:08 AM)Metal Guardian link Wrote: Halloween  Confuseduper:
Watched that one on Wednesday.  :thumbup:

A fucked up but very funny movie...
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I have just seen Choke, a documentary about a Japanese Vale Tudo Championship. It's on Google Video, Choke + Rickson +Gracie. All the fights are on part 2.

Had I posted last night I would have confessed having watched Pride and Prejudice...    :lol
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