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Current Reads
I was pondering the other day at how little we talk about literature. What's everyone reading at the moment? I'm onto my third installment of Richard Montanari's Byrne and Balzano series "Broken Angels", a very thrilling crime novel. That is amongst others - too many Law books for college than I can count  Confusedleep:
If we count out my university readings (which are various articles on the Idea Of America and books by Cooper, Steinbeck and Twain) I am reading "The Wizard Of Earthsea" by Ursula LeGuin - a great mix of fantasy and a "coming of age"-tale with elements of Taoist philosophy. But that is a classic and probably most people know it...

Also reading Anthony Swofford's "Jarhead" which is great because of the a-typical structure and contents for a military book.
Full Catastrophe Living-Jon Cabat-Zinn
Billion Dollar Baby-Bob Green
The Sacred Book of Werewolf-Victor Pelevin
The Bourne Supremacy
Sir Richard Burton "The Book Of The Sword"
T.R. Fehrenbach "Fire And Blood: A History Of Mexico"
John Grisham's The Chamber. Good stuff.
(12-03-2007, 03:49 PM)Phoenix link Wrote: John Grisham's The Chamber. Good stuff.

He's written much better books though.
Tolkien - The Children of Hùrin
The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield
(12-03-2007, 03:57 PM)MetalCrypt link Wrote: He's written much better books though.
I know, I personally don't like it as much as A Time to Kill, but it's better than the other book I've read by him - The Last Juror.

Does anything he's done touch ATTK?

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