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Recent shows
Alright, after a 6-year hiatus, I've been to two shows in the past week.

- Metalian w/Freeways
- Black Mass w/Infrared, Mortor and Unknown

I shot a few videos with my phone at both shows and the result was pretty decent:

I don't have video of Unknown. They're metalcore. I don't do metalcore.
Mortuary Drape w/Volahn, Occult Burial and Messe Noire

That show fucking slayed. All bands were excellent though Volahn started sounding same-ish after a few songs. I filmed a few minutes of Messe Noire's set and posted it on The Metal Crypt's Facebook page. The place was more packed after that and I couldn't get a decent enough shot (well, not without annoying the people behind me anyway).

Fucking Mortuary Drape are awesome live.

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