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Interviews Airged L'amh

Interview with George Sofikitis (guitar)

Interview conducted by Sargon the Terrible

Date online: February 12, 2005

How did you choose the name Airged Lamh?

George : Not quite easy uh??...Well it's Gaelic and translated in English it means "The Silver Arm" which fits perfectly for the first album…And we wanted it to be something unique also.. Something that would excite the fans to make a little research too.. Not just stick to the fact that it is strange…

What led you to such a focus on Irish legends?

George : Alexander (our other guitarist) is into mythology and stuff…He was reading this book "The Silver Arm" and told us about the idea…It's a nice story, totally applicable nowadays (though it's a myth), and we decided to do it.. It was very interesting to try and bind the music with the lyrics and also tell the story so anyone can get it…It was a real pleasure composing this album and it really shows the "chemistry" of the band..

How did the band form originally? Have you had a lot of lineup changes?

George : The band was originally formed in the early 90's with a north/epic origin ,and it always has keep it that way…The several line up changes were unavoidable as the members of this band are first friends and then band mates. The result that you can hear on "The Silver Arm" would never be the same if the line-up was different…

There seems to be more Epic and True Metal coming out of Greece lately, do you feel like part of a scene?

George : Like part of the Greek scene which has a quality, that doesn't get the proper attention from major labels here in Greece…Major labels won't invest on metal coz they believe it's not a strong market, though there is a great underground move in our country…There are a lot of bands coming from Greece (not necessarily Epic) and I would love to see them signed in some major record label(of course Airged L'amh included!!!!!)

What bands were an influence on Airged Lamh? What bands do you enjoy now?

George : As you can hear on the album there's a lot of diversity and lots of different elements so we can say we have lots of bands as an influence…From a wide variety of different kinds of metal…When we hang out with the other guys from the band , we listen to whatever you can imagine… Thrash, death, epic, NWOBHM and all the way around..

Do you get much of a chance to play live? What bands have you played with? Who would you like to play with?

George: Yes…this band is a live act and we truly believe that playing live is the best way to promote our band and our album… We are trying to do our best and play as much gigs as we can…We recently supported Helstar in their mini tour in Greece and we are looking forward playing to some festivals outside Greece… As for the bands we would like to play with there are many, but any major name or a participation in major festival is in the plans of this band…

How long did it take to write and record "The Silver Arm"?

George : It took us quite long to complete the album, as it was self financed and we also took our time in the studio, coz we had to do the producers, players, composers etc.. All and all it was done in 8 months time (as far as the recordings are concerned) and it was pretty painstaking for the members of the band…

Are you fans of Irish-themed artists like Jim Fitzpatrick, or comics like Slaine the Berserker?

George : Of course we are into all that… I'd like to say that our favourite is the Greek mythology as it is so rich , and we are planning to do something with that somewhere in the future…

Are you working on new material? Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for another album.

George : There are always new ideas here and there recorded in our home studio, but we can't say that we are working on new material… The next release should be expected in the start of 2006… So don't worry… No one (even us) will have to wait long for the next album… For the time being we are trying to promote "The Silver Arm"…

Is "The Silver Arm" getting a good response?

George : From all the reviews that we've seen I'd say we have an average around 8/10… Which is a pretty good one if you consider that it's our first album… I believe that the people and of course time will tell if this album is good… Up to now we are very pleased from what we hear from the fans, from the press etc… And I believe that the internet is a very strong tool to promote the band…

Do any of you have any side projects?

George: The members of this band are dedicated only to Airged L'amh.

What kinds of music do you just hate?

George: Hahaha…Just hate…I think that I hate modern pop and stuff and I also don't like this Nu metal stuff that's been around lately..

13.Is there anything else you would like to say?

George: Log on to our website and STAY METAL!

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