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Interviews Epheles

Interview with Epheles

Interview conducted by Chris Mitchell (Desolate Gale)

Date online: August 8, 2005

Greetings Hysphren, how are things?

Hi Chris! I'm good, thank you!

There is not much known about Epheles, would you please provide us with a biography of your band?

Nephtys : Epheles was formed in 1997 and for five years myself and my blood brother Malphas have fought until he left the band in 2002. Since then, Dominiaz on bass and guitarist Hysphren have joined the horde.

Your most recent output "Le Dernier Pardon" was supposed to be released in 2003 by Everlasting Records, but apparently this never happened. Why was this album never released? Also, are there plans to try to release this album again?

Le Dernier Pardon was never released officially because the "label", if we can call it that, did not have the financial means to release it. In fact I don't know any more about it than you do since we never heard anything back from them... All that's left is the demo which we did in the studio. We distribute it here and there to ensure it is not forgotten. But this is all in the past, we've turned the page and are looking toward the future.

Has Epheles ever played live? If not, are there any plans in the future to do so?

We've never played live and it is not a priority for us. We are not convinced that our music is really suited for a live performance because there is a lot of ambient effects which are not easily reproducible live. Also, we live our music is too much of an intimate fashion to share it in public, and we are also not ready for this. But if we ever play live, it will be in our natural habitat: The forest. There is no way that we'll play rock stars on vulgar boards. The ambience will be cold, dark and unhealthy, just like our music.

How is the music of Epheles reflective of yourself?

Epheles allows us to exteriorise the unhealthy pulsations that eat us up daily. We did not choose this musical genre for fun; Epheles is the story of our lives and is based on real personal experiences.

What is most appealing to you about Black Metal?

We like the ambiences but also the unhealthy and cold side of it. We are quite open-minded when it comes to music, genre labels are of no interest to us. As long as the music evokes sentiments of unhappiness, that's what's essential to us.

Throughout your life, what are some things which have sculpted and determined who you are as a person?

I'm sorry but this question is too personal for me to answer. All I can tell you is that those events have awoken in us sentiments of hate and suffering.

As a resident of France, what is your opinion of Americans and American Culture?

The United States are for me a country of all extremes, capable of the best but also the worst. As for culture, I'd say I largely prefer the French culture even though it's Americanizing itself too much for my own taste… As for the Americans, I cannot say, I don't know any personally.

Please choose something which acts as a metaphor for Epheles music.

A dark and snowy forest…

For you, what is the most rewarding part about creating music?

It is always enoyable to see that certain people appreciate our music and understand more or less what we are trying to express.

Death is viewed upon with much fear in modern society, I believe Christianity to be mainly responsible for this. What is your outlook on death and is it something that you ever think about?

The fear of dying is a typical human sentiment. Life is organized around this axis: The End. This fear can become a disproportionate anguish. We cannot be afraid of death because we do not know what it is. Death is an idea, a fantasy. What distresses people is not dying; it's not knowing what death is. This distress, I think, is necessary to the continuation of life because it displaces and pushes back all the daily woes. Everybody (even though some claim the contrary) is afraid of death, of dying…

What I love about drugs is that they allow the user for a brief while to experience an alternate reality. A chance to perceive things differently and to undergo different thought processes. What is your general outlook on drugs and have you experimented with drug use at all?

No comments…

Do you believe in any sort of a higher power or afterlife?

We do not believe in any form of after-life or in an almighty, even though having a life after death wouldn't be uninteresting.

What is your general outlook on sex? Also, what are your thoughts on promiscuity and waiting until marriage to have sex?

Our opinion on sex? I have nothing special to say on this subject. Wait until marriage to have sexual relations? Another absurdity that religion tries to impose on us, they can go to hell with this stuff!

Are there any other artists which you would to collaborate with on an album?

We have collaborated with Darkhyrys (leader of Diamond Eyed Princess) for Le Dernier Pardon, but we prefer to be just among ourselves to create an album.

Would you agree that much French Black Metal has a unique atmosphere and spirit which differs from Black Metal of other countries? If so, what do you think is responsible for this?

A few years ago the French scene was laughable more than anything else, but in the recent past things have changed and we can be proud of it, because it is filled with a lot of very good bands. I think our scene is still not as good as the Scandinavian or German scenes, but it is getting more recognition, and justifiably so.

If a person would like to get a hold of your music how would you suggest they do that?

I'd avise him to listen to Epheles at night, in a snowy forest.

Any plans for a new album?

Yes, we are currently working on a new album. Seven songs are completed. We are going to take the time to do things right, so we don't want to speculate on a release date just yet. One thing is for sure, this album will breathe darkness, hatred and suffering…

That covers all of my questions, thanks for taking the time to answer this interview. Now feel free to add anything you want.

Without life we cannot be…

Translation by Ktb and Michel Renaud.

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