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13 O'Clock Records

20 Bucks Spin


A Forja

A1 Music

AB Records

Abridged Pause Recordings

Abysmal Sounds

Abyss Records

Acid Reflux Records

Acid Victim Records

Adipocere Records


Aerion Records

Aesthetics of Devastation

Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation

AFM Records

Aftermath Music

Agonia Records

Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions

Alister Records

Alles Stenar

Alone Records

American Line Productions

American Recordings

Ancient Dreams Records

Ancient Nation

Angel Thorne Music

Angular Records

Animate Records

Anthology Records

AntiChristian Front Records

Anticulture Records


Antitheist Disseminations

Antonym Records

Anvil Corp.

Aphelion Productions

Aphotic Records

Apocalyptic Empire Records

Apocalyptic ZineProds

Apocrypha Records

Apollon Records

Arachnophobia Records

Archaic North Entertainment

Archaic Sound

Archives Music

Arctic Music Group

Area Death Productions

Arise Records

Arkeyn Steel

Armageddon Music

Armageddon Shop

Armoury Records

Ars Magna Recordings

Art Gates Records

Art of Propaganda

Arthorium Records

Arx Productions

Ascendance Records

Ashen Productions

Asphyxiate Recordings

Assault Records

Asylum Ruins

Atlantic Records

Atomic Carnage Records

Atra Musica Records

Atrheia Records

Auburn Records

Aura Mystique Productions

Aural Attack Productions

Aural Music

Australis Records

Autopsy Kitchen Records

Avantgarde Music

Axe Killer Records

BadMoodMan Music

Bald Freak Music

Baphomet Records

Barbarian Wrath

Basement Records

Battle Cry Records

Battle Hymn Records

Battle Kommand Records

Battlegod Productions

Battleground Records

Battlesk'rs Productions

Beer City Records

Beg The Bug Records

Behemoth Productions

Bernett Records

Bestial Onslaught Productions

Beto Vasquez Music

Bieler Bros Records

Big Bad Wolf Records

Big Bang Music

Bindrune Recordings

Black Bards Entertainment

Black Blood Records

Black Bow Records

Black Devastation Records

Black Devil Records

Black Dragon Records

Black Lion Productions

Black Lodge

Black Lodge

Black Lotus Records

Black Mark Productions

Black Mass Records

Black Path Metal Recordings

Black Plague Records

Black Seed Productions

Black Skull Records

Black Tower Productions

Black-Listed Records

Blackened Moon

Blacktalon Media

Blakk Attakk

Blasphemour Records

Blasphemous Underground Productions

Blazing Productions

Bleak Art Records

Bleeding Chainsaw Records

Bleeding Music Records

Blinding Force

Blistering Records

Blood and Iron Records

Blood Fire Death (Ger)

Blood Fire Death (USA)

Blood Harvest

Bloodbucket Productions

Blooddawn Productions

Bloodred Distribution

Bloodred Horizon Records

Bloodsoaked Records

Bloody Mountain Records

Blower Records


Bluelight Records

Bodog Music

Bombworks Records

Brain Damage Music

Brainticket Records

Breaker Records

Brennus Music

British Steel

Broad Horizon Records

Broken Limbs Recordings

Bronze-Bullet Distribution

Buil2kill Records

Burned by God Records

Burning Star Records

Byelobog Productions

Cacophonous Records

Candarian Demon Productions

Candlelight Records

Capitol Records

Capricorn Records

Captor Records

Captured Records

Cargo Records

Carnal Records

Casket Music

Casus Belli Musica

CCP Records


CDN Records

Century Media

Chaos and Hell Productions

Chaos Records

Chophouse Records

Christhunt Productions

Chrysalis Records

Cimmerian Shade Recordings

CleanBox Entertainment

Clenchedfist Records

Cleopatra Records


Code 666

Cognitive Records

Cogumelo Records

Cold Blood Industries

Cold Dimensions

Cold Spring

Cold Town Records

Columbia Records

Comatose Music

Conatus Records

Conquer Records

Conquest Music

Copro Records

Coroner Records

Crash and Burn Records

Crash Music

Creator-Destructor Records

Crematorium Records

Crime Records

Crook'd Records

Crucial Blast Records

Cruz Del Sur


Cryptia Productions

Cryptorium Records

Crystal Productions

Cult Metal Classics

Cyclone Empire

Daemon Worship Productions

Dan's Crypt Records

Dark Adversary Productions

Dark Descent Records

Dark Essence Records

Dark Forest Productions

Dark Horizon Records

Dark Realm Records

Dark Symphonies

Dark Valley Records

Dark Whispers

Darker than Black Records

Darknagar Records

DarkTunes Music Group

De Profundis

De Tenebrarum Principio

Dead Center Productions

Dead Center Productions

Dead Earth Records

Deadsun Records

Death Agonies and Screams

Death Shrine Offerings

Deathbound Records

Deathrune Records

Deathstrike Records

Deathtoll Records

Debemur Morti Productions

Debemur Morti Records

Decius Productions

Decomposed Records

Deepsend Records

Def American

Defense Records

DeFox Records

Demolition Records

Demonstealer Records

Depressive Illusions

Descending Towards Damnation

Descent Productions

Deserted Factory

Despotz Records

Destroy All Records

Det Germanske Folket

Deviant Records

Diabolical Conquest

Diamond Records

Diamonds Productions

Die Hard Music

Die Hard Records

Digital Media Records

Diminished Fifth Records

Direct Music Group

Disembodied Records


Displeased Records

Dissonance Productions

Divebomb Records

Divenia Music


Dockyard 1

Dolorem Records

Dominus Records

Doolittle Group

Doomentia Records

Dooweet Records

Dragonheart Records

Drakkar Productions

Drakkar Records

Draug-Dûr Productions

Dream Records

DRT Entertainment

DSFA Records

Dunkelheit Produktionen

Dunkelkunst Productions

Duplicate Records


Dust on the Tracks Records

DVS Records

Dwell Records

Dying Victims Productions

Dynamic Arts Records

Dysphorie Records

E1 Music

Eagle Vision Music

Ear Music

Ear One Productions

Earache Records


Earthquake Terror Noise

Eat Metal Records

EBM Records

Echoes Of Crom Records

Eclipse Productions


Edged Circle Productions

Eerie Art Records

Eibon Records



Ektro Records

Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records

Electric Earth

Electronic Art Metal

Elegy Records

Elements Music

Elevate Records

Elitist Records

Ellefson Music Productions

Emanes Metal Records


Empire Records

Endless Brutality of Men

Endless Desperation Productions

Endzeit Elegies

Enucleation Records

Epicurus Records

Epicus Records

Epidemie Records

Epitomite Productions

Epoche Records

Ermanes Metal Records

Escape Music

Eternal Death

Ethereal Sound Works

Evil Horde Records

Evil Spell Records

Ex Mortem Records

Extreminal Productions

Eyes Like Snow

F.D.A. Rekotz

F.Y.B. Records

Face Front

Fairplay Entertainment

Farvahar Records

Fast Beat Entertainment

Fat & Holy Records

Feto Records

Fighter Records

Final Earthbeat Productions

Final Gate Records

Fire of Fire

Firebox Records

Firedoom Music

Firestorm Productions

Fishbone Records

Flenser Records

Flood the Earth Records

Floyd Music

Folk Produktion

Folter Records

Force Majeure Records

Forces of Satan Records

Forensick Music

Foreshadow Music

Forest Moon

Forever Plagued Records

Forever Underground

Forgotten Path

Foul Productions

Frenteuropa Records

From Beyond Records

Frontiers Records

Frostscald Records

Frozen Creations

Fugitive Records

Full Moon Productions

Funeral Gig Productions

Funeral Moonlight Productions

Funeral Rain Records

Furias Records

Galactic Records

Galy Records

Gate of Horror Productions

Gates of Hell Records


Genet Records

Gentle Exhuming Records


Ghastly Music

Giant Electric Pea

Glorious North Productions

GMR Music

Go Fuck Yourself Productions

Goat Prayer Records


Goda Mjöd

Godeater Records

Godreah Records

Godz ov War Productions

GOI Music

Golden Core Records

Golden Lake Productions

Gomorrah Records

Goomba Music

Goregiastic Records

Gormageddon Productions

Grailight Productions

Grau Records

Graveless Slumber Records

Great Dane Records

Great White North Records

Grey Inertia Productions

Greyhaze Records

Grief Foundation

Griffin Music

Groidhaisn Productions

Grom Records

Ground Sloth Media

Guano Records

Gun Records

Gutter Records

Haarbn Productions

Haceldama Productions

Haceldama Productions

Hall of Sermon

Hammer of Damnation

Hammer Of Hate

Hammerbolt Productions

Hammerheart Records

Hammermark Art

Head Not Found

HeadXplode Records

Heart of Steel Records

Heaven and Hell Records

Heavencross Records

Heavy Artillery

Heavy Fidelity

Heavy Horses Records

Heavy Metal Records

Heavy Metal Rock

Heavy Shit Music

Hecatombe Records

Heidens Hart

Hell Ambassador Records

Hellion Records

Hells Headbangers

Hellspawn Records

Hellthrasher Productions

HevyDevy Records

High Roller Records

High Vaultage Records

Hold True Recordings

Hollow Earth Records

Hoplite Records

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Hrom Records

Humanity's Plague Productions

Humid Records

Hunters Moon Records

Hydra Head Records

Hylopathic Productions

Hymnes d'antan

Hype Productions

Hypnotic Dirge Records

Hypnotic Records

I Hate Records

I, Voidhanger Records

Ibex Moon Records

IceWarrior Records

Immortal Frost Productions

Imperium Productions

Impure Creations Records

Indie Recordings


Inferna Northern Heritage

Inferna Profundis

Inferna Profundus Records

Infernal Devastation Records

Infernal Kommando

Inferno Records

Infernus Rex

Init Records

Inner Wound Recordings

Insanity Records

Inside Out Music

Insidious Poisoning Records


Inverse Records

Invictus Productions

Invocation Records

Iron Age Records

Iron Bonehead Productions

Iron Glory

Iron Kodex

Iron on Iron Records

Iron Pegasus Records

Iron Shield Records

Iron Tyrant

Iron, Blood, and Death Corporation

Ironclad Recordings


Island Mercury

ISO-666 Releases

Israhellbanger Records

Itchy Metal Entertainment

JCM Records

Jester Records

Jolly Roger Records

K-Tel International

Kamaflage records

Kampas Records

Kaotoxin Records

Karisma Records

Karmageddon Media

Karthago Records

Kathargo Records


Kernkraftritter Records

Kerzakraum Records

Ketzer Records

Kill Again Records

Killer Metal Records

KillZone Records

King Foo Entertainment

King Penda

Kneel Before The Master's Throne

Knife Fight Media

Knightmare Recordings

Koch Records

Konklav Records

Konqueror Records

Koventry Records

Krankenhaus Records

Kult of Nihilov

Lab 6 Music

Lacerated Enemy Records

Lake of Fire Productions

Laser's Edge

Last Entertainment Productions

Last Episode Records

Lavadome Productions

Ledo Takas Records

Legacy Records

Les acteurs de l'ombre Productions

Leviathan Records

Lifeforce Records

Lighten The Underground

Liljegren Records

Limb Music Products

Limited Access Records

Lion Music

Listenable Records

LITO Records


Lo-Fi Creatures

Lockyard Records

Locomotive Music

Locrian Records

Loma Vista Recordings

Long Ago Records

Lost and Found Records

Lost Disciple Records

Loud Rage Music

Low Frequency Records

Lower Silesian Stronghold

Luci Dist Productions

Lupus Lounge

Lux Inframundis Productions

Lycanthropic Fervour Records

M & O Music

Ma-Kahru Distribution

MAA Productions

Mad Neptune Records

Maddening Media

Magic Bullet Records

Magic Circle Music

Magick Records

Magna Carta Records

Magnum Music Taiwan

Majesphere Records

Major Label Industries

Maldito Records

Malevolence Records

Man In Black Music

Marche Funebre Productions

Marquee Records

Martyr Music Group

Mascot Records

Massacre Records

Masterpiece Distribution

Masters of Metal


Mausoleum Records

Mazzar Records

Mazzar/Mystic Empire

MCA Records

Megaforce Records

Memento Mori

Merciless Records


Metal Ör Die Records

Metal Age Productions

Metal Blade Records

Metal Breath

Metal Crusade Records

Metal Disk Records

Metal Fighters Records

Metal God Entertainment

Metal Heaven

Metal Inquisition

Metal Mayhem Music

Metal Message

Metal Mind Productions

Metal Mundus

Metal on Metal Records

Metal Renaissance Records

Metal Scrap Records

Metal Tank Records

Metal War Productions

Metal-Rules Records

MetalAges Records

Metalbolic Records

Metalism Records

Metallic Media

Metalodic Records


Metalville Records

Metavania Music

MeteorCity Records

Meurtre Noir Records

MFH Productions

Mighty Music

Minotauro Records

Miriquidi Productions

Misanthropic Art Productions

Molten Metal USA

Mondongo Canibale Records

Monoduo Flms

Monster Records

Moon Records

Moonfog Productions


Morbid Moon Records

Morbid Records

Morbid Skull Records

Morbid Winter Records

Mordgrimm Records

More Hate Productions

Moribund Records

Morningstar Records

Mortal Music

Mortis Humanae Productions

MTM Music

Mun Records

Murder Records

Music Buy Mail

Music Cartel

Music For Nations

My Graveyard Productions

My Kingdom Music

Mystic Production

Nadir Music

Nadir Rock

Naga Productions

Nailboard Records

Napalm Records

Narok Records

Naturmacht Productions

Neat Records

Nebelfee Klangwerk

Nebelstern Records

Necroharmonic Productions

Necromance Records

Necropolis Records

Necrosymphonic Entertainment

Necroterror Records


Negative Existence

Negativity Records

Nekk Brekk Productions

Nekromantik Records

Nemesis Musica


Neoblast Records

Nerbilous Productions

Nerocromo Music

Neurotic Records

Neverheard Distro

New Iron Age Records

New Music Label

NHR Records

Night in Terrors

Nightmare Records

Nihil Voces Productions

Nihilistic Empire Records

Nihilistic Winter

Niji Entertainment

Nine Records

No Colours Records

No Face Records

No Joke Records

No Remorse Records

No Sign of Life

Nocturnal Art Productions

Noise Art Records

Noisehead Records

Nokturnal Transmissions

Nomos Dei

Non Compos Mentis Records

Non Serviam Records

Nordiaska Forlaget

Nordvis Produktion

Norna Evangelium Diaboli

Northern Heritage Records

Northern Silence Productions

Northern Storm Records

Northwind Records

NoVisible Scars

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Winter Productions

Nuclear Winter Records

Numen Malevolum Barathri Records

Nykta Records

O.P.M. Records

O.T.O.W. Records

Oaken Shield Records

Obscure Abhorrence Productions

Obscure Domain

Obsidian Records

October 32nd

Old Cemetery Records

Old Legend Productions

Old School Metal Records

Old Temple

Olympic Recordings

Omega Records

Omicron Music

One Records

Open Grave Records

Ordealis Records

Order of Death

Ordo MCM


Orkestral Promenade Productions

Osmose Productions

Ossuary Industries

Ostra Records

Pa Gamle Stier

Pagan Flames

Painkiller Records

Palm Pictures

Panik Terror Musik

Paragon Records

Parasitic Records

Parat Magazine

Parlophone Records

PATAC Records

Pavement Music

Peaceville Records

Peregrination Records

Permeated Records

Perris Records

Perverted Taste Records

Pest Records

Pestilence Records

Pesttanz Klangschmiede

Phlegm Productions

Picoroco Records

Pictonian Records

Pitch Black Records

Pivotal Rockordings

Plague Island

Planet Metal

Plasmatica Records

Plastic Head Music

Point Music

Poison Tongue


Polygram Records

Possession Productions

Power Prog

Prime Cuts Music

Primitive Reaction

Profane Existence Records

Profane Productions

Profane Records

Profound Lore Records

ProgRock Records

Propaganda Records

Prophecy Productions


Prosthetic Records

PsycheDOOMelic Records

Psycho Records

Pulverised Records

Punishment 18 Records

Pure Legend Records

Pure Progressive Records

Pure Rock Records

Pure Steel Records

Pure Underground

Quality Steel Records

Qualm Record

Quarterstick Records

Quid Est Veritas

R.I.P. Records

Rage Of Achilles

Ragnarok Records

Rain Without End Records

Ranka Kustannus

Rape Records

Raptures Asylum

Rat Pak Records

Rave On Records

Raven Records

Ravenheart Music

Razar Ice Records

Razorback Records


Realms Of Darkness Productions

Recital Records

Red Black

Red Stream

Redhouse Finland Music Publishing


Redrum Records

Refused Records

Regain Records

Regenerative Records

Regimental Records

Relapse Records

Remedy Records

Renaissance Records

Replica Records

Retroactive Records

Revalve Records

Reversed Records

Rexius Records

Rhino Records

Riot Entertainment

Ripple Music

Rise Above Records

Risestar Music

Rising Force Records

Rising Records

Rising Symphony

Rivel Records

Roadcrew Records

Roadrunner Records

Rock Estatal Records

Rock it Up Records

Rock N Growl Records

Rock Ridge Music

Rock Stakk Records

Rockaholics Records

Ronin Records

Root Of All Evil Records

Rotten Records

Rotting Corpse Records

Rowe Productions

Rundown Records

RuneFire Records

RunFire Records

Ruptured Records

Rusty Axe Records

Rusty Cage Records

S.N.D. Production

Saarni Records

Sacrilege Records

Sade Records

Sakara Records

Salute Records


Satanas Rex

Satanath Records

Satanic Propaganda Productions

Saturnal Records

Saturnian Productions

Saturnus Productions

Scarlet Records

Schwarzdorn Productions

Scratch Records

Screaming Ferret Wreckords

Scythecut Records

Seance Records

Season Of Mist

Sekhmet Records

Selfmade God Records

Sensory Records

Sentinel Records

Sentinel Steel Records

Sepulchral Productions

Sepulchral Voice Records

Sevared Records

Seven Gates of Hell

Seven Kingdoms

Shadow Kingdom Records

Shadow Records

Shaytan Productions

Shinigami Records

Shiver Records


Sick Bangers

Sick Man Getting Sick Records

Siege of Amida Records

Siegrunen Productions

Sigma Records

Signal Rex

Silverdust Records

Silverwolf Productions

Sinister Sounds

Skaldic Art

Skyscraper Music

Slalom Music

Slaney Records

Slaughterhouse Records

Sleaszy Rider Records

Sliptrick Records

SM Metalli

Snake Charmer Coalition

Snapper Music

Solemn Music

Solid State Records

Solitude Productions

Sonic Age Records

Sonic Attack

Sonic Unyon Metal

Sonnenrune Records

Soulflesh Collector Records

Soulseller Records

Sound Guerrilla

Sound Holic

Sound Pollution

Sound Riot Records

Soundmass Records

Source of Deluge Records

South from Here Records

Southern Lord

Spikefarm Records

SpineFarm Records

Spiritual Beast

Spitfire Records

Splendour Productions


Støy Music


Steel Pride Records

Steelborn Records

Steelheart Records

Stellar Winter Records

STF Records

STM Records

Stormspell Records

Stronghold Records

Stygian Black Hand

Stygian Crypt Productions

Suffer Productions

Suicidal Records

Suicide Records

Sun & Moon Records

Suomen Musiikki

Supernal Music

Suspiria Records

Svarga Music

Svart Records

Svartekunst Produksjoner

Swords and Chains Records

Symbol of Domination

System Shock

Taboo Productions

Talheim Records

Tankcrimes Records

Tatra Records

Temple of Darkness Records

Temple of Mystery Records

Terranis Productions

Terratur Possessions

Terror Cult Productions

Terror from Hell Records

Terrorwolfe Productions

Test Your Metal Records

The Black Wreath

The End Records

The Epoxy And Duct Tape Solution

The Grind-House Records

The Miskatonic Foundation

The Music Alliance

The Path Less Traveled Records

The Unlimited Records

This Dark Reign Recordings

Those Opposed Records

Thrash Corner Records

Thrash Massacre Records

Threeman Recordings

Threshold Productions


Thundering Records

Time Before Time Records

To the Death

To the Head Records

Tofu Carnage Records

Tombs In The Valley Productions

Total Desaster Productions

Total Metal Records

Total Rust Music

Total Steel Records

Totenkopf Propaganda


Transcend Media Group

Transcend Records

Transcendental Creations

Transcending Obscurity

Tribunal Records

Tridroid Records

Trippin Hippie Records

Troll Zorn

Truth Inc. Records

Tuba Records


Turmoil Records

Tutl Records

Twilight Foundation

Twilight Zone Records

Twilight-Vertrieb Records

Twisted Face

Tyrant Syndicate Productions


Ulterium Records

Unable Records

Under Fire Records

Underclass Music

Undercover Records

Underground Movement

Underground Symphony

Unexploded Records

Unholy Anarchy Records

Unholy Design Records

Unholy Prophecies

Unholy Records

Unique Leader

Unlight Productions

Unlimited Music Production

Unruly Sounds

Unspeakable Axe Records

Unsung Heroes Records

Utopian Vision Music

Uxicon Records

Valery Records

Valse Sinistre

Vampire Records

Van Records


Vendetta Records

Vendlus Records

Vertigo Records

VIC Records

ViciSolum Productions

Victory by Fire Records

Victory Records

Vile Records

Violent Creek Records

Violent Journey Records

Virgin Records

W.T.C. Productions

Wacken Records

War Anthem Records

War Arts Productions

War Hammer Records

War On Music

Warlord Records

Warner Archives/Rhino

Warner Bros. Records

Warner Music Spain

Wasted State Records

Weird Truth Productions

Werewolf Records

Wicked Music

Wicked World Records

Wicker Man Recordings

Willowtip Records

Wine Blood Records

Witchcraft Productions

Witches Brew

Witching Hour Productions

Wod Van

Wodfreca Records

Wolfscuurr Records

Woodcut Records

WormHoleDeath Records

Wormwood Productions

Wraith Productions

Wroth Emitter Productions


Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho

Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho

Wyrd War

XIIIBis Records

Xtreem Music

Year of The Sun Records

Yonah Records

Z Records

Zardoz Music

Zaza Recordings

Zero Budget

Zihni Müsik

Zoom Club

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