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Review: Ywolf - Night of the Werewolf
Night of the Werewolf

Label: Adipocere Records
Year released: 2003
Duration: 50:04
Tracks: 8
Genre: Gothic Metal

Rating: 3.25/5

Review online: August 17, 2003
Reviewed by: Scott Murray
Readers Rating
Night of the Werewolf

Rated 2/5 (40%) (3 Votes)

Let's see here…corpsepaint? Check. Skulls? Check. Leather n' spikes? Check. Imagery, lyrics and song titles indicating a raging black metal bloodfeast? Check.

But wait, where's the metal?

I was of course expecting some standard, good ol' fashioned Transilvanian Hunger worship, but rather a peculiar gothic orchestration of neo-classical leanings with absolutely no guitar, drums, nothing discernibly metal in the slightest. That isn't a bad thing of course, but I found it funny that I sat through the entire opening song of over six minutes long thinking "hey, this is kind of a silly length for your run of the mill lead in to the fury track." No, I had no idea until the second track Thamen Oteth wound up that this wasn't going to be the listening intake I was expecting.

This dark work manifested itself into this plane from the mind of Gabriel Wolf, who I would expect to be either one of the scariest people I would ever meet, or maybe just a big nerd. Ywolf is his brainchild, in which he has enlisted a couple of guest ghouls in Nagy Andras and Tomi Kalliola to add to this perturbing affair.

All tracks are of a literary basis, mainly the works of John Caldwell and also Gabriel Wolf and Adam Chambers' Varaniju, the songs usually borrowing their titles from these pieces. This is a tough one to make a call on because for me at least, I really have to be in the right mood to appreciate an album like Night of the Werewolf. I would say more often than not I can think of countless other albums I'd rather be listening to at the time, but after digging in deep to this slab of ambitious musical vision, I have come out satisfied in my fairly average enjoyment. It for sure won't send you out on a Victorian jugular hunting spree, but this album most certainly enforces that handy yet cliché phrasing "you can't judge a book by its cover."

Track Listing:
  1. Night of the Werewolf
  2. Thamen Oteth
  3. Shadow of Zrogdavar
  4. Varaniju
  5. Dark Side of Chaos
  6. Ytir
  7. Rebirth in the Cemetery
  8. Night of the Werewolf (death industrial mix by Infra Black)
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