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Review: Agressor - Satan's Sodomy of Death
Satan's Sodomy of Death

Label: GrimmDistribution
Year released: 2020
Originally released in: 2018
Duration: 58:21
Tracks: 4
Genre: Death/Thrash

Rating: 4/5

Review online: September 21, 2020
Reviewed by: Luxi Lahtinen
Readers Rating
Satan's Sodomy of Death

Rated 4.25/5 (85%) (4 Votes)

Back in the days of the tape-trading scene, I discovered countless bands by trading with people around the globe like a fucking lunatic. That's how I first learned about beloved acts like Destruction, Kreator, Protector, Living Death, Loudblast, and Cyclone, bands that I still think fondly of even today. Agressor were one such band, as they were among the first bands to come from the French scene and sported a relentlessly fast and brutal sound that's as vicious now as it was over 30 years ago. While their full-length releases aren't too difficult to get a hold of these days, there was a time where their demos didn't have a decent re-release and were therefore almost impossible to find.

This leads me to Satan's Sodomy of Death, a compilation of the band's first four demos released in 2018 that's recently been reissued and released on Bandcamp. The demos are presented in order of release, starting with The Merciless Onslaught in 1986. This is the rawest offering on here, but it's still a solid start that any aficionado could tell came out around the same time as classics such as The Force and Darkness Descends. The tracks from 1987's Satan's Sodomy are a bit more polished, but still furious and dirty Death/Thrash that laid down the true beginning of one of the most iconic underground French bands back in the day, even if the opening of "Satan's Sodomy" sounds a little too close to the one in Venom's "Witching Hour".

Mixed Rehearsals comes next, a 1988 demo whose title does a good job preparing you for the 4-track recorder-grade production job. Despite the raw sound, this is where the band started stretching out and showing they could do more than just blast away, with the mid-paced stomp of "Dark Power" being the first clear instance of this. The compilation closes out with 1989's Orbital Distortion, easily the most refined and professional sounding of the bunch, making it no mystery as to why every song on here would be found a year later on Neverending Destiny.

Overall, this compilation is a great history lesson for one of the most important French Metal acts, along with one of my favorites. They were among the first, easily among the best, clearly worthy of being brought into the spotlight in the tape-trading days, and are now more than worthy of their early days being preserved with this release.

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