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Review: Various Artists - Thrashing Relics Volume 3
Various Artists
Thrashing Relics Volume 3

Label: Bestial Burst
Year released: 2021
Duration: 3:31:59
Tracks: 61
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 3.25/5

Review online: May 14, 2021
Reviewed by: Luxi Lahtinen
Readers Rating
Thrashing Relics Volume 3

Rated 3/5 (60%) (3 Votes)

It really says something when I get a massive compilation of Finnish Thrash that contains a bunch of bands that even I have never heard of. At over three and a half hours' worth of music, this compilation (I am not writing the full title again) documents six bands hailing from the town of Kotka, Finland, all of which released at most a few demos before simply fading away. I wish I could say that this collection contained some excellent bands unjustly buried by time, but honestly, I can understand why these bands never made it very far.

First up is Brainfade, a 4-piece that had a couple of demos and some rehearsal tracks included on here. This is perfectly decent Thrash, but the production is DIY in the extreme and the vocals are, frankly, awful. They did name their second demo Snoring Sirens...Never Sleep!, so I guess this was never supposed to be that professional, but that might be why they never got too far.

Sacredos come on after that, and they're easily the best of the bunch along with being the only band I heard about beforehand. We get seven demo songs and a couple of live tracks displaying a band that sounded a good bit like Metallica back when they had ambition and enthusiasm, only Sacredos also suffered from shit production and awful vocals. This is still the best the compilation gets, though, so they get some credit for that.

Blastdust opens the second disc of this collection, though they only recorded a single 3-track demo in 1988, so they make up the smallest part of this compilation. Sadly, they follow in the footsteps of the previous two acts in that they were irreparably hampered by a shitty production and terrible vocals. There wasn't exactly a large supply of enthusiastic teenagers from the town that wanted to make Speed/Thrash, so I can't be too hard on them or any other band on here, but that doesn't make the music any better to listen to.

Ignorant Woodpecker follows things up with a name that sounds like it was randomly picked from an English dictionary after all the good words were crossed out and a style that's at least the most unique of all the bands on here. I suppose the technical description of this band would be Alternative Metal, as "It's Fun to..." and "Kush" sound a good bit like Primus. This also means that Ignorant Woodpecker (were there really no better adjectives and animals left to use for a name?) sucks the same donkey balls that Primus did, so while I respect their efforts at being different, they are the very worst band on here overall.

D.G.T. (I have no clue what that stands for) bring us back to a more traditional Thrash sound, and even mix in more melody and Trad sensibilities than the other acts on here. One of their songs, "Solution", happens to be about the Via Dolorosa, and it serves as an apt metaphor for their material, because hearing the good ideas they had being very poorly implemented on their sole 1987 4-track demo felt like my cross to bear. I wish I had more to say, but there just isn't much to talk about when it comes to this band.

This leads us to the final band of this collection, FOAD (Fuck Off and Die, but you likely guessed that already). They're easily the most brutal and primitive sounding band on here, and I can't fault their energy or their enthusiasm, but every track of theirs on here are mostly instrumental rehearsal recordings, and it shows in all the worst ways, making for a pretty tedious listening experience overall. Out of the 25(!) songs they have, only closer "Krapula"("Hangover" in English) sticks out, but that's just because it was dedicated to the memory of one of their friends. It's not the worst way to honor the dead, I'll give them that.

I hate that I was so negative about this compilation, because it serves as a fairly thorough look into an otherwise poorly documented part of the Kotka scene at the time and was clearly made with love and care. The booklet unfortunately does not contain detailed information about each band, though it does contain lots of rare photos, gig posters, and the like. Die-hard collectors of super obscure Finnish underground acts will want to get this if they don't already have that music in their collection. Unfortunately, that historical value is all this compilation has going for it, because every band on here is bog standard at best and absolutely horrible at worst, certainly a far cry from the very best the Finnish scene had to offer. It's a pity I couldn't be more positive, but despite all the work that went into making this, there just isn't that much to recommend about it.

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