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Classic Review: Attacker - The Second Coming
The Second Coming

Label: Sentinel Steel Records
Year released: 1999
Duration: 39:29
Tracks: 11
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: February 6, 2004
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
The Second Coming

Rated 4.38/5 (87.5%) (16 Votes)

While waiting for the mailman to deliver "Soul Taker", the new release by the re-formed Attacker, I figured I'd revisit the older stuff for memories' sake. This is the 1999 re-issue by Sentinel Steel, and once again the label has done a great job with the booklet, including many photos, album history and other notes that make this package very interesting. (Don't settle for mp3s - There's more than music here!.)

This second (and what we thought was last) Attacker album is often underrated compared to the band's debut, partly because it did not benefit from the same "good timing" of the first release (about three years elapsed between the two releases.) The major change at the time was the change of vocalist, original singer Bob Mitchell (now back with Attacker) having left and leaving the vocal duties to John Leone (R.I.P.) I'd be hard pressed to really pick a favourite here: While not identical in vocal delivery, both singers share many similarities, the most obvious one being a great control of very high pitched vocals. In my opinion it would have been difficult for the band to find a better replacement for Bob - they really made the right choice at the time. John's delivery is powerful and extremely tight, and a perfect fit here.

Musically... While not always as catchy as the debut album, here the band seems to be a tighter unit, with the songwriting quality up a couple of notches - just not overall as rememberable as on "Battle..." Still, this is the unmistakably Attacker style of straightforward, in-your-face take-no-prisoners heavy metal with no wimping down whatsoever, about half an hour of near-speed metal extravaganza (this release is 39:29 in length, but the last three songs are bonus tracks totalling about 11 minutes.) Come to think of it, this was a short album! :) Nevertheless, quality of quantity, and quality metal is what Attacker delivered on this sophomore effort. Don't make the mistake that many people did by dismissing this album as a weak followup to a highly-acclaimed debut: There's no weak track on this baby; It's enjoyable from beginning to end. Then press PLAY again. ;)

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