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Review: Sagitta - Bad Signs
Bad Signs

Label: Independent
Year released: 2003
Duration: 25:50
Tracks: 4
Genre: Power Metal

Rating: 3.25/5

Review online: February 23, 2004
Reviewed by: 4th Horseman
Readers Rating
Bad Signs

Rated 2.5/5 (50%) (2 Votes)

Apparently, more than a 100 million "spam" emails are sent out everyday! Most of the spam either has to do with porn, enlargement tools, pills or debt reduction ads; which in any case end up in the trash without even being read. The metal "spam" I get however (very rare) I do give a chance. Here's an example of where it was a good thing, and I decided to check these guys out. And wow!…this is good!

Sagitta play pure, generic, unfiltered power metal from Brazil! The influences from Helloween or EdGuy are just far too obvious, but I can't say if they match that quality based on four songs. But it does remind me of the Helloween from the seven keys era….and that is saying a lot! Nonetheless, I see good things for this band once they release a full length album as they are excellent musicians and know exactly what they are doing and what type of sound they want to generate.

Angel Guide is the best track here. A hard knocker that starts off as strong and heavy as it is delicate between the choruses. The tempo shifts are rather entertaining and the solos will definitely get you air-guitaring! Just listen to the intro scream on this track and it is pretty obvious he is going out for Heiman styles from Lost Horizon. Although he is no Daniel Heiman, this guy is pretty freakin' amazing! Power metal just isn't power metal without voices like this. With Or Without You is the ballad here which is a bit too soft and well…it got me reaching for the "next" button about twice during the song, but I had to pull myself together and let it finish. Take On and Bad Sings are both good tracks, very fast and tightly played that are not overly catchy, but will grow on you with two or three listens.

The problem is however, this stuff is just a bit too typical for my liking. There is some (very little) heavy metal and even progressive in here, but it is for the most part plain power metal that we have heard before, but with a little extra edge to it and very proficient playing. As already mentioned, the singer has a really cool voice who doesn't irritate the hell out of you with girly whining and high notes that seem to have no end (I could insert about a dozen power metal bands in that category). This guy knows where to take his voice and when to call it quits with the shriek fests. The guitars too are impressive with excellent riffs and solos (quick power metal styled riffing that is). I'm not the greatest fan of this type of "pure" power metal but I do recognize the fact that despite being quite generic, these guys are far better at what they do than a lot of the bands out there, and it is because of this, that Sagitta can stand on their own and are a promising band. Hopefully their full length album will be released this year…

Fans of the aforementioned greats like Helloween, EdGuy, Angra, Hammerfall and even Dragonforce will likely enjoy this. The band has the entire EP and a bonus track on their website available for download.

Track Listing:
  1. Take On
  2. Bad Signs
  3. Angel Guide
  4. With Or Without You
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