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Review: Anathema - Eternity

Label: Peaceville Records
Year released: 1996
Duration: 57:58
Tracks: 12
Genre: Doom Metal

Rating: 2.75/5

Review online: March 16, 2004
Reviewed by: 4th Horseman
Readers Rating

Rated 3.32/5 (66.36%) (22 Votes)

So what's the rule? 3 spins? 5 spins before you formulate an informed opinion about an album? Let's try 4 here because I really doubt I want to slit my wrists anytime soon or give this disc more play time right now. Let's get the technicalities out of the way first. Yes, these guys are highly skilled musicians and the singer has a glorious voice. But you know what…..that doesn't mean squat when your music isn't that entertaining.

I was never that big of an Anathema fan to begin with, but being one of the pioneers of Doom Metal, I always had Anathema on my hit list as one of the bands to get into sometime in the future. But these guys really know how to kick you in the balls and mellow out like this. Kind of like Sentenced or Tiamat……although Sentenced compromised their intensity in exchange for great melodic metal, where as here, I can't say Anathema measure up to that.

However, there are good parts to it, which is why the rating for this album is a pass. Much of the praise here has to do with the singer's voice…hands down to this guy; he really knows what he is doing! And his accent just makes it even better. The guy is really pouring his heart out on this one. I mean literally, it feels like there is a pipe driven into his heart and something is sucking the blood right out of him…that is how painful and sad this CD is. This is not really doom metal. "Eternity" is a fifty-fifty of Doom and atmospheric metal…quite a lot of ambience actually. But Anathema really came together as a band on some songs to incorporate their dark and melancholic music with the vocals to create an extremely sorrowful atmosphere. I think it is safe to say that I have never heard a band play with as much heart and passion as these guys did on "Eternity". It is hard to believe, but there were parts in the album when I just started nodding my head in sympathy and saying "oh you poor soul!" But then you start wondering – "Do I really need to get as depressed as this guy?" Three very good tracks on an otherwise snorer is what you get on "Eternity." "Eternity (Part 1)", "Beloved" and "Suicide Veil" deliver some bewildering guitars lines and vocals if you want to just get into a psychedelic trance and zone out of this place.

Nonetheless, "WHINEFEST" would have been the most appropriate title for this album because that is what it clearly is. 'Life's a bitch, so don't bother trying'. You haven't heard depressing doom, gothic or ambient metal until you've heard this. "Eternity" is good to play once in a while when you are in an overly hyper and happy mood and need to calm down a bit and lose some of that energy. If you suffer from that illness, then the doctor here prescribes "Eternity"! Guaranteed cure but no money back!

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