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Review: Finntroll - Jaktens Tid
Jaktens Tid

Label: Spikefarm Records
Year released: 2001
Duration: ?
Tracks: 13
Genre: Folk Metal

Review online: July 7, 2001
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
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Rated 4.3/5 (86.09%) (23 Votes)

I bought this album on a whim after reading just one previous review praising the merits of this band. The other review didn't go into a lot of detail but I remember very clearly the phrase "unlike anything you may have heard". Well this peaked my interest and so I added it to an order and waited for the shipment to arrive.

I can honestly say this is unlike anything that I have heard beforeā€¦heh. I don't even know how to go about classifying the style of metal. The vocals are the basic death style growl, the tempo of the music is upbeat, the guitars are tuned low, the drums are right on with the rest of the music but the problem I am having is with the accordion. That's right, I said accordion. It is not a typographical error. There are no real genres that actively include accordion music in the mix and so I guess this is one of those times that the music is in a genre of its own. If the lyrics were in English rather than Swedish maybe it would be a little easier but alas I must have missed the day I could have taken Finnish as an elective in high school and I haven't got the slightest idea what they are singing about. In all reality though I think this CD doesn't need to be fit in a nice little category since in my opinion this is just some damn good music.

I have to admit though the first time I heard this CD I was thinking, "What the fuck is this, Polka Metal?" but slowly and surely this album has really grown on me until the point where I really enjoy listening to it a lot. What changed my mind you may ask? Well I guess what really turned me around on my opinion of this is simply there is something in the music that transcends the lyrics I don't understand and the accordion music. Plain and simple these guys sound like they are having FUN. That's it, its nothing like a killer groove or incredible song structure its simply the fact that these guys sound like they are having a good time playing this music and to be honest I think there are quite a few bands that can take a lesson from this.

Overall I would say every metal head should get this regardless of what genre you are into and just take a listen to a band that is playing music that is a little on the darker side but having a damn good time doing it.

Track by Track

Krig (INTRO)-N/R
Slaget vid Blodsalv-8.5
Skogens Hamnd-8
Jaktens Tid-9
Bakom Varje Fura-8.5
Varg Timmen-8
Den Hornkronte Konungen-8
Tomhet Och Tystmad Harska (OUTRO)-N/R

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