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Review: Annihilator - All For You
All For You

Label: AFM Records
Year released: 2004
Duration: 56:05
Tracks: 10
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 1.25/5

Review online: June 10, 2004
Reviewed by: 4th Horseman
Readers Rating
All For You

Rated 2.71/5 (54.29%) (21 Votes)

Ugh! It seems that to suck is the order of the day. First, the new Death Angel and now this. Man oh man, what pile of piss this is. At first listen, "All For You" appeared to be one of those 'grower' albums. But rest assured, I hate this album more than I ever did at first listen and at every consecutive listen, I decide to decrease the rating even more. So before I start getting into the negative rating territory, I think it would be wise if I got this out of the way already.

I have no clue who this album is targeted towards, but it sure as hell ain't towards the Annihilator fans. I think Annihilator have 'matured' far too much and need to call it quits if this is all they have left in them (him). This album almost appears to be going after the mallcore crowd. Almost! Some Megadeth inspired moments surface here and there, and I really must commend Jeff Waters for bringing out the worst parts of Megadeth and duplicating it. Bravo! In the words of Dave Mustaine, "room temperature IQ" would best describe why this album exists!

Seriously, most songs are just so stupid that they make Manowar seem like philosophers of the Athenian golden age. I am not talking about cheese. I am talking about utter retardedness; stupid for the sake of being stupid. Take the track "Dr. Psycho" for example, a track that delivers decent speed and some catchy elements to it, but Annihilator come out and say "NO! You are not allowed to enjoy this disc" and throw in some of the most dimwitted lyrics out at you! It makes you laugh and shrug your shoulders in disbelief as to whether this really is an Annihilator record.

Once upon a time, there was a mighty album from the Golden Age titled "Alice In Hell" which bore the name Annihilator on it. This one is so far away from that release that it takes some time to register the fact that Jeff Waters could do such a thing. It really pains me to trash this album by the fellow Canadian whose work I really admired in the past. But the truth must be spoken. This is not what one could expect from this band.

I know there are some good parts to it. But I am not a fan of headaches and as such am not going to provoke one trying to figure out the standout tracks for you. They all flow in the same vein with very little praiseworthy material, laced with doses and doses of unbelievable feces. My roommate can fart better music than this. The raccoon on my lawn chewing away on the garbage on the eve of garbage day makes better music than this. You know how a porno is ruined when the guy starts making too many "aaaah, aaah" sounds? Well this album is equally annoying! There will be some decent elements here and there throughout the album and just when you start getting into the song, we get the most out of the box retardedness, usually in the form of silly tempo changes or lyrics that are presumably inserted to cater to 14 year old geeks who want to get scared!

You would be well advised to stay away from this album. Don't be fooled by the psychotically awesome cover! Annihilator have far greater releases that you could check out if you want to get in to this awesome band of the past.

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