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Review: Fall Of The Leafe - Volvere
Fall Of The Leafe

Label: Rage Of Achilles
Year released: 2004
Duration: 53:44
Tracks: 11
Genre: Unclassifiable

Rating: 3/5

Review online: June 20, 2004
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating

Rated 1.83/5 (36.67%) (6 Votes)

This is, without doubt, one of the weirdest metal albums that I have ever been asked to review. Fall Of The Leafe may have started as a melodic Death Metal band, but they have long since departed into oddball territory and yet have not wandered off the metal path altogether.

Musically this is a lot like a cross between Sentenced and mid-period Metallica, as in a mix of "The Cold White Light" and "Load". FotL have that characteristic Finnish guitar approach, with excellent leadwork and some very smart and catchy riffs. The songs are all good, but none of them really stand out with their own identity. The vocals of Tuomas Tuominen are a dead ringer for James Hetfield when he started singing: rough but tuneful, and not without a certain charisma. I can't say I dislike this album, as some of the music here is very good, but I don't feel compelled to listen to it either. Towards the end it all starts to run together, and the last three songs are genuinely dull.

And oh man, the lyrics here are utter shit. I can tell that this band is trying to be odd and different, but it comes out more pretentious and stupid. Lines like "Oh crap. What if it is me staring back? Or "Relax. It is possible to simulate a falling." Excuse me but: What the fuck? Some of the songs are actually quite incisive and delicate, like "Pillar of the Sun", but most of the lyrics here range from the laughably bad to the utterly incomprehensible.

So if you like Sentenced and are not averse to some lyrical wankery, this might appeal. I can tell FotL are doing things exactly as they want to, it's just not something I am terribly interested in. I don't hate this, but it doesn't do anything for me at all, make of that what you will.

Track Listing:
  1. A Waiting Room Snap
  2. If Mirrors Leave Men In Crumbs
  3. Enemy Simulator
  4. Pillar Of The Sun
  5. Song From The Second Floor
  6. More Like A Situation
  7. Hell's Silence
  8. Big Ol' Fat Rain Inside
  9. Security Locks Are Good
  10. Guilt Threat
  11. Cut The Smoke
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