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Review: Various Artists - Enslave By Light
Various Artists
Enslave By Light

Label: Dark Profanation Productions
Year released: 2004
Duration: 21:59
Tracks: 8
Genre: Black/Death

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: July 18, 2004
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Enslave By Light

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Here's one that fell to the cracks... I got this a while ago and have no idea who sent it to me - not that it really matters. :) This is a split CD of black/death metal bands Opus Draconis and Oliguarquia, both offering three full songs, with Opus Draconis also offering a kind of "medieval" intro (medieval is not the right term, but close enough), and a spoken outro that last a few seconds. Curiously clocking at just under 22 minutes, things sure end fast on this release - I'd expect a split CD to last a bit longer but then again it's the quality that counts. Speaking of which... Well, I don't know if I'm just getting tired of the genre or simply have heard it all, but for the Xth time in a pretty short period, I must once again use the "heard it before" expression. Thankfully, what they do they do well. Both bands play a black/death hybrid - Oliguarquia especially have death growls but musically things are a bit more blurry, mixing both at times while alternating elsewhere. Opus Draconis use the "traditional" black metal screeches and are definitely more geared toward raw no-frills black metal than their "split-mates". I found the Opus Draconis material more interesting, although Oliguarquia also have their merits - I'm just more of a black metal fan than a death one, I guess. :) The production and sound is a bit uneven - some tracks must not have been recorded at the same time and place (I only have the CD in a sleeve so I don't have that information available...) Opus Draconis' production is especially minimal (well, I've seen a lot "more minimal" but you get the idea), which I have come to expect from old school raw BM - mark that on the checklist.

Not a bad CD by any means, and a good occasion to check out two pretty good bands. I just wish it lasted a good 10-15 minutes more. Recommended for fans of the genre...

Track Listing:


  1. Hiroshima
  2. Enslave Sinonim Of Money
  3. Crucial Moment
  4. Opus Draconis

  5. Intro (The Omen)
  6. Glorify Sathanaz Our Unmercyfull Angel
  7. Necrodesecration Of Christendom II
  8. Fucked Lies Destroy Your Hope
  9. Outro (Slay The Nazarene)
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