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Review: XIV Dark Centuries - …dem Ahnen zum Grusse…
XIV Dark Centuries
…dem Ahnen zum Grusse…

Label: CCP Records
Year released: 2003
Duration: 52:15
Tracks: 13
Genre: Black/Folk Metal

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: March 28, 2005
Reviewed by: ShadowsFall
Readers Rating
…dem Ahnen zum Grusse…

Rated 2/5 (40%) (1 Vote)

This is a very interesting band and a very interesting album. I haven't heard very many melodic black metal bands, so I didn't really know what to expect when I found these guys. To top off the fact that they play melodic black metal, they have a ton of folk influence as well. They sort of remind me of a viking metal band such as Falkenbach or Moonsorrow. XIV Dark Centuries come from Germany and have been around since 1998.

I don't think these guys are well known, even though they have two full-length albums and a demo, because they are from a pretty much unknown label, CCP Records. Michel the lead singer has a pretty good range, as he can go from a black metal yell to a deep death metal growl and an occasional folk metal chant. This album …dem Ahnen zum Grusse… (Hail to our Ancestors) has a pretty raw production, which is what you would expect from a black metal band. They tend to use a lot of acoustic guitars which makes the songs sound somewhat atmospheric. I can't really point out one particular track as great because they are all good, and the album flows together really nice. Their lyrics reflect old German folk tales and Heathen mystic forefathers.

XIV Dark Centuries aren't really anything special such as an Ensiferum or Moonsorrow, but what they do they do right, and are very talented musicians. Keep an eye on these guys as if they stick around big things could happen for them, they certainly have the talent for it; and they come from a promising country full of kick ass bands.

Recommended for fans of black metal, folk metal or viking metal.

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