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Review: Opus Draconis - Satanic Truth About False Union
Opus Draconis
Satanic Truth About False Union

Label: Nemesis Musica
Year released: 2005
Duration: 37:09
Tracks: 13
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 3.75/5

Review online: August 3, 2005
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
Satanic Truth About False Union

Rated 3.75/5 (75%) (4 Votes)

"Diversified" is often not associated with a Black Metal release, which usually stick to one style and doesn't venture too far, if at all, into other territory. Portugal's Opus Draconis try to go for the gold with this new album by blending in a little bit of everything. "Satanic Truth About False Union" is a repository of raw, symphonic and atmospheric Black Metal. You get songs here that sound like early 90s BM, some into the more symphonic style that has been popular (or was?) in the past 5 years or so - but without sounding wimpy, which is quite commendable. Surround such songs by a plethora of atmospheric intros and outros, and a couple of spoken ones - maybe a little bit too much, but not too bad either. And that's not all: The vocals vary in style as well, from your "standard" BM screeches all the way up to Burzum-esque screams (but not quite there), and even a slight hint of CoF-ish vocalese (but not nearly as annoying.) All of this keep things interesting pretty much from beginning to end, even though this variety also has the negative effect of breaking a sense of continuity in the album and overall it sounds a bit pieced together. As a side note, fans of Old Forest's first release like myself may recognise that sound in "Pure Depressive Funeral Emotion" (I had to say it. :))

There's nothing groundbreaking here, but what you get is well executed by this Portuguese horde. I was looking forward to hearing some material from these guys after reviewing their split CD with Oliguarquia, and this full length delivers the goods and showcases the band's versatility. Good stuff.

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