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Review: Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible
Spastic Ink
Ink Compatible

Label: EclecticElectric/Marquee Inc.
Year released: 2004
Duration: 58:10
Tracks: 9
Genre: Progressive Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: November 2, 2005
Reviewed by: Ktb
Readers Rating
Ink Compatible

Rated 3.57/5 (71.43%) (7 Votes)

Some friend of mine kept on talking about this tech/prog metal band that talked about computers and was really nerdy, but that they were actually good. So I got their second album, 'Ink Compatible', released in 2004 after 7 years of silence. I read some good reviews of it online, and noticed that the guitarist was also in Gordian Knot, so I pretty much knew what to expect. Everything sounded just like I thought it would - technical, progressive, and there's definitely a lot of Gordian Knot influence in the guitar sound, and overall just in the feel of music (without the long and tiring fusion tracks in Gordian Knot). When I started spinning this CD for the first time, I feared it would become like Liquid Tension Experiment or other prog acts people talk about (the album starts with this amazing prog instrumental, but then you get about 50 minutes of boredom). Ink Compatible is NOT one of those albums, fear not. The music itself has lots of keyboards and original guitar shredding talent for variety, and some songs feel so 'out there' they seem to drag on forever, but it mysteriously keeps you hanging until the end. Yes, the album has a few uninspired 'let's-shred-so-nobody-notices-we-have-no-ideas' moments, but they really don't last long (like in the middle of 'Read Me', there's this boring-as-fuck interlude or whatever, but it quickly gets back on track with the riffs). When I saw a 12 minute song coming up near the end I knew what to expect...A song that would be put at the end of the album so the album's over 55 minutes (like one of those uninspired songs I talked about earlier). It's definitely not that. Killer riffs from start to end, no gay interlude bullshit or useless shredding and whatnot. Finally, the album ends with a hilarious instrumental lasting a bit more than a minute called 'The Cereal Mouse', which somewhat reminded me of the latest Fantomas CD. Random track which starts with a circus theme, which quickly evolved in hyper-fast fest of shredding and weird sounds. This would be a good song to wake up to. It's good to hear a non-bullshit prog album; I haven't heard much of those lately...looks like I'll be hanging on to this one for a while (even though I already have). Get it, if you're a fan of non-bullshit true progressive metal.

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