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Review: Alkemyst - Meeting In The Mist
Meeting In The Mist

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year released: 2003
Duration: 60:33
Tracks: 10
Genre: Progressive Power Metal

Rating: 4.25/5

Review online: January 17, 2006
Reviewed by: Ktb
Readers Rating
Meeting In The Mist


French power metal. Now that's rare. Alkemyst are from eastern France, and this debut album litterally came out of nowhere. And, of course, I expected the most generic, redundant piece of power metal with generic tones and everything. After the one minute intro (well, it's power metal, I got used to those boring one minutes intros that just stay there), 'Still Alive' kicks off with a straight to-the-point, speedy and melodic riff. Now, riff-wise, Alkemyst are good, but if you were looking at a music sheet or guitar tab, you'd probably sit there and wonder why they're so great, seing as the riffs aren't particularly that great. What sets Alkemyst aside: production (guitar tones) and the vocalist. The guitar tone is crispy, heavy enough, slightly reminiscent of modern power metal bands like Hibria. After all, this is what really sets aside the good stuff (Hibria, Alkemyst, Dark Moor) from the pieces of garbage (Secret Sphere, Lanfear) or albums that have one amazing song and filler for the rest (Dreamaker, etc). The vocalist, Roberto, may sound like any power metal vocalist on first listen, but he actually grows on you after a few listens. The solos aren't particularly amazing, but the good speedy riffs make up for it. 'Passage' is definitely the highlight song here, and even though it follows a classic pattern and structure, you can't deny that this type of song is pretty much timeless. I expected the grand finale, 'Nameless Son' (divided into two parts, one being 35 seconds and the other being about 11 minutes), to be epic on-and-off filler to make the album longer, but it's actually pretty sweet. It reminds me of epics such as Metal Kingdom's lengthy epic on 'Metallic Tragedy'. So, all in all, this is very enjoyable, professionnal power metal, and definitely a big surprise. Recommended to fans of Hibria and the likes.

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