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Review: Darkthrone - The Cult is Alive
The Cult is Alive

Label: Peaceville Records
Year released: 2006
Duration: 38:52
Tracks: 10
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: March 25, 2006
Reviewed by: Chaossphere
Readers Rating
The Cult is Alive

Rated 3.76/5 (75.12%) (41 Votes)

Hooray, another Darkthrone album. Either you love this band, or you're a fag. There's no middle ground. The Cult is Alive takes the raw, punky approach of the last album Sardonic Wrath and slows it down to a more relaxed rock'n'roll pace, injected a lot more expression in the guitar department (half these songs have jamming, almost bluesy solo sections), and a whole lot of extra grim rawness. Thus, it moves even further away from the expectations most people would have for a Darkthrone disc, while remaining completely true to their trademark attitude.

The first single "Too Old Too Cold" is actually a fairly good representation of the whole album. The weird song here is "Graveyard Slut", where Fenriz provides a surprisingly clean vocal approach while the song itself is pure blackened swagger. Elsewhere, "Shut Up" is amusingly aggressive and "Whisky Funeral" just flat-out rocks. They seem to have gone back to the good old "4 tracker in the rehearsal room" approach to recording too, which gives the album a very abraded, rough sound – it's certainly much cleaner than, say, Transilvanian Hunger or Under A Funeral Moon, but also has a significantly thinner sound than the last few discs.

If you're expecting a return to the "Trilogy" and won't settle for anything else, don't bother with this. If you liked Hate Them and Sardonic Wrath, this is also worth investment. It's a grim, catchy, sometimes punky album which absolutely reeks of attitude and irreverence. In other words, pure Darkthrone.

Track Listing:
  1. The Cult of Goliath
  2. Too Old, Too Cold
  3. Atomic Coming
  4. Graveyard Slut
  5. Underdogs and Overlords
  6. Whisky Funeral
  7. De Underjordiske
  8. Tyster På Gud
  9. Shut Up
  10. Forebyggende Krig
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