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Classic Review: King Diamond - Abigail
King Diamond

Label: Roadrunner Records
Year released: 1987
Duration: 40:20
Tracks: 9
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 5+/5

Review online: July 13, 2006
Reviewed by: Ulysses
Readers Rating

Rated 4.75/5 (95%) (84 Votes)

What can I say about this album that hasn't been said many times before? It's an absolute classic in all aspects and every metalhead should own this album, no exception. This was King Diamond's second release, and with it he abolished a lot of the raw production that had been carried over from Mercyful Fate with King Diamond's first solo album, "Fatal Portrait". Not only was the production a lot smoother, but there was a great leap in songwriting that (in my opinion) has still hasn't been topped with any of his later offerings (but don't get me wrong! They're all excellent albums, too!) So, what makes this album so necessary in a metalhead's collection? If you aren't familiar with the unbelievable range that the King possesses, please have someone pour oil on you as you light yourself on fire because you've basically already wasted your entire life without experiencing one of the best vocalists in Metal history. As astonishing as the dual shredding of Andy La Rocque and Michael Denner were in this album, it would only be half as good without the incredible atmosphere brought about by King Diamond's voice.

About the music though, it's absolutely top notch in this album. On many tracks the incredible solos, riffs and guitar harmonies brought about by the two brilliant guitarists in this album are jaw dropping. The track where their skill is most appreciated is in "The Family Ghost", which contains two solos one after the other by each guitarist. It's one of the most killer Heavy Metal tracks ever! Not to forget that drummer Mikkey Dee can keep one hell of a catchy beat in not just that track, but in all of them. There are a few acoustic passages too in Abigail, one in "The 7th Day of July 1777", which is smack middle of the album. This track plays an important role in the concept of the Abigail story being told (or rather, sung), acting as a turning point of events from the two main characters moving into their new house to being pregnant by the "bastard daughter" Abigail which occurs in the next track if I'm not mistaken. This song however is important, telling the story of Abigail being a dreadful omen.

With an album with a plot so compelling as this one, it's just like a book. The lyrics are cleverly written, which provides a lot of depth of the characters within this concept album. With musicianship that is almost unable to be topped, the unique falsetto of King Diamond being revealed its true potential (and also with the use of other vocal effects that are just as excellent) and the best horror concept ever in an album, it's hard for me not to give this a 5+. This album is more than amazing from the first track to the very last second of the last.

My Highest Recommendation

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