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Review: Arsebreed - Munching the Rotten
Munching the Rotten

Label: Neurotic Records
Year released: 2005
Duration: 30:45
Tracks: 11
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 2.5/5

Review online: October 13, 2006
Reviewed by: Sirliftsalot48
Readers Rating
Munching the Rotten

Rated 4/5 (80%) (4 Votes)

Here is the debut by death metal band Arsebreed of the Netherlands. The band originally went by Bloodcum. The name can give you a really accurate description of what the music sounds like. It is gore death metal complete with lyrics all about genitalia mutilation. The band is similar to the early Cannibal Corpse albums.

The disc fails in the fact that it was released under a year ago. Gory lyrics have been done to death (no pun intended). It is no longer as extreme and brutal to come up with disgusting lyrics. This could easily be overlooked if the album had kick ass riffs, but it doesn't. It has 30 minutes of, seemingly, the same song. I can't tell one song from the next. None of the songs have distinctive riffs or anything noteworthy that will stick in your mind. The music is brutal with incomprehensible vocals, blastbeat drums, and solos thrown in here and there. Sound like almost every other gore based death metal band? That's exactly what the problem is, this sounds the same as every other gory death metal band.

This album really lacks anything to set it apart from the pack. If it had been released 20 years ago it would have blown peoples' minds based on its lyrics alone. Unfortunately it was released last year and cannot rely on its insanely disgusting lyrics to separate it from the pack. The riffs don't stand up to many other death metal bands of today either. For all the mediocrity of this album makes it passable at best. Pick this up if you feel the need to own some bland death metal with gross out lyrics, otherwise don't waste your time.

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