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Review: Perun - The Wolflegion
The Wolflegion

Label: Leather Throne
Year released: 2003
Duration: 46:21
Tracks: 8
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: April 13, 2007
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating
The Wolflegion

Rated 3.78/5 (75.56%) (9 Votes)

This isn't the Russian band Perun, but rather a less-well-known one from Slovenia. This album was originally put out by Drakkar as a demo tape in '99, but then Leatherthrone re-released it on CD in 2003. I, for one, am glad they did, as this is an amazing piece of work.

Perun play an intensely melodic form of Black Metal that is much more about riff and dynamic than blasting and screaming. The guitar tone and riffs on this are wonderful, heavy and melodic, with a lot of shading and epic sweep to them. The vocals are really excellent, an arcane and gravelly assault that packs real feeling and range into it. There are some female vocals scattered here and there, but not too much of that, though they are very good when they appear. There are some keys on this, but they are properly used to accentuate the riffs rather than bury them, and they fulfill the dark and ancient atmosphere of the music. This is slower-paced music, but that just means a killer Doom vibe creeps in around it and makes it even cooler. Check out the slow crawl of "My Black Magic Wisdom (Part 2)" with the almost sludgy riffs and the vocals bubbling up from the depths of Thangorodrim. Awesome.

Mostly, this just rules. If you enjoy your Black Metal obscure and epic, with a shitload of atmosphere and feel, then this is something to track down for sure. An underground gem.

Additional Information

Originally released in 1999

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