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Review: Avantasia - Lost in Space (Part 2)
Lost in Space (Part 2)

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year released: 2007
Duration: 24:42
Tracks: 6
Genre: Power Metal

Rating: 4.25/5

Review online: November 26, 2007
Reviewed by: Larry Griffin
Readers Rating
Lost in Space (Part 2)

Rated 4.5/5 (90%) (4 Votes)

So this is the second part of Tobias' new Avantasia work, and it's pretty much on the same level of quality as the first one. The thing Avantasia do well here is keeping up the energy level - never do these songs sound weak or tired, and never do they exert anything but pure, unadulterated, raw power that could light up New York City if given the chance. The instrumentation is excellent, just purely well-played Power Metal all the way through, and the vocals are of generally high quality, aside from Michael Kiske's slip-up in "Promised Land," which is genuinely puzzling. The songwriting might not jettison into proggy excess, but it is of excellent quality, despite the short running time of the tracks and of the disc itself.

The title track is first (again, yes; Tobi has milked this one like a big ol' cow), and then we segue into the ornate, epic "Promised Land," with a big shout along chorus courtesy of Jorn Lande. Lande is not one of my favorite vocalists in the Power Metal genre, but he does an admirable job here, especially duetting with Sammet. This is without a doubt the best song here, starting off fast and pummeling, and then slowing down for a more moody, slow part, before kicking into a driving riff and a luscious, colorful guitar solo that just gallops right along as if it came easy to the band. Heavenly, uplifting and just plain great, "Promised Land" is a winner. "Scary Eyes" is also a great song, a pugilistic, Mandrake-esque stomper that has a sort of jokey, fun feel to it, while still kicking your ass the whole way through. The verses are excellent, and the chorus is typical Edguy fare, except done much better than on most songs from Rocket Ride. "In My Defense" and the Ultravox cover "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes" are both pretty good in their own right, with the former being a touching, heartfelt little ballad with quite an original lyrical theme, and the latter being a hypnotically catchy little tune that will never leave your head. The epic version of "Lost in Space" is forgettable, and shouldn't even have been included here at all. Come on, Tobias, lay off that song already.

Yet again, if you like Power Metal, you should be able to find something to enjoy here. Tobias has crafted a piece of work that is, in itself, fun, epic, powerful, catchy, bombastic and pompous all at once, spanning more than one genre and stepping outside of the Power Metal box just enough to sound original. The horizons are looking quite bright for Avantasia, and nobody is happier than I am to see them going stronger than ever.

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