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Review: Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today
Electric Wizard
Witchcult Today

Label: Rise Above Records
Year released: 2007
Duration: 58:53
Tracks: 8
Genre: Stoner Doom

Rating: 3/5

Review online: December 5, 2007
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating
Witchcult Today

Rated 3.45/5 (69.09%) (22 Votes)

I keep trying to get into Electric Wizard. After all, this should be the kind of stuff I get off on: long doomy songs, lyrics about horror movies and HP Lovecraft. What's not to like here? Well, pretty much the music. As ever, I like the idea of Electric Wizard much better than the actual band.

Witchcult Today is no different from every other EW album, only it follows in the footsteps of We Live in being mediocre, rather than unbearable like Dopethrone or Come My Fanatics. If sludgy, weed-fueled Sabbath-worship is your thing, then I'm sure you already have all of EW's albums and you don't need my opinion. Otherwise, this is a standard EW album with a worse recording job than usual, as it sounds like the band was recorded in a high school gym or perhaps a shower room at a campground. The vocals are warbly and without any kind of drama or charisma, like always, and the songs are so similar you won't ever be able to tell them apart. All that said, this is not offensively terrible, and for that EW deserve at least a nod, since that seems to be good enough for their fans.

Track Listing:
  1. Witchcult Today
  2. Dunwich
  3. Satanic Rites Of Drugula
  4. Raptus
  5. The Chosen Few
  6. Torquemada 71
  7. Black Magic Rituals & Perversions
  8. Saturnine
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