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Review: Various Artists - Might is Right - Nordic Warchants II
Various Artists
Might is Right - Nordic Warchants II

Label: Det Germanske Folket
Year released: 2008
Tracks: 59
Genre: Black Metal

Review online: June 29, 2008
Reviewed by: Pagan Shadow
Readers Rating
Might is Right - Nordic Warchants II

Rated 5/5 (100%) (1 Vote)

After the release of the excellent Nordic Warchants in 2007, leading Black/Pagan/Folk/Viking Metal label Det Germanske Folket presents Nordic Warchants Volume II. Needless to say that I was more than expecting this new compilation, especially when you consider that my favorite metal genres are all covered.

Once again, we have a double album, lasting over two and a half hours, of great heathen hymns, but that's not all! Indeed, this time Det Germanske Folket stuffed the treasury chest with even more discoveries by including a DVD of Ragnarök 4 filmed last year. So, Volume II brings home over four hours of great music and cool live performances. A mind blowing experience, and a must for all pagan souls. One of the very nice aspects of this compilation is that the bands included are not limited to the label's roaster, but many other labels are also represented. I think we can only be thankful for it, since it provides a great variety of sounds, and a chance for lesser known acts to be heard. From the label as such, we can hear some of today's more respected hordes like Yggdrasil (one of my favorite Folk band), Hel ( the mighty pagans), the soon to be released folksy ensemble Irminsul, Myrkgrav (great Nordic story teller), the mystical Dantalion, and the Doom/Black metal master Grivf. I also had the chance to discover some new acts that I can't wait to hear more music of, namely the folksy Bran Barr and the Black metalers with acoustic tones Nydvid, among others. Lots of excellent Black metal acts worthy to be mentioned here, such as October Falls (Folk/Black metal), Numen, Foscor, and Hromovlad, and even two from Canada: Forteresse and Utlagr. Then comes the time for some sweet moments with the more folksy/Viking tunes of Taunusheim, Carved in Stone, Sturmpercht, Crystal Moors, Heurot and Soundsearch.

As for the DVD, I was pleasantly surprised to see all those excellent extreme metal bands performing for a much disciplined crowd. The sound quality is superb, and I could recognize many of the songs that were being played, meaning the professionalism of the musicians is not some sort of studio trick, but they are gifted artists who can play live as well. Many memorable performances by today's elite in the Black/Folk/Pagan metal scene including Hel, Kampfar (two songs) and Riger ( two songs). Top notch Black metal by the crazy Urgehal( "this is Satanic Black metal"), Angantyr, Koldbrann and the likes. A weak spot in my pagan soul for the more folkloric ensembles Fjoergyn, Eluveitie (lots of musicians on stage!), Tyr, Heidevolk and the excellent Kromlek .

Nordic Warchants II is definitely a highlight for the Black/Pagan/Folk metal scene in 2008. A must, once again for the true pagan souls! I can't really rate this since it's a compilation, but you understand that I would give it the highest grade it deserves.

Track Listing:

    Disc I

    1. October Falls — Part III
    2. Irminsul - Valaren
    3. Forteresse — Deluge Blanc
    4. Theudho - Harjaz
    5. Numen — Ahanzturaren Ailobia
    6. Myrkgrav — De To Spellemenn
    7. Vrankenvorde - Sturmvogel
    8. Nydvind — Upon the Throne of Northi
    9. Blodtru — Sol is Dead
    10. Taunusheim — Followed By the Raven
    11. Utlagr — 1066, Blood and Iron in Hastings
    12. Allvaters Zorn — Lehurt Deine Woelle
    13. Infaust — Dunkle Obsessionen
    14. Atomtrakt — Eisenkerler (extract)

    Disc II

    1. Urgehal — Satanic Black Metal in Hell
    2. Yggdrasil — Kvaellming Oever Trolska Landslap
    3. Dantalion — A Corredoira Das Animas
    4. Carved in Stone — Mighty Friends
    5. Vardlokkur — I Forraeders Blod
    6. Crystalmoors — Brotherhood of the Three Banners
    7. Foscor — I Torna De Las Cendres
    8. Bran Barr- Rebirth — Morgan s Lift To Aighi Sithi
    9. Hel — Blooded Shores
    10. Battle Dagorath — Dead Eyes of the Moon
    11. Grivf — Naar Alt Fryser Ind (extract)
    12. Helrit — Trotzdem Dem Niedergang
    13. Hromovlad — Otima Alad Vody Chlad
    14. Heorot — Pytia Simasah
    15. Theudho — The Blade Od Odin
    16. Soulsearch — Blitz Und Donnerkeil


    1. Helheim - Thirteen to Be Perished
    2. Angantyr — Stormen Fra Nord
    3. Fjoergyn — Ich Sah Den Himmel Weinen
    4. Urgehal — Goatcraft Torment
    5. Koldbrann — Djevelens Treskeverk
    6. Hel — Erlkonig
    7. Aaskereia — Mit Raben und Wolfen
    8. Tyr — The Edge
    9. Helfahrt — Sturmgewalt
    10. Kromlek — Grim Omens
    11. Heidevolk — Saksenland
    12. Wolfchant — Guardians of the Forest
    13. Riger — Des Blutes Stimme
    14. Riger — Homo Decadencia
    15. Kampfar — Norse
    16. Kampfar — Hymne
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