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Review: Assedium - Fighting For The Flame
Fighting For The Flame

Label: My Graveyard Productions
Year released: 2008
Duration: 58:17
Tracks: 10
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: January 16, 2009
Reviewed by: PowerMetal59
Readers Rating
Fighting For The Flame

Rated 3.71/5 (74.29%) (7 Votes)

Sophomore effort from the Italian metal warriors Assedium. I did not have the pleasure of catching up to their debut, Rise Of The Warlords, which was met with mixed reviews, but being a huge fan of old school Heavy Metal I was curious to hear what these guys had to offer. Whenever I listen to a talented band who plays 80's style old school Heavy Metal, the memories just brush past me like a sweet summer wind. Assedium boldly proclaim themselves as warriors of true, epic Heavy Metal in the realm of Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Virgin Steele and Manowar. They perform with a youthful exuberance, both hungry and eager to wage battle, in order to carve their own swath of real estate on a stage adorned with such modern day contemporaries as Ironsword, Battleroar, Wotan and Doomsword. So the question before us is: Did the Italians succeed in carrying out their battle cry decree with Fighting For The Flame? I would respond with a Yes, but oh what could have been... I'll explain.

I wouldn't necessarily classify this as Speed Metal in terms of tempo, but the pace is moderately quick, never crossing into the meloncholic atmosphere associated with Doom. The high pitched vocals of Luca "Fils" Cicero wail out over the twin guitar attack of Guido "Barbarian" and Chicco "The Beast", who are extremely competetent at cranking out some pulse pounding often times brilliant fretwork, all of which is supported by the capable rhythm section of Drake (Bass), and Daniele (Drums), and no in case you are wondering I did not just make those names up!

The production is a bit raw in the Manilla Road style, I'll revert back to this in a second. I must warn you though, Assedium is not just your ordinary run of the mill epic Heavy Metal band, which stubbornly sticks to the basic formula of grinding out rough-edged riffs and straightforward rhythms, Assedium successfully manage to inject a fair dose of melody into their epic metal foundation. Now back to the production, as I stated Fighting For The Flame has a rough and raw feel, supposedly, I imagine to capture that old school type of atmosphere, but I cannot help myself but wonder if, had this been provided a beefier, heavy as a sledgehammer modern day production job, would we be graced with an instant classic here! Perhaps, but that aside, traditional metal fans should still eat this up, the youngsters from Italy have certainly concocted a winning formula, one in which I'm looking forward to them building upon in the future.

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