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Review: Anubis Gate - The Detached
Anubis Gate
The Detached

Label: Locomotive Music
Year released: 2009
Duration: 65:15
Tracks: 12
Genre: Progressive Power Metal

Rating: 5+/5

Review online: April 13, 2009
Reviewed by: Christopher Foley
Readers Rating
The Detached

Rated 4.4/5 (87.92%) (53 Votes)

Every once in a while a band releases an album that makes us all stop what we're doing and look. Be it Lost Horizon's incredible A Flame to the Ground Beneath, Defying the Rules from Brazil's Hibria or recently Pharaoh's Be Gone – albums every metalhead should hear at least once in a lifetime. When Anubis Gate released the superlative Andromeda Unchained heads turned the world over, having an effect similar to the aforementioned albums. Ladies and gentlemen prepare to take notice once again, as Anubis Gate proves Andromeda Unchained wasn't the only ace up their collective sleeves.

Once again a concept album with a pretty damn sweet story, based around a chap named Bilao who belongs to a special race of humans; the Detached. They are called the Detached because they are immortal and able to move time past them, and thus detached from the dimension of time and space. This enables them to visit any era. However there is a catch, that being; the more they move through time the harder it becomes physically for them. Another interesting twist in the idea is that the Detached can choose to age and die like regular human beings if they wish. A really nice idea and throughout the story we see Bilao travel through the past and into the future, with a pretty interesting outcome in the end – although I'll let you explore this story throughout the music. Speaking of which, I really didn't think these guys could get any better; boy was I wrong because The Detached is a vast improvement over Andromeda Unchained.

Whilst retaining the signature Anubis Gate sound, we see the Danes adding to that sound in every possible way. Heavier than anything they've released to date and sounding at their most mature, the vocal arrangements are out of this world. Technically we see the band stepping up their game, be it the tasteful drum-work of Morten Sørensen or the incredibly inventive fret-board acrobatics courtesy of Jesper M. Jensen and Kim Olesen. Not to forget bass-player Henrik Fevre and his sublime backing vocals. The star of the show however has to be the multi-talented Jacob Hansen, with his unique style of vocal delivery and of course what he's known best for on the metal circuit: his phenomenal production.

Kicking things off is a short intro with an atmosphere similar to that of Andromeda Unchained - the computer/space effect really works for these guys. "Find A Way (Or Make One)" is an awesome track, tearing through your speakers with a wicked dual harmony, with a foundation of pounding drum-work. Seriously this is the perfect introduction track to Anubis Gate, showcasing everything that's catapulting them into the Progressive Metal premier league. Next up is the godly "Yiri" boasting a very impressive chorus, sending shivers through me each and every time I listen. The pace never lets up with The Detached, not a single track is without its own merit. Be it using smoking Power Metal guitar leads, soaring vocal melodies, or drenching the music in sublime atmosphere - we really have it all. Tracks such as "Dodecahedron" and "Bloodoath" see Anubis Gate firing on all cylinders, with bad-ass chugging and some inventive guitar work of which only these guys seem capable of. Epic tracks such as the masterpiece entitled "Pyramids" features an awesome Arabic atmosphere with some cool Egyptian-style riffage woven through it. "Options – Going Nowhere" is another really cool track, pushing nigh on 10 minutes with a really awesome spacey/computer effect throughout.

Most of us know by now that ballads and metal don't gel, "Out Of Time" is the closest we get to ballad and really breaks the mold when it comes to ballads and metal. Showing us exactly how it should be done keeping an awesome doom-esque theme riff and adding a wonderful atmospheric part in the mid-section, sounding like something from an anime movie. Special mention has to go to the sublime vocal arrangement at the end of the song. It's hard not to write a fully fledged track by track. Anubis Gate are a band I hold very dearly and The Detached has undergone a lot of scrutiny from me, due to how high in regard I hold Andromeda Unchained. Try as I may I just can't fault this release. Forget what you ever thought about Progressive Metal because this album deserves your undivided attention. Anubis Gate really are on top of their game and I hope they can keep this streak up with album number five. Absolutely Essential

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