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Review: Flesh Consumed - Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate
Flesh Consumed
Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate

Label: Sevared Records
Year released: 2008
Duration: 41:17
Tracks: 9
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: April 18, 2009
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating
Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate

Rated 3.69/5 (73.85%) (13 Votes)

I was expecting some hyper-fast brutal Death Metal with some muddy production and pig-squeal vocals, but this is actually pretty cool. I read somewhere that there were four vocalists on this, but I could not find actual evidence - other than the fact that the vocal style does vary throughout the album: From "normal" Death Metal growls, to clogged-drain puky growls, and finally to piq-squeals. The advantage is that you're not stuck with one vocal style you dislike; the disadvantage is that if you only like one of those, you have to share. ;) Save for a few lines here and there, no matter what vocal style, this is pretty much undecipherable (unsurprising considering the music genre, really), and since this is a mp3 promo there are no lyrics (not that we always get those with "physical" promos anyway), but then again one doesn't have to guess much as to the essence of what a band with gore as its lyrical theme sings about. Production-wise this is pretty good overall, making it easy to hear the various instruments quite clearly - hell, even the bass which often gets lost in such aural onslaughts is quite audible.

The music is mid to fast-paced Death Metal flirting with the brutal side, but not really getting there (not really a bad thing.) Sometimes the overall pace feels slow even though the instruments are being played at a rather high speed, an interesting effect that's easy to miss if you don't pay too much attention. While this is as chaotic, heavy and the blast beats fest that one would expect, there band has thrown in a few more melodic parts that creep in unexpectedly here and there, with the added bonus that they "sound right", not feeling out of place at all. Another plus is the occasional crunchy guitar riffage - there's a lot of the more "generic Death Metal" type of playing, but oftentimes we're treated with some good thrashy, razor-sharp guitars.

Overall this is not all that much different from your average-to-slightly-above-average "gore" Death Metal album, but the aforementioned bonuses and the overall "atmosphere" of the album set this one apart a little. Not revolutionary in any way, but very well done in the genre.

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