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Review: Grimmstine - Grimmstine

Label: Metal Heaven
Year released: 2009
Duration: 72:46
Tracks: 15
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 2.5/5

Review online: October 15, 2009
Reviewed by: Bruce Dragonchaser
Readers Rating

Rated 3.17/5 (63.33%) (6 Votes)

The latest in a long line of post-Grim Reaper releases from their amicable frontman Steve Grimmett is a strangely forgettable diversion in the form of a self-titled effort from metallers Grimmstine; a ball-busting collaboration between American guitarist Steve Stine and the aforementioned leather-lunged vocalist of days gone by. While time has only enriched Grimmett's tremendous vibrato, there's something stale about Grimmstine. Like cheese that's a couple of days out of date, it appears normal - it may even taste alright - but it's the hours that pass after consumption where its true mettle is tested, where stomach cramp first shows its ugly face, or in this instance, where your brain just doesn't think your listening experience is worth remembering.

In essence, Grimmstine is a pretty varied album that covers the whole spectrum of metal, from heavy, thrashy Power Metal ("To Catch a Killer", "Take This Air") to slick melodic Hard Rock ("Supernatural", "You Give Me Love") without flirting with a more contemporary methodology. The guitars are the focal point of the record, with the thick, boisterous production giving Steve Stine plenty of room to hammer out some truly headbanging riffs and tasty solos, but Steve Grimmett is the star of the show here, with his gravelly wail coasting over the tracks like a metal vulture circling the gnarled bones of most other rock singers his age.

Sadly, though, the songs just aren't catchy enough to warrant repeated plays, and with the overall running time spilling over 70 minutes, there is just way too much to comfortably digest. Much like the stale cheese I mentioned earlier, you might want to approach this with caution. Unless you're starved for a melodic metal sandwich and you have no other side-projects in the house…

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