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Review: Armour - Armour

Label: Hells Headbangers
Year released: 2010
Duration: 39:23
Tracks: 10
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: February 11, 2010
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
Readers Rating

Rated 4.09/5 (81.82%) (11 Votes)

Finally! A first full-length for Armour. These Finnish old school heavy metallers have released several EPs and singles over the past couple of years, so they were approaching the "overdue" line for a real album. If you've heard Armour before, there's no surprise here – so if you liked their previous stuff, just grab this right away. For the others... Armour... Well, I guess I can use the cliché and say that they hopped into a time machine that brought them here right from the mid-80s, because that's exactly what their Heavy Metal sounds like. No modern shit, no overpolished gay-ass production – this is well produced but with a little raw, rock-ish edge that's essential for the style. Just plain fun and catchy Heavy Metal done like in the "good ol' days." Hell, even the length of the album is around the average from those days. The vocalist sounds like a mix of AC/DC and Accept/U.D.O., and his style has the party-ish vibe of the former. The guy pretty much drives the catchiest parts on the album – I've had half the vocal lines here stuck in my head for several days; the guy is that contagious. Throw this on at a party, and anyone who should be your friend will be enjoying the hell out of this, and don't be surprised if some sing-along happens along the way...

The music is mostly fast-paced, with some high-speed shredding popping up here and there – better get that air guitar tuned, you'll need it. Just the right dose of heaviness when needed but you also get some calmer moments, which I found somewhat less enjoyable after all the fun brought in by the faster stuff. "Can't Resist Your Spell" is one of the slow ones (no, not slow as in ballad), but it has a bit of an Accept thing going for it which is pretty cool. Then you have tracks like "Hellfire" that run at high-speed and thrash the hell out of the place, and "Heavy Metal Drinkers" is another fast one and the lyrics just scream "paaaarty!" Well – I don't want to do a track by track, but let's just say that even the so-so songs have something in there that's enjoyable. The track listing alone is a good indicator that this is a cheese-fest with a good dose of fun, light-hearted lyrical content.

Armour is high-octane classic heavy metal that's catchier than AIDS and the flu combined. It's not original at all, this is all stuff you've heard before if you've listened to some of the good party-ish Heavy Metal albums of the 80s, but when it's this much fun, who gives a fuck, right?

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