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Review: Azeroth - Azeroth

Label: NEMS
Year released: 2000
Duration: 44:02
Tracks: 9
Genre: Power Metal

Rating: 4.5/5

Review online: October 8, 2002
Reviewed by: Steel Warrior
Readers Rating

Rated 3.5/5 (70%) (2 Votes)

European Power visitors might think that Spanish-language singing bands are paying us for reviewing their albums. Yep, recently we had reviewed here several of them. But, what you will do if you get a very good and promising album that nearly 99% of the people had never heard about? This is why we are doing this. Spanish-language singing bands have released very solid albums during this year and Azeroth is not an exception.

This band from Argentina had released a very solid collection of fast and melodic power metal of the highest caliber. Their music can be described as a mix of bands like, Blind Guardian, Skylark, Edguy and Secret Sphere. The production is crystal clear meaning that somebody put good money here and it was worth every single penny. Also, a very interesting fact is that they feature 2 different singers through the album: one named Adrian Barilari and the other is Christian Bertoncelli, lead vocalist of Imperio (another awesome band from Argentina) After an intro, album kicks with opener "En Agonia", a fast track that will set the tone of the album with a killer rhythm and pace. On the third track, "La Salida", the melodies and harmonies are more refined without losing any speed. Fourth track, "Esclavo del Tiempo", opens with an acoustic guitar and slow guitar melodies that will let you think that finally Azeroth will slow down their speed, but after the first vocal lines, they become even faster and heavier with a killer guitar solo and an awesome chorus.

Track #5, "Campana al Desierto" is also at the speed of light, and the best about this one is that it features both singers exchanging verses. After Track#6, you will ask yourself, when the hell these guys will slow down. Well, they finally do it on Track#7, " El Fin", an acoustic track based on a traditional Irish composition, highlighted by a killer narration that tells about the end of days. Track#8, "Historias de Hoy", finally features Azeroth at a slow pace for a whole track, and through the 7:07 that it lasts, they deliver the best melodies and arrangements of the whole album. Track#9, "El Ocaso de los Reyes" and the last track, features in my opinion what is best about Azeroth. The track opens with a medieval arrangement that will continue to gain speed like a hurricane in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean in mid-August. The middle instrumental section of this track will blow your mind, raging from slow melodies to full speed remembering me a lot of the best middle sections done by Iron Maiden.

After experiencing Azeroth you will feel fully satisfied. These guys had made such a strong debut that having the idea of a follow up that may surpass this one made my heart beat fast with excitement. I urge you to get this album and several others Spanish-language bands we have presented here (Red Wine and Avalanch for example), and you will perfectly understand why we praise these bands so much.

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