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Review: A Forest of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves of Spring
A Forest of Stars
Opportunistic Thieves of Spring

Label: Transcendental Creations
Year released: 2010
Duration: 72:10
Tracks: 6
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 2/5

Review online: July 17, 2010
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating
Opportunistic Thieves of Spring

Rated 3.8/5 (76%) (20 Votes)

This band is obviously a little weird. They say they play "psychedelic" Black Metal, which are words that do not go together. They call their web page a "Gentleman's Club" and they dress in some kind of Victoriana cosplay style. None of this has anything really to do with their music, but it does indicate that they are coming from a different place than other BM bands. Being a fan of Victoriana myself, I thought this might be interesting, and it is interesting, but not really very good for all that.

Dressing up like rejects from a Sherlock Holmes movie and adding some weirdness to your sound smacks of a kind of smirking irony that is just antithetical to metal in general, and Black Metal in particular. Metal is many things, but it is not ironic, so this release stinks of a certain kind of hipsterism that I am deeply suspicious of. I could forgive any of that if this music was compelling in any way, but it isn't really. This album is long for no reason, has big, shapeless lumps in place of actual songs, and adds acoustic and violin flourishes to the music in an effort to be "avant garde". The vocals of "Mister Curse" are the worst part, as they are just a dull shout with no emotion or dynamic, hacking relentlessly on a monotone note. Some of the guitar work here is pretty good, and presents some compelling melodies. But a melody is just part of a song – like a gear. It can be an awesome gear, but you still have to build something with it that does something.

I can overlook a huge amount of pretension if there is real value to the music, but here A Forest of Stars have just assembled a mess of music ideas and failed to combine them in any meaningful way. This album wants to be original and groundbreaking, but it ends up just being dull and irritating.

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