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Review: Poisonblack - Of Rust And Bones
Of Rust And Bones

Label: Century Media
Year released: 2010
Duration: 52:45
Tracks: 10
Genre: Gothic Metal

Rating: 4.25/5

Review online: September 9, 2010
Reviewed by: Lior "Steinmetal" Stein
Readers Rating
Of Rust And Bones

Rated 3.4/5 (68%) (5 Votes)

After the demise of the suicidal Sentenced, the Finnish need for misery was left unsatisfied. The answer has presented itself in the form of a new band, Poisonblack. Formed by ex-Sentenced lead vocalist Ville Laihiala, this new band carries on in the same vein, Gothic Metal, with elements of modern cold Hard Rock and heavy, depressive metal.

Of Rust and Bones is the new album from Poisonblack, the fourth for the band. It's funny, but it seems as though Sentenced was never dismantled, even though the physical presence of the band ceased to exist. Laihiala and his fellow ex-Sentenced band mate, drummer Tarmo Kanerva, have kept going, never wandering off the path begun in their previous band. If you are looking for something depressive, yet not extreme, Poisonblack is a quick fix for a drowning pool of tears.

Aside from being a solid guitarist, Laihiala is a great singer. Of Rust and Bones features his raspy voice, full of atrocious coldness that won't end. The album's production highlights this coldness by being dark and gloomy. He is one of the main reasons Of Rust and Bones is such a good album. It is hard not to feel a bit disturbed by the vocals and the bitter, heavy music. If you aren't careful, this music will lay you down to rest. Even some of the tunes seem "dead" at times (which is rather amusing, because "dead" suits this album quite well.)

Poisonblack channel Sentenced on songs "My Sun Shines Black," "Invisible," "Alone" and "My World." As mentioned, it's like Sentenced never went away. Even more impressive are tracks like "The Last Song" (as if Poisonblack itself will take a head-first dive toward death), "Down the Drain" and "Buried Alive." Of Rust and Bones takes you back to the period between 1996 and 2005 and escorts you through the mists of Poisonblack's past. It's a pleasurable, yet fateful, journey.

The themes of depression, false love, lust and cravings, self hatred and sick pleasures are the bread and butter of Poisonblack's lyrics. Their penchant for negativity makes them a wonder for Doom and Metal fans alike. Of Rust and Bones is a must have for anyone who appreciates good, depressive music that has lyrics that ring true to life.

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