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Review: Various Artists - Monsters of Rock
Various Artists
Monsters of Rock
Venue: Manchester Evening News Arena
City: Manchester U.K.

Show date: November 20, 2002
Guests: Alice Cooper, Thunder, London Quireboys, Dogs D’Amour

Review online: February 10, 2003
Reviewed by: Gramie Dee
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Monsters of Rock

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Ahh metal people. I love them. And there were a lot of them here. The Manchester hoards all gathered together in one place to appreciate their music as one. There were old school metal heads, Tr00 grim kvlt black metal warriors, Death metal grunters, young nu-metal miss-leds and whole families too. Mum, dad, 2.4 kids, “Son, forget Slipknot, THIS is real music”. I felt so at home. Strange because my home city of Manchester is usually crawling with rap singers, brit poppers and boy band boppers. It was heart-warming to see our own Mancunian warriors turn out for a night of real music.

So… to the gig. First up were those reliable stalwarts of the warm up, Dogs D’Amour. I was never really a fan, they’re not my taste in music. But I was won over by their energy and the resilience against a then half empty arena. They didn’t seem to mind and just soldiered on through their short set. I didn’t recognise any of their songs but I had it on good advice that there were some good old favourites mixed in with new stuff. Oh well, some Dogs fans liked it so I guess they were pretty good.

Then came the Quireboys. Holy shit are they still together? Well it seems they reformed yet again and delivered a fine set of energetic pop/blues/metal in true trashy style. I was a bit shocked when they came on stage. Where was the big hair and ocelot? The two guitarists looked like they just walked in from the local pub. Only Phil Mogg and Spike looked the part, but who cares? Spike twirled his mike stand and with the one and only Jason Bonham on drums (yeah) they rocked the room. I unashamedly sang along to the chorus of “Hey You” even though I never liked the Quireboys LOL.

Next up was Thunder. Holy shit those guys looked old. I didn’t recognise Danny Bowes with his short grey hair. Then he opened his mouth and my fears fled as his familiar voice “thundered” through the hall. Luke Morley struck many guitar hero poses, and grimaced his way through some tremendous solos. Favourites such as ‘Welcome to the Party’, ‘River of Pain’, ‘Backstreet Symphony’ and ‘Love walked in’ assured an excellent set. True melodic rock anthems in the vein of Bad Company, AC/DC and Whitesnake. I felt nostalgic.

And finally, the moment we had all been waiting for. Alice!!!!! As the curtains pulled back to reveal the cyberpunk style Dragon Town stage set, I knew we were in for a real treat. And by now the whole place was heaving with glorious metalheads of every generation. Alice was his usual impressive self, looking intimidating and scowling at the crowd as he burst in to “Sex, Death and Money” followed by “Brutal Planet”. And then he scored more high points with a non-stop barrage of old favourites. “Nurse Rosetta”, “Dead Babies”, “Under my Wheels”, “Go to Hell”, and I nearly pee’d my pants when he did “I’m Eighteen”. Every era of Alice was represented to my pure delight. Babies were impaled on swords, Frankensteins were fed, and Alice was beheaded as usual. He was giving us the Alice Cooper show and we loved it. Alice’s daughter also played a part. She was Nurse Rosetta, and a very nice Nurse too. After several attempts to murder Alice on stage, she eventually turned up as Britney Spears. Of course Alice did the only decent thing and cut her fucking head off!!!!! Good clean fun in the true tradition of Alice. By the end of the night my throat was hoarse through singing along to every single damn tune. Truly a performance that will remain with me for many years to come.

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