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Review: Poisonblack - Escapexstacy

Label: Century Media
Year released: 2003
Duration: 44:29
Tracks: 10
Genre: Gothic Metal

Rating: 3.25/5

Review online: February 21, 2003
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
Readers Rating

Rated 2.8/5 (56%) (5 Votes)

Poisonblack is a band featuring Ville Laihailala who is the vocalist for the band Sentenced but on this album he plays guitar rather than doing the vocal chores. The band was formed in 2000 as Ville felt the need to express himself as a guitarist and so enlisted the help of a couple of close friends to explore this endeavor.

To be completely honest this album left me asking myself one over-riding question and that is simply… Why? Why does Ville need to be in another band in order to express himself as a guitarist? I could understand this if the style of music was maybe a radical departure from the style of music that Sentenced plays but after listening to this album I would say that it could be quite easy to mistake this for another Sentenced album. I am not saying that this album is bad, it is actually quite good; it is just that I don’t understand the real purpose other than to make a little extra cash from the fans. If this was done as another way to make some extra cash at least you can console yourself with the fact that at least you are getting something for your money. I have seen so many bands as well as record labels just release three different versions of an album simply to grab that extra out of your pocket. I am however getting off the subject here but at least I think I just came up with an idea for a new editorial…heh. Now taking this album on its own merits I can say that I actually liked this album quite a bit. The songs are all generally mid tempo with varying styles of vocals. The vocals vary but still remain clean and at times they remind me of Moonspell or even Type O Negative in their tone and delivery. The guitars are well done and I guess Ville really can play the guitar. Good riffs and leads that are played with a lot of feeling.

Overall I still really don’t understand the actual reasoning behind this album since I am pretty sure Sentenced would be willing to do any of the songs on this album. I can however see where fans of Sentenced, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, and to a lesser extent Moonspell will certainly find this album entertaining. Recommended

Favorite Tracks – The Glow of the Flames, Love Infernal, Exiter

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