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Review: Göatfukk - Procession of Forked Tongues
Procession of Forked Tongues

Label: War Arts Productions
Year released: 2012
Duration: 21:56
Tracks: 7
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 3.25/5

Review online: June 5, 2012
Reviewed by: Christopher Foley
Readers Rating
Procession of Forked Tongues

Rated 4.45/5 (89.09%) (11 Votes)

From the band name to the ridiculous lyrics I really didn't have high hopes for Portuguese black metallers Göatfukk. This is the band's debut release, an EP flying under the title of Procession of Forked Tongues. Contained in the just over 20 minute run time we are presented seven tracks of aggressive, punk-edged black metal, reminding me of acts such as Dishammer and Horned Almighty mostly.

As I said I wasn't exactly ecstatic about loading this into my disc-drive, but after the thumping main riff of "Black Candles Burn" took the wind right out of me, my trepidation quickly dissolved and I found my head starting to nod back and forth. Yeah, this is pretty sweet. Whilst nothing out of the ordinary on this particular branch of the black metal family tree, Göatfukk perform with a vicious energy. The production has enough clarity so you can hear each of the instruments – though far from polished – and the guitar tone is particularly menacing.

The vocals here are fairly decent rasps, and they break things up in places with some distorted chants which is cool enough. Tracks such as the aforementioned opener "Black Candles Burn" and "Your God that Never Was" rock the hardest here, however "Drunk, Slut, 666" really lets the side down, largely due to its cheap, redundant lyrics and I can't help feeling just a little bit dirty listening to it: "Crucifix, I take a piss. Lucifer, I praise to the end of times. Come on you slut, open wide..." Words fail me.

Despite a few lyrical shortcomings this is still a good release, and fans of the more go for the throat, d-beat-laden approach to black metal would do well to pick this up. Blackened thrash fans might find something of merit here too. Overall I'd say this was definitely worth a few listens!

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