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Review: Fueled By Fire - Trapped in Perdition
Fueled By Fire
Trapped in Perdition

Label: Noise Art Records
Year released: 2013
Duration: 44:31
Tracks: 11
Genre: Thrash Metal


Review online: September 17, 2013
Reviewed by: Christopher Foley
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Rated 4.06/5 (81.18%) (17 Votes)

I was never sold on the earlier releases from Californian thrashers Fueled By Fire, so it's pretty good to see that they've really got their shit together here on their third full-length Trapped In Perdition. Whereas I once felt they were token, cookie cutter thrash, here they bow down to the altar of the likes of Death's Spiritual Healing, and take their thrashing cues from more pugilistic acts such as Demolition Hammer.

Straight out of the gates Trapped In Perdition wastes no time in kicking up a storm, with a precise, rumbling riff assault. I'd like to think Chris Monroy's time with the excellent Skeletal Remains has had some effect on the sound, as this is definitely more aggressive and in your face, taking just as much from the formative death metal scene as it does that of good old thrash. I'd also like to think some of the shift in sound was also in part thanks to Erik Rutan's involvement, who of course produced.

Performances across the board are quality, with Rick Rangel's vocals sounding perhaps the best they have to date. His performance isn't too far away from the last album, although I'd definitely say a little more vitriolic. It's in his and Chris Monroy's guitar work that I find the most enjoyment on Trapped In Perdition. Every track boasts at least a couple of face-splitting riffs, and in comparison with their contemporaries I'd say the riffs are around the level of Bonded By Blood's Exiled To Earth - they definitely share some common ground, particularly in the perfectly articulated half time riffs. Chris' solos are well done too, and feel like they fall into place a little better than they did with Skeletal Remains. The rhythm section of Anthony Vasquez and Carlos Gutierrez (bass and drums respectively) is well done too, although I'd have liked the bass a little more prominent in the mix - it still sounds thick and driving. The drum performance is certainly worthy of note, with a fairly dynamic approach and plenty of shifting rhythms.

With furious numbers at their disposal such as "Suffering Entities" and the absolutely punishing "Rotten Creation" Fueled By Fire seriously dish up the goods on their third full-length. I'm sure any thrash fan will be frothing at the bit hearing this album, and the band rarely let up across its forty-five minutes. Without a doubt ranking among the finer thrash albums I've heard this year, Trapped In Perdition should be high on the to-buy list for any fan of the genre. Recommended!

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