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Artist Album Genre Year Rating Reviewer Date Reviewed
 C-187  Collision Thrash Metal20070.5Lars Christiansen2007-09-16
 C.I.A.  Attitude Heavy/Thrash20054Michel Renaud2005-01-27
 Cabal  Midian Thrash Metal19904Michel Renaud2020-05-04
 Cabal  Midian Thrash Metal19903.5Sargon the Terrible2003-08-22
 Cacotopia  Inhuman Agitation Death/Black20143Sargon the Terrible2015-01-08
 Cadaver  Edder & Bile Death Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-12-03
 Cadaver  The Age of the Offended Death Metal20233.25Michel Renaud2023-07-22
 Cadaver Coils  Offerings of Rapture and Decay Black/Death20224Sargon the Terrible2022-06-03
 Cadaver Inc.  Discipline Black Metal20013.25Christian Renner2001-07-09
 Cadaver Shrine  Benighted Desecration Death Metal20233.5Sargon the Terrible2023-02-12
 Cadaveric Fumes/Skelethal  Heirs of Hideous Secrecies Death Metal20183.25Michel Renaud2018-12-26
 Cadaveric Incubator  Nightmare Necropolis Death/Grind20214Luxi Lahtinen2023-01-02
 Cadaveric Poison  Cadaveric Poison Death Metal20163.75Luxi Lahtinen2016-09-10
 Caedeous  Domini Tenebrarum Death Metal20182Sargon the Terrible2018-07-11
 Caelestia  Beneath Abyss Death Metal20153.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-04-17
 Caeli  Tied Together Heavy Metal20224MetalMike2022-07-02
 Cage  Astrology Heavy Metal20004Michel Renaud2000-12-29
 Cage  Darker Than Black Heavy Metal20035Sargon the Terrible2003-06-21
 Cage  Hell Destroyer Heavy Metal20073.5Sargon the Terrible2007-06-05
 Cage  Science of Annihilation Power Metal20091.75Larry Griffin2009-08-27
 Cage  Supremacy of Steel Heavy Metal20113.75Sargon the Terrible2012-04-05
 Cage  Unveiled Heavy Metal19993.5Michel Renaud2002-01-05
 Cain's Dinasty  Legacy of Blood Power Metal20084.25Larry Griffin2008-06-03
 Cain's Dinasty  Madmen, Witches and Vampires Power Metal20103Larry Griffin2011-04-11
 Cain's Offering  Gather the Faithful Power Metal20095+Christopher Foley2009-08-25
 Cain's Offering  Gather the Faithful Power Metal20094.5Larry Griffin2009-08-21
 Cain's Offering  Gather the Faithful Power Metal20090Sargon the Terrible2009-10-01
 Cain's Offering  Stormcrow Power Metal20153MetalMike2015-05-18
 Caïnan Dawn  Lagu Black Metal20224.5Michel Renaud2023-02-11
 Caladan Brood  Echoes of Battle Black Metal20134.75MetalMike2013-02-28
 Caladan Brood  Echoes of Battle Black Metal20135Sargon the Terrible2013-02-18
 Calamity  Kairos Thrash Metal20193Michel Renaud2019-07-25
 Cales  Chants of Steel Pagan Metal20233.5Sargon the Terrible2023-07-26
 Cales  KRF Viking Metal20094.25Pagan Shadow2010-02-05
 Cales  Savage Blood Doom/Death20074.25Lars Christiansen2008-10-11
 Caliginosity  In Celebration of the Serpent Black Metal20083Brett Buckle2009-01-26
 Caliginous  Reap the Atrocity Black Metal20074Lars Christiansen2007-10-31
 Call Ov Unearthly  Vortex of the Cursed Black/Thrash20064Michel Renaud2006-07-15
 Call Ov Unearthly  World's Decay Black/Death20074Michel Renaud2007-12-13
 Callenish Circle  Flesh_Power_Dominion Melodic Death Metal20022.25Mjölnir2020-02-23
 Calvarium  The Skull Of Golgotha Black Metal20034Pagan Shadow2008-05-13
 Calvarium  The Skull Of Golgotha Black Metal20033.5Sargon the Terrible2005-05-01
 Calyx  Vientos arcaicos Black Metal20193.75MetalMike2019-08-12
 Cambion  Unfold Chaos Supreme Death Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-07-06
 Can of Worms  Kult of Nuke Death/Thrash20153.5Sargon the Terrible2015-06-26
 Cancer  Death Shall Rise Death/Thrash19915Lars Christiansen2007-02-05
 Cancer  Shadow Gripped Death Metal20183.75Bruno Medeiros2018-11-10
 Cancer  Spirit in Flames Death/Thrash20053.75Michel Renaud2005-11-17
 Cancervo  III Doom Metal20244.25Michel Renaud2024-03-29
 Candelabrum  Nocturnal Trance Black Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-05-17
 Candle  Demo 2016 Heavy Metal20173MetalMike2017-06-09
 Candle  The Keeper’s Curse Heavy Metal20183.5MetalMike2018-07-18
 Candlemass  Ancient Dreams Doom Metal19885+Sargon the Terrible2003-08-11
 Candlemass  Candlemass Doom Metal200554th Horseman2005-04-23
 Candlemass  Candlemass Doom Metal20054.5Sargon the Terrible2005-05-22
 Candlemass  Chapter VI Doom Metal19924.5Sargon the Terrible2008-02-08
 Candlemass  Death Magic Doom Doom Metal20094.5Sargon the Terrible2009-04-06
 Candlemass  Death Thy Lover Doom Metal20163.5MetalMike2016-07-23
 Candlemass  Documents of Doom 20034.75Michel Renaud2005-07-03
 Candlemass  Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Doom Metal19864.5Sargon the Terrible2003-05-06
 Candlemass  King Of The Grey Islands Doom Metal20074Sargon the Terrible2007-05-31
 Candlemass  Nightfall Doom Metal19875Sargon the Terrible2003-08-30
 Candlemass  Psalms for the Dead Doom Metal20123.75MetalMike2012-06-14
 Candlemass  Psalms for the Dead Doom Metal20123.25Sargon the Terrible2012-08-19
 Candlemass  Sweet Evil Sun Doom Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2023-01-22
 Candlemass  Tales of Creation Doom Metal19895Sargon the Terrible2003-11-10
 Candlemass  The Curse of Candlemass 20054.25Michel Renaud2005-12-05
 Canis Majoris  Eternity Borns from a Moment Doom/Black20243.5Sargon the Terrible2024-05-03
 Cannibal  Fire Meets Steel Heavy Metal20203.75Michel Renaud2020-10-07
 Cannibal Accident  Encyclopaedia Cannibalicum: Minimal Results with Maximal Efforts Death/Grind20163.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-12-16
 Cannibal Accident  Nekrokluster Death/Grind20213.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-08-14
 Cannibal Accident  Ritual Paprika Death/Grind20163.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-10-25
 Cannibal Accident  Shotgun Selfie Death/Grind20203.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-10-22
 Cannibal Accident/Skulmagot  Cannibal Accident/Skulmagot Split Death/Grind20193.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-05
 Cannibal Corpse  Chaos Horrific Death Metal20234Gruesome Sean2024-01-14
 Cannibal Corpse  Chaos Horrific Death Metal20234.25Michel Renaud2023-10-05
 Cannibal Corpse  Evisceration Plague Death Metal20094Larry Griffin2009-03-04
 Cannibal Corpse  Evisceration Plague Death Metal20094.25Mike Henn2009-02-02
 Cannibal Corpse  Evisceration Plague Death Metal20094Tony Augsburg2009-02-05
 Cannibal Corpse  Kill Death Metal20063Sirliftsalot482006-12-07
 Cannibal Corpse  Live Cannibalism Death Metal20004.5Michael A.2001-10-18
 Cannibal Corpse  Red Before Black Death Metal20174.25Michel Renaud2018-03-01
 Cannibal Corpse  Torture Death Metal20124.25Christopher Foley2012-03-25
 Cannibal Corpse  Violence Unimagined Death Metal20214.75Micah.Ram2021-05-07
 Cannibal Corpse  Violence Unimagined Death Metal20214.25Michel Renaud2021-04-07
 Canopy  Menhir Melodic Death Metal20103.75Christopher Foley2012-03-10
 Cans  Beyond The Gates Heavy Metal20044.5Sargon the Terrible2004-06-17
 Cantata Sangui  On Rituals and Correspondence in Constructed Realities Progressive Metal20094.25Pagan Shadow2009-08-28
 Cantique Lépreux  Paysages polaires Black Metal20184Michel Renaud2021-02-09
 Canvas Solaris  Cortical Tectonics Progressive Metal20071Sargon the Terrible2007-07-03
 Canvas Solaris  Irradiance Progressive Metal20102Sargon the Terrible2010-08-04
 Canvas Solaris  The Atomized Dream Progressive Metal20083Sargon the Terrible2008-07-29
 Canyon of the Skull  Sins of the Past Doom Metal20193.5Sargon the Terrible2020-01-19
 Capilla Ardiente  Solve et Coagula Doom Metal20103.75Michel Renaud2010-07-09
 Capricorn  Capricorn Heavy/Thrash19933.25Hermer Arroyo2009-10-03
 Carach Angren  Lammendam Black Metal20084Nahsil2010-04-22
 Carathis  Amethyst & Moonstone Black Metal20233.5MetalMike2023-01-24
 Carathis  Amethyst & Moonstone Black Metal20232.5Sargon the Terrible2023-02-25
 Carathis  The Haunting of Sablewood Black Metal20232.5MetalMike2024-01-01
 Carcariass  Afterworld Death Metal20234.25Michel Renaud2024-05-05
 Carcariass  Planet Chaos Death Metal20194.25Michel Renaud2023-01-26
 Carcass  Despicable Death Metal20203.75Michel Renaud2020-11-25
 Carcass  Heartwork Death Metal19935+Christopher Foley2010-01-12
 Carcass  Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious Death Metal19915+Lars Christiansen2007-09-12
 Carcass  Surgical Steel Death Metal20134Christopher Foley2013-08-15
 Carcass  Symphonies of Sickness Grindcore19895Scott Murray2003-09-23
 Carceri  From Source to End Death Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-08-22
 Carchosa  Carchosa Thrash Metal20183.75Luxi Lahtinen2018-08-31
 Carchosa  Realms Death/Thrash20214Luxi Lahtinen2022-01-06
 Cardiac Arrest  A Parallel Dimension of Despair Death Metal20184.75Michel Renaud2018-06-24
 Cardiac Arrest  Haven for the Insane Death Metal20104Michel Renaud2010-08-12
 Cardiac Arrest  The Day That Death Prevailed Death Metal20204.75Michel Renaud2020-07-30
 Cardiac Arrest  The Stench of Eternity Death Metal20244.5Michel Renaud2024-04-24
 Carlos Lichman  Genocide Heavy Metal20103MetalMike2010-08-24
 Carnal Agony  Carnal Agony Heavy Metal20122.5MetalMike2013-02-01
 Carnal Agony  Carnal Agony (2013) Heavy Metal20133.25MetalMike2013-08-04
 Carnal Agony  Rebellion Heavy Metal20143.5MetalMike2014-01-29
 Carnal Forge  Firedemon Death/Thrash20004Christian Renner2001-05-20
 Carnal Forge  Please... Die! Death/Thrash20013.5Christian Renner2001-11-19
 Carnal Forge  Testify For My Victims Death/Thrash20071Sargon the Terrible2007-05-02
 Carnal Forge  The More You Suffer Death/Thrash20034.5Christian Renner2003-04-04
 Carnal Lust  The Hate Complete Death Metal20120Sargon the Terrible2012-12-10
 Carnal Savagery  Into the Abysmal Void Death Metal20244.25Michel Renaud2024-02-06
 Carnal Savagery  Scent of Death Death Metal20224Luxi Lahtinen2022-10-09
 Carnation  Chapel of Abhorrence Death Metal20184Michel Renaud2021-01-05
 Carnation  Where Death Lies Death Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2021-01-20
 Carnifex (Finland)  Pathological Rites Death Metal20184Michel Renaud2023-08-09
 Carnophage  Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare Death Metal20085Tony Augsburg2009-08-14
 Carnosus  Dogma of the Deceased Death/Thrash20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-10-26
 Carnosus  Dogma of the Deceased Death/Thrash20204Sargon the Terrible2020-08-06
 Caronte  Ascension Doom Metal20124Sargon the Terrible2013-02-19
 Carpathian Forest  Black Shining Leather Black Metal20074.75Michel Renaud2007-07-27
 Carpathian Forest  Morbid Fascination Of Death Black Metal20014.75Michel Renaud2002-04-22
 Carpathian Forest  Strange Old Brew Black Metal20004.5Michel Renaud2000-11-05
 Carpathian Forest  Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods Black Metal19953.5Lars Christiansen2008-01-15
 Carpathian Forest  We're Going to Hollywood For this: Live Perversions 20044.75Michel Renaud2004-12-27
 Carpe Tenebrum  Majestic Nothingness Melodic Black Metal19973.5Lars Christiansen2007-03-10
 Carriage  Visions Heavy Metal20184.25MetalMike2018-08-29
 Carthagods  The Monster in Me Heavy/Power Metal20193.75MetalMike2020-07-30
 Carthagods  The Monster in Me Heavy/Power Metal20194.5Sargon the Terrible2020-08-09
 Carved in Flesh  As Seen Through Tears Death Metal20233.75Michel Renaud2023-04-15
 Casket  Urn Death Metal20213.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-11-16
 Casket Robbery  Rituals of Death Death Metal20224.25Michel Renaud2022-12-09
 Caskets Open  To Serve the Collapse Doom Metal20144.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-02-16
 Castle  Blacklands Doom Metal20124.5Christopher Foley2012-09-23
 Castle  Blacklands Doom Metal20122.5Sargon the Terrible2012-08-21
 Castle  In Witch Order Heavy/Doom20114Christopher Foley2011-05-14
 Castle  In Witch Order Heavy/Doom20114.5Sargon the Terrible2011-07-02
 Castle  Welcome to the Graveyard Doom Metal20163.75MetalMike2016-08-12
 Castrated  Surgical Vicissitude Death Metal20244Michel Renaud2024-05-13
 Castrator  Defiled in Oblivion Death Metal20224.25MetalMike2022-06-19
 Casus Belli  In The Name Of Rose Power Metal20053.75Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-06
 Catabolic  Besiege the Uncivil Death Metal20223.75Luxi Lahtinen2023-10-10
 Catacombes  Des glaires et des briques Black Metal20224Michel Renaud2023-01-19
 Catacombs  Echoes Through the Catacombs Funeral Doom20074Michel Renaud2008-03-22
 Cataleptic  Strength Within Doom/Death20113.5Sargon the Terrible2012-01-28
 Cataleptic  The Tragedy Doom/Death20214Luxi Lahtinen2021-10-13
 Catalyst  A Different Painting for a New World Death Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-11-05
 Catalyst Crime  Catalyst Crime Symphonic Metal20214MetalMike2021-11-29
 Catamenia  Cavalcade Melodic Death Metal20104.25Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-11-12
 Catamenia  The Rewritten Chapters Black/Death20123MetalMike2012-09-10
 Catamenia  Winternight Tragedies Black Metal20053Lars Christiansen2007-02-14
 Catastrophe  Atrocious Chaos Death Metal20093Christopher Foley2011-04-23
 Catch 22  Monumetal Heavy/Thrash20112.5Sargon the Terrible2011-04-16
 Category VI  Fireborn Heavy/Power Metal20133.75Michel Renaud2017-07-23
 Category VI  Firecry Power Metal20233.25MetalMike2023-03-04
 Category VI  Firecry Power Metal20233.5Michel Renaud2023-04-23
 Category VI  War is Hell Heavy Metal20173.75Christopher Foley2017-06-29
 Cathedral  Endtyme Doom Metal20014.25Lars Christiansen2008-01-18
 Cathedral  Forest of Equilibrium Doom Metal19914.25Mjölnir2019-09-16
 Cathedral  Soul Sacrifice Doom Metal19923.75Mjölnir2019-09-19
 Cathedral  The Carnival Bizarre Heavy/Doom19955Mjölnir2021-04-16
 Cathedral  The Ethereal Mirror Doom Metal19934.5Mjölnir2019-09-21
 Cathedral  The Garden Of Unearthly Delights Doom Metal20052.5Sargon the Terrible2006-08-25
 Cathedral  The Guessing Game Doom Metal20102Michel Renaud2010-09-28
 Cathis Ord  Demo Gothic Metal20084Tony Augsburg2009-02-09
 Cathis Ord  The Far Shore Progressive Metal20114Sargon the Terrible2011-05-08
 Catholicon  Of Ages Past Black Metal20094Michel Renaud2010-05-24
 Cathubodua  Continuum Symphonic Metal20193.5MetalMike2020-03-31
 Cattle Decapitation  Death Atlas Death/Grind20193.5Michel Renaud2020-02-08
 Cattle Decapitation  Terrasite Death/Grind20233.5Michel Renaud2023-05-27
 Cattle Decapitation  The Harvest Floor Death/Grind20093.25Michel Renaud2009-04-19
 Catuvolcus  Terres de sang Black/Folk Metal20103.5MetalMike2011-03-02
 Cauchemar  Chapelle ardente Heavy/Doom20164.25MetalMike2016-05-07
 Cauchemar  Rosa Mystica Heavy/Doom20224.25MetalMike2022-04-16
 Cauchemar  Tenebrario Heavy/Doom20134MetalMike2013-12-06
 Cauldron  Chained to the Nite Heavy Metal20093.75Adam Kohrman2010-05-11
 Cauldron  Into the Cauldron Heavy Metal20074.25Michel Renaud2007-09-09
 Cauldron  New Gods Heavy Metal20183.25MetalMike2019-01-01
 Cauldron  New Gods Heavy Metal20183Michel Renaud2018-08-27
 Cauldron Black Ram  Skulduggery Black Metal20044.75Sargon the Terrible2006-07-21
 Cauldron Black Ram  Slaver Black/Death20204.25Michel Renaud2020-08-19
 Cauldron Black Ram  Slaver Black/Death20204.5Sargon the Terrible2020-06-08
 Cauldron Black Ram  Stalagmire Black/Death20142.5MetalMike2014-07-31
 Cauldron Black Ram  Stalagmire Black/Death20144.25Sargon the Terrible2014-03-22
 Cauldron Born  Born Of The Cauldron Heavy Metal19974Sargon the Terrible2007-02-23
 Cauldron Born  Born of the Cauldron (2006) Heavy Metal20064.5Omni2017-06-07
 Cauldron Born  Cold Steel for the Necromancer Heavy Metal20225Sargon the Terrible2022-07-28
 Cauldron Born  God of Metal Heavy Metal19983.5Sargon the Terrible2003-07-04
 Cauldron Born  Legacy of Atlantean Kings Heavy Metal20214.5Sargon the Terrible2021-08-02
 Cauldron Born  Sword And Sorcery Heavy Metal Heavy Metal20144.5Sargon the Terrible2014-08-04
 Cauldron Born  …And Rome Shall Fall Heavy Metal20024Sargon the Terrible2003-02-23
 Cauldron of Hate  Emperor Death Metal20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-02-14
 Cauldron of Hate  Scourge Death Metal20214.25Luxi Lahtinen2021-05-05
 Cauldron of Hate  Sickness Death Metal20183.75Luxi Lahtinen2018-06-10
 Caustic Phlegm  Putrefying Flesh Death Metal20243.75Michel Renaud2024-03-14
 Cavalera Conspiracy  Pandemonium Thrash Metal20143Michel Renaud2023-07-20
 Cave Altar  Impermanence Doom/Death20213Mjölnir2022-04-04
 Caveman Cult  Supremacía Primordial Black/Death20183.75Michel Renaud2022-11-04
 Ceaseless Torment  Forces of Evil Thrash Metal20173.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-10-20
 Ceaseless Torment  Victory or Death Thrash Metal20224Luxi Lahtinen2022-09-02
 Celephais  Monad Black Metal20174.5Sargon the Terrible2018-02-15
 Celesterre  A Blooming Spring Black/Folk Metal20142Sargon the Terrible2015-08-04
 Celesterre  Celesterre Black Metal20123Christopher Foley2012-10-03
 Celesterre  The Wild Heavy Metal20171Sargon the Terrible2018-05-06
 Celestia  Archaenae Perfectii Black Metal20104.25Pagan Shadow2010-06-22
 Celestia  Archaenae Perfectii Black Metal20103Sargon the Terrible2010-06-30
 Celestia  Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis Black Metal20084.5Pagan Shadow2008-04-05
 Celestia  Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis Black Metal20084Sargon the Terrible2008-03-10
 Celestial Decay  Quantum X Power Metal20133.5MetalMike2014-04-19
 Celestial Grave  Secular Flesh Black Metal20194.25Michel Renaud2019-08-17
 Celestial Ode  Celestial Ode Heavy/Power Metal20023.5Michel Renaud2002-10-28
 Celestial Sanctuary  Soul Diminished Death Metal20213.25Micah.Ram2021-04-11
 Celestiial  Where Life Springs Eternal Funeral Doom20103.5Sargon the Terrible2010-05-19
 Celesty  Legacy Of Hate Power Metal20042.75Bruce Dragonchaser2009-06-10
 Celesty  Mortal Mind Creation Progressive Power Metal20064Bruce Dragonchaser2007-03-06
 Celesty  Reign of Elements Power Metal20024Bruce Dragonchaser2008-11-23
 Celesty  Vendetta Power Metal20093.5Bruce Dragonchaser2009-04-29
 Cell  Ancient Incantations of Xarbos Black Metal20194Michel Renaud2020-03-10
 Cellador  Enter Deception Power Metal20063Bruce Dragonchaser2007-02-19
 Cellador  Enter Deception Power Metal20062.25Larry Griffin2007-12-03
 Cellador  Honor Forth Power Metal20113.5Edward T. Head2014-01-02
 Cellador  Honor Forth Power Metal20113.5MetalMike2013-06-14
 Celtachor  In the Halls of Our Ancient Fathers Black Metal20103.5Sargon the Terrible2011-05-07
 Celtic Frost  Into the Pandemonium Thrash Metal19875Brett Buckle2009-01-04
 Celtic Frost  Monotheist Gothic Death/Doom20064.5Lars Christiansen2006-09-15
 Celtic Frost  Monotheist Gothic Death/Doom20064.5Sargon the Terrible2006-06-11
 Celtic Frost  Morbid Tales Thrash Metal19844.25Michel Renaud2004-02-23
 Celtic Frost  To Mega Therion Heavy Metal19855Sargon the Terrible2006-02-16
 Celtic Legacy  Guardian of Eternity Power Metal20082Bruce Dragonchaser2009-07-28
 Celtic Legacy  Guardian of Eternity Power Metal20083.25Sargon the Terrible2010-10-08
 Celtic Legacy  Redux Heavy Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-12-30
 Celtic Legacy  Resurrection Heavy Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2004-12-15
 Cemetery Lust  Rotting in Piss Black/Thrash20183MetalMike2018-11-10
 Cemetery Urn  Suffer the Fallen Death Metal20233.5Michel Renaud2023-10-21
 Cemetery Winds  Unholy Ascensions Death Metal20174Luxi Lahtinen2017-06-15
 Cénotaphe  Empyrée Black Metal20194.5Michel Renaud2019-03-06
 Cénotaphe  Monte Verità Black Metal20204.5Michel Renaud2020-04-12
 Censored  System Disease Death Metal20033.5Scott Murray2003-06-18
 Censure  Censure Death Metal20024Michel Renaud2002-12-26
 Centaurus-A  Side Effects Expected Death/Thrash20094.5Jason Cominetto2009-02-20
 Centinex  Death in Pieces Death Metal20203.5Sargon the Terrible2020-06-11
 Centinex  The Pestilence Death Metal20223.5Michel Renaud2022-03-11
 Centurian  Liber Zar Zax Death Metal20023Christian Renner2002-04-08
 Centurion  Serve No One Death Metal20123Sargon the Terrible2013-04-04
 Centurions Ghost  A Sign Of Things To Come Doom Metal20054.5Sargon the Terrible2006-07-16
 Century  The Conquest of Time Heavy Metal20234.25MetalMike2023-05-21
 Century  The Conquest of Time Heavy Metal20234Sargon the Terrible2023-07-11
 Centvrion  Arise Of The Empire Heavy Metal19993Michel Renaud2000-02-04
 Centvrion  Hyper Martyrium Heavy Metal20013.75Michel Renaud2001-11-14
 Centvrion  Invulnerable Heavy Metal20052Michel Renaud2006-01-01
 Centvrion  Non Plus Ultra Heavy Metal20022Christian Renner2002-10-19
 Cephalic Impurity  Perverted Surgical Concept Death/Grind20082Tony Augsburg2009-01-19
 Cepheide  Respire Black Metal20162Luxi Lahtinen2017-03-01
 Cerberus  Agony of Damnation Death Metal20153Luxi Lahtinen2015-09-04
 Cerebral Effusion  Impulsive Psychopathic Acts Death Metal20103.75Christopher Foley2010-10-26
 Cerebral Incubation  Asphyxiating on Excrement Death Metal20080Tony Augsburg2009-08-24
 Cerebral Invasion  Cerebral Invasion Death/Thrash20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-12-20
 Cerebral Rot  Excretion of Mortality Death Metal20214.25Micah.Ram2021-07-28
 Cerebrium  When I Am Dead Black Metal20153.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-11-17
 Cerecloth  This Temple is a Grave Death Metal20163MetalMike2016-11-09
 Cerekloth  Pandemonium Prayers Death Metal20094Michel Renaud2009-10-28
 Ceremonial  Ars Magicka Black/Thrash20143MetalMike2014-07-19
 Ceremonial Castings  Immortal Black Art Black Metal20054Sargon the Terrible2008-02-03
 Ceremonial Castings  March of the Deathcult Black Metal20114Sargon the Terrible2011-12-20
 Ceremonial Castings  Our Journey Through Forever Black Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-02-08
 Ceremonial Worship  Seven Gateways to Eternal Misanthropy Black Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-10-24
 Ceres  Tyrant's Rise Heavy Metal20213MetalMike2021-09-24
 Cernunnos  Abnoba Mons Black Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2021-01-28
 Cesspool of Corruption  Eradication of the Subservient Death Metal20203.75Michel Renaud2021-07-01
 Ch'ahom  Knots of Abhorrence Black Metal20234Sargon the Terrible2023-11-13
 Chain Collector  The Masquerade Melodic Death Metal20053Sargon the Terrible2005-11-03
 Chainbreaker  Lethal Desire Speed/Thrash20193.75MetalMike2019-05-13
 Chainbreaker  Lethal Desire Speed/Thrash20193.75Michel Renaud2019-01-30
 Chainbreaker  Relentless Night Thrash Metal20204Luxi Lahtinen2020-12-09
 Chainbreaker  Wasteland City Thrash Metal20184.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-08-02
 Chaînes  Les litanies des chaînes Black Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-11-27
 Chaingunn  s/t demo Heavy Metal20034.25Michel Renaud2003-03-04
 Chainsaw Disgorgement/Slamophiliac  Hammer and Chainsaw Death Metal20193Michel Renaud2020-01-22
 Chalice  Trembling Crown Heavy Metal20204MetalMike2021-01-02
 Challenger  Turned to Dust Heavy Metal20193.5MetalMike2020-08-21
 Challenger  Turned to Dust Heavy Metal20194.25Mjölnir2020-11-04
 Chamber Mage  Demo 2022 Heavy Metal20223.5MetalMike2023-08-29
 Chambre Froide  Rouges chapelles Black Metal20174Michel Renaud2018-09-04
 Chamelion  Legends & Lores Power Metal20234MetalMike2023-11-23
 Chaos  Violent Redemption Thrash Metal20133.5MetalMike2013-07-12
 Chaos Factory  Horizon Symphonic Metal20193.25MetalMike2020-07-12
 Chaos Inception  The Abrogation Death Metal20124Luxi Lahtinen2014-05-30
 Chaos Invocation  Devil, Stone & Man Black Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-04-04
 Chaos Over Cosmos  A Dream If Ever There Was One Melodic Death Metal20223.75Sargon the Terrible2022-11-24
 Chaos Over Cosmos  Chaos Over Cosmos Progressive Metal20193.5Sargon the Terrible2019-10-07
 Chaos Over Cosmos  II Progressive Metal20203.75Sargon the Terrible2020-04-19
 Chaos Over Cosmos  The Silver Lining Between the Stars Melodic Death Metal20214Sargon the Terrible2021-07-26
 Chaos Over Cosmos  The Unknown Voyage Progressive Power Metal20183Sargon the Terrible2019-03-19
 Chaos Path  Downfall Black/Thrash20193.5MetalMike2020-09-02
 Chaos Realm  World Under Attack Death/Thrash20193.5Luxi Lahtinen2019-07-03
 Chaos Synopsis  Gods of Chaos Death/Thrash20173.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-09-27
 Chaos Synopsis  Kvlt ov Dementia Death Metal20091.25Jason Cominetto2010-02-14
 Chaos Wasteland  Bloodlust Black/Thrash20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-23
 Chaosbreed  Brutal Death Metal20044.25Christian Renner2004-06-02
 ChaosPath  Rise of the Apocalypse Black/Death20233.75MetalMike2023-06-11
 Chaossworn  Chalice of Black Flames Death/Black20103.75Michel Renaud2010-08-24
 Chaosweaver  Cult of the Buried Serpent Death Metal20062.25Lars Christiansen2007-04-10
 Chaotian  Effigies of Obsolescence Death Metal20223.75Sargon the Terrible2022-07-18
 Chapel of Disease  Summoning Black Gods Death Metal20124Luxi Lahtinen2013-04-01
 Chapel of Samhain  Black Onyx Cave Black Metal20244Sargon the Terrible2024-04-07
 Charged  In Vice Thrash Metal19893.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-04-05
 Chariot  Behind the Wire Heavy Metal20103MetalMike2009-12-06
 Chariots of the Gods  Tides of War Melodic Death Metal20123.75MetalMike2013-01-31
 Chariots of the Gods  Tides of War Melodic Death Metal20124Sargon the Terrible2013-01-14
 Charles Dexter Ward  Soothsayer Doom Metal20203.25Mjölnir2020-10-11
 Charnel Valley  The Igneous Race Black Metal20074.5Sargon the Terrible2007-08-05
 Charred Walls of the Damned  Charred Walls of the Damned Heavy/Power Metal20103.5Michel Renaud2010-02-07
 Chastain  Ruler of The Wasteland Heavy Metal19864.75Bruce Dragonchaser2015-08-17
 Chastain  Surrender to No One Heavy/Power Metal20134.25MetalMike2014-04-16
 Chastain  The 7th of Never Heavy Metal19874.25Nahsil2010-06-16
 Chastain  The Voice of the Cult - 30 Years Heavy Heavy Metal20184.25Sargon the Terrible2018-12-03
 Chastain  We Bleed Metal Heavy/Power Metal20153.75MetalMike2015-12-13
 Chelmno  Horizon of Events Black Metal20104Memnarch2011-02-09
 Chemicide  Common Sense Thrash Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-03-21
 Chemicide  Common Sense Thrash Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-07-03
 Chevalier  A Call to Arms Thrash Metal20183.25MetalMike2018-05-31
 Chevalier  A Call to Arms Thrash Metal20183.75Michel Renaud2022-05-24
 Chevalier  Chapitre II Speed/Thrash20184Michel Renaud2018-09-15
 Chevalier  Destiny Calls Speed/Thrash20194.25MetalMike2019-07-14
 Chevalier  Destiny Calls Speed/Thrash20194.5Sargon the Terrible2023-04-15
 Children of Bodom  Are You Dead Yet? Power/Thrash20051.5Christian Renner2006-02-03
 Children of Bodom  Blooddrunk Unclassifiable20084Bruce Dragonchaser2008-04-14
 Children of Bodom  Blooddrunk Unclassifiable20080Larry Griffin2008-05-01
 Children of Bodom  Follow The Reaper Melodic Death Metal20005Christian Renner2001-05-01
 Children of Bodom  Follow The Reaper Melodic Death Metal20004Larry Griffin2008-02-02
 Children of Bodom  Follow The Reaper Melodic Death Metal20004.25Michel Renaud2000-12-14
 Children of Bodom  Hate Crew Deathroll Melodic Death Metal20034.25Christian Renner2003-10-26
 Children of Bodom  Hate Crew Deathroll Melodic Death Metal20034.25Scott Murray2003-06-10
 Children of Bodom  Hatebreeder Melodic Death Metal19994Bruce Dragonchaser2007-04-06
 Children of Bodom  Hatebreeder Melodic Death Metal1999Michel Renaud2000-02-01
 Children of Bodom  Relentless Reckless Forever Melodic Death Metal20112Larry Griffin2011-05-26
 Children of Technology  Future Decay Thrash Metal20143.5Michel Renaud2020-11-13
 Children of Technology  It's Time to Face the Doomsday Thrash Metal20104Michel Renaud2010-08-13
 Children of Technology  It's Time to Face the Doomsday Thrash Metal20102.5Sargon the Terrible2010-11-18
 Children of Technology  Written Destiny Thrash Metal20203.75MetalMike2021-03-11
 Children of Technology  Written Destiny Thrash Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-12-04
 Children of the Reptile  Heavy Is the Head Heavy Metal20234MetalMike2023-04-18
 Children of the Reptile  Heavy Is the Head Heavy Metal20234.25Michel Renaud2023-03-02
 Chinchilla  Madtropolis Power Metal20033Bruce Dragonchaser2010-06-19
 Chinchilla  Take No Prisoners Power Metal20043Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-22
 Chinchilla  The Last Millennium Power Metal20024.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-05-24
 Cholera  Enslaved Humanity Death Metal20093.75Michel Renaud2010-02-21
 Cholera  Prophecies of Annihilation Death Metal20113.75Michel Renaud2011-07-03
 Chris Caffery  House of Insanity Heavy Metal20093Christopher Foley2009-10-18
 Chris Caffery  W.A.R.P.E.D. Heavy Metal20054.5Michel Renaud2005-07-26
 Chris Caffery  W.A.R.P.E.D. Heavy Metal20053Sargon the Terrible2005-08-05
 Chris Laney  Only Come Out at Night Melodic Heavy Metal20102Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-05
 Chris Laney  Pure Melodic Heavy Metal20093Bruce Dragonchaser2009-04-30
 Christ Beheaded  Open the Gates of Hell Black Metal20083Nahsil2010-06-03
 Christian Mistress  Agony & Opium Heavy Metal20103.25Adam Kohrman2011-01-22
 Christian Münzner  Path of the Hero Power Metal20203.75Bruno Medeiros2020-04-12
 Chrome Division  3rd Round Knockout Heavy Metal20113.5MetalMike2011-07-16
 Chrome Division  Booze, Broads and Beelzebub Heavy Metal20083.5Michel Renaud2008-12-29
 Chronicles of Hate  The Birth of Hate Death Metal20203Mjölnir2020-01-27
 Chronomancy  Shadows in Atlantis Heavy/Power Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-02-18
 Chthonian  Of Beatings And the Silence In Between Black/Death20073.75Pagan Shadow2008-09-14
 Chthonic  Mirror of Retribution Black Metal20094.5Christopher Foley2010-01-24
 Chthonic Cult  Become Seekers for Death Death Metal20224.25Sargon the Terrible2022-03-17
 Chthonic Cult  I Am the Scourge of Eternity Death Metal20153.75Sargon the Terrible2016-06-03
 Chunked  Inhaling the Infestation Death Metal20243.75Michel Renaud2024-05-16
 Chupacabra  Fortified with Ashes Thrash Metal20234.5Michel Renaud2023-06-19
 Church of Necrolust  Church of Necrolust Death/Thrash20153.5Sargon the Terrible2017-01-07
 Church of the Dead  Church of the Dead Death Metal20204.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-12
 Cianide  Gods of Death Death Metal20113Christopher Foley2011-10-13
 Cianide  The Dying Truth Doom/Death19923Mjölnir2020-03-31
 Cień  Ecce Homo Black Metal20143.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-11-01
 Cinereous Rain  Chaos and Extinction Black Metal20244.25Sargon the Terrible2024-02-18
 Circadian Rising  Drowned in Exile Death Metal20094MetalMike2009-02-22
 Circle II Circle  Burden of Truth Melodic Heavy Metal20062.754th Horseman2007-01-29
 Circle II Circle  Consequence of Power Progressive Power Metal20103.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-09-21
 Circle II Circle  Delusions of Grandeur Power Metal20082.75Bruce Dragonchaser2008-04-10
 Circle II Circle  Full Circle - The Best Of Progressive Power Metal20124Bruce Dragonchaser2012-08-18
 Circle II Circle  Seasons Will Fall Progressive Power Metal20133MetalMike2013-01-19
 Circle II Circle  The Middle Of Nowhere Heavy Metal200524th Horseman2005-03-28
 Circle II Circle  The Middle Of Nowhere Heavy Metal20054.5Bruce Dragonchaser2011-01-28
 Circle II Circle  Watching in Silence Power Metal20034.75Bruce Dragonchaser2010-11-22
 Circle II Circle  Watching in Silence Power Metal20033Sargon the Terrible2003-07-19
 Circle of Fear  When Dementia Sets In Death Metal20053.5Sargon the Terrible2005-10-20
 Circle Of Nero  Demo 2003 Progressive Metal20033Michel Renaud2004-03-04
 Circle of Silence  The Blackened Halo Heavy Metal20113.5MetalMike2011-07-08
 Circle of Silence  The Rise of Resistance Heavy Metal20134MetalMike2013-08-14
 Circle of Silence  The Rise of Resistance Heavy Metal20134Sargon the Terrible2013-07-14
 Circle of Silence  Walk Through Hell Power Metal20224MetalMike2022-05-08
 Circus Maximus  Havoc Progressive Metal20161Bruno Medeiros2016-04-14
 Circus Maximus  Isolate Progressive Metal20075Larry Griffin2007-12-24
 Circus Maximus  Isolate Progressive Metal20074.75Sargon the Terrible2007-09-05
 Circus Maximus  The 1st Chapter Progressive Metal20055Christopher Foley2009-02-22
 Cirith Gorgor  Unveiling the Essence Black Metal20014.5Michel Renaud2005-04-12
 Cirith Ungol  Dark Parade Heavy/Doom20235MetalMike2023-09-22
 Cirith Ungol  Dark Parade Heavy/Doom20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-11-14
 Cirith Ungol  Forever Black Heavy Metal20204.5Michel Renaud2020-04-15
 Cirith Ungol  Half Past Human Heavy Metal20214.25Michel Renaud2021-05-20
 Cirith Ungol  I'm Alive Heavy Metal20194.5Michel Renaud2019-12-10
 Cirith Ungol  King Of The Dead Heavy Metal19844Larry Griffin2008-10-13
 Cirith Ungol  King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition) Heavy Metal20175+Omni2017-05-24
 Cirith Ungol  One Foot in Hell Heavy/Doom19864MetalMike2021-02-24
 Cirith Ungol  Paradise Lost Heavy Metal20164.25Omni2017-02-11
 Cist  Chemical Tomb Death/Thrash20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-06-30
 Cist  Synthetic Life Death/Thrash20144.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-04-09
 Cities  Annihilation Absolute Heavy Metal19864.5MetalMike2009-02-08
 Civil War  Gods and Generals Heavy/Power Metal20154Bruno Medeiros2015-08-17
 Civil War  The Killer Angels Heavy Metal20132.5Sargon the Terrible2013-07-16
 Civil War  The Last Full Measure Heavy/Power Metal20163.5Bruno Medeiros2016-11-17
 Civilization One  Calling the Gods Power Metal20123.25MetalMike2013-01-26
 Civilization One  Calling the Gods Power Metal20124Sargon the Terrible2013-02-04
 Civilization One  Revolution Rising Power Metal20074.25Sargon the Terrible2007-10-19
 Clairvoyance  Threshold of Nothingness Death Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-05-29
 Clairvoyant  Curse of the Golden Skull Heavy Metal20113.5Sargon the Terrible2013-01-13
 Clairvoyants  Word To The Wise Heavy Metal20093Bruce Dragonchaser2009-05-03
 Clairvoyants  Word To The Wise Heavy Metal20094PowerMetal592009-03-10
 Clandestine Blaze  Church of Atrocity Black Metal20063.5Brett Buckle2009-03-12
 Clarent Blade  Return into Forever Heavy Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-18
 Clarion Knell  Abyss of Fear Black Metal20233.5Mjölnir2023-09-05
 Claymore  Prolonged Active Antagonism Death Metal20083.25MetalMike2011-08-28
 Claymorean  By This Sword We Rule: A Decade of Steel Heavy/Power Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-06-29
 Claymorean  Eulogy for the Gods Heavy Metal20214.5MetalMike2021-09-14
 Claymorean  Sounds from a Dying World Heavy/Power Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-07-02
 Claymorean  Unbroken Power Metal20154Bruce Dragonchaser2015-08-10
 Claymorean  Unbroken Power Metal20153.25MetalMike2015-10-17
 Cleanbreak  Coming Home Heavy Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-07-20
 Clear Sky Nailstorm  The Deep Dark Black Thrash Metal20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-05-03
 Closer  A Darker Kind Of Salvation Melodic Death Metal20083Sargon the Terrible2008-11-24
 Closer  Darkness In Me Melodic Death Metal20063Sargon the Terrible2007-03-06
 Cloudscape  Cloudscape Progressive Power Metal20044.5Bruce Dragonchaser2008-06-25
 Cloudscape  Crimson Skies Progressive Power Metal20064.75Christopher Foley2009-03-09
 Cloven Altar  Demon of the Night Heavy Metal20153.75MetalMike2016-01-28
 Cloven Altar  Enter the Night Heavy/Power Metal20174.25MetalMike2017-07-27
 Cloven Hoof  A Sultan's Ransom Heavy Metal19894.5Sargon the Terrible2007-04-05
 Cloven Hoof  Age of Steel Heavy Metal20204MetalMike2020-05-09
 Cloven Hoof  Age of Steel Heavy Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2020-03-24
 Cloven Hoof  Cloven Hoof Heavy Metal20024.25Omni2017-03-16
 Cloven Hoof  Heathen Cross Heavy Metal20244Michel Renaud2024-05-11
 Cloven Hoof  Time Assassin Heavy Metal20222Sargon the Terrible2022-04-17
 Cnoc An Tursa  The Forty Five Black/Folk Metal20153.5Sargon the Terrible2017-10-18
 Cnoc An Tursa  The Giants of Auld Black/Folk Metal20134MetalMike2013-05-31
 Cobolt 60  The Grim Defiance Black/Thrash20123.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-05-02
 Cobra  Grito en el Abismo Speed/Thrash20123.5Luxi Lahtinen2013-02-05
 Cobra  To Hell Heavy Metal20143.75MetalMike2015-03-03
 Cobra Spell  666 Heavy Metal20234.25Sargon the Terrible2024-01-16
 Cobra Spell  Anthems of the Night Heavy Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-04-12
 Cobra Spell  Love Venom Heavy Metal20203.75Sargon the Terrible2021-06-30
 Code  Nouveau Gloaming Black Metal20054.6Ktb2005-04-18
 Code of Silence  Dark Skies Over Babylon Heavy Metal20133.75MetalMike2013-07-08
 Coexistence  Carrion Comfort Progressive Power Metal20093.25Christopher Foley2009-05-25
 Coexistence  Carrion Comfort Progressive Power Metal20093.75MetalMike2009-06-06
 Coexistence  Flow Progressive Metal20114.25MetalMike2012-01-08
 Coffeinne  Circle of Time Heavy Metal20163.75MetalMike2017-05-20
 Coffin Birth  The Miracle Of Death Death/Thrash20073.5Sargon the Terrible2008-04-24
 Coffin Curse  The Continuous Nothing Death Metal20243.5Sargon the Terrible2024-03-21
 Coffin Mulch  Spectral Intercession Death Metal20233Sargon the Terrible2023-06-29
 Coffins  Buried Death Death Metal20083.75Sargon the Terrible2008-06-02
 Coherent Liquid Form  New Existence Death Metal20025Scott Murray2003-01-19
 Cold Body Radiation  The Great White Emptiness Black Metal20101Sargon the Terrible2010-09-03
 Cold Colours  Cold Colours Death Metal20133.75MetalMike2013-10-26
 Cold Empire  ...And the Cold Arrived Black Metal20073.5Lars Christiansen2007-09-13
 Cold Empire  From the Ashes of the Empire Black Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2010-10-27
 Cold Grave  Lycanthrope Death Metal20103Christopher Foley2010-03-05
 Cold Northern Vengeance  Domination and Servitude Black Metal20083.75Lars Christiansen2009-04-26
 Coldblood  Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil Death Metal20163.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-07-03
 Coldsteel  America Idle Thrash Metal20133MetalMike2013-04-28
 Coldworld  Melancholie2 Black Metal20084.25Brett Buckle2009-02-06
 Colosseum  Chapter I: Delirium Funeral Doom20074.5Sargon the Terrible2008-02-09
 Coltre  To Watch with Hands to Touch with Eyes Heavy Metal20244MetalMike2024-05-03
 Coltre  Under the Influence Heavy Metal20203.25MetalMike2020-09-05
 Comaniac  Return to the Wasteland Thrash Metal20153Sargon the Terrible2015-04-18
 Comatose  The Ungodly Lamentations Death Metal20181Luxi Lahtinen2019-03-30
 Comatose Vigil  Narcosis Funeral Doom20063Sargon the Terrible2007-08-28
 Combat Shock  Everything Goes Wrong Thrash Metal20224.25Luxi Lahtinen2023-02-10
 Combustion Spontanée  Horraura Death/Black20064Lars Christiansen2007-05-21
 Commandment  No Mercy Heavy Metal20101.5MetalMike2010-04-20
 Common Grave  Il Male Di Vivere Black Metal20084.5Pagan Shadow2009-01-13
 Communic  Conspiracy in Mind Progressive Power Metal20054Sargon the Terrible2005-06-13
 Communic  Conspiracy in Mind Progressive Power Metal20055ShadowsFall2004-12-24
 Communic  Conspiracy in Mind Progressive Power Metal20055Ulysses2006-04-15
 Communic  Hiding from the World Power/Thrash20203.5Michel Renaud2020-12-01
 Communic  Payment Of Existence Progressive Metal20084Christopher Foley2009-04-28
 Communic  Waves of Visual Decay Heavy/Progressive20064.5Lars Christiansen2006-10-23
 Communion  At the Announcement Black Metal20184.25Michel Renaud2019-04-19
 Conan  Existential Void Guardian Doom Metal20183.5Bruno Medeiros2019-01-06
 Concatenatus  Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light's Consumption Black Metal20162Luxi Lahtinen2016-10-31
 Conceived by Hate  Death & Beyond Death/Thrash20163.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-11-07
 Conceived by Hate  Putrid Realms of the Occult Black/Death20203.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-09-03
 Concept Of Time  A New State of Thought Progressive Metal20094Christopher Foley2009-07-01
 Conception  Flow Progressive Power Metal19973.75Hermer Arroyo2009-04-11
 Conception  In Your Multitude Progressive Power Metal19955Hermer Arroyo2009-04-05
 Conception  My Dark Symphony Progressive Metal20181.75Bruno Medeiros2018-12-09
 Conception  Parallel Minds Progressive Power Metal19935Hermer Arroyo2009-02-28
 Conception  The Last Sunset Progressive Power Metal19935Hermer Arroyo2009-02-25
 Concerto Moon  Gate of Triumph Melodic Heavy Metal20014Steel Warrior2002-10-15
 Concerto Moon  Gate of Triumph Melodic Heavy Metal20014Ulysses2006-04-25
 Concerto Moon  Rain Forest Power Metal20002Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-23
 Concilivm  A Monument in Darkness Death Metal20224.5Sargon the Terrible2022-03-21
 Concrete Funeral  Ultimum Judicium Death/Thrash20193.5Michel Renaud2019-08-23
 Concrete Icon  Perennial Anguish Death Metal20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-01-04
 Concrete Icon  Rancid Harmony Death Metal20194Luxi Lahtinen2020-01-05
 Concrete Icon  Reign of Anguish MMXXII Death Metal20223.75Luxi Lahtinen2023-06-26
 Concrete Icon  Through Agonizing Past Doom/Death20153.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-01-06
 Concrete Winds  Primitive Force Black/Death20194Michel Renaud2019-08-14
 Condemnatory  (R)evolutionär Återvändsgränd Death Metal20152.5Luxi Lahtinen2016-04-24
 Condemned?  Condemned2Death Thrash Metal20112Michel Renaud2011-07-17
 Condenados  The Tree of Death Doom Metal20173.5Sargon the Terrible2017-04-27
 Condor  Duin Doom/Death20153.75Sargon the Terrible2015-07-22
 Confidential  Devil Inside Symphonic Metal20224.25MetalMike2022-05-19
 Conflicted  Under Bio-lence Thrash Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-07-22
 Confusion Gods  At the Gates of Confusion Death/Black20072.5Lars Christiansen2008-04-25
 Conjureth  Majestic Dissolve Death Metal20214Sargon the Terrible2021-09-24
 Conjureth  The Parasitic Chambers Death Metal20233.75Sargon the Terrible2023-02-06
 Conjuring Fate  Valley of Shadows Heavy Metal20163.5MetalMike2017-10-29
 Conniption  A Method to Madness Thrash Metal20084MetalMike2009-07-08
 Conqueror  Cries of the Wolf Black Metal19972.5Mjölnir2020-08-27
 Conquerors  Stormbringer Black/Thrash20214.25Sargon the Terrible2021-08-19
 Conquest  No Boundaries Heavy Metal20034Michel Renaud2004-08-23
 Conquest of Steel  Conquest of Steel Heavy Metal20043Bruce Dragonchaser2007-02-13
 Consfearacy  Consfearacy Power/Thrash20113.75MetalMike2011-08-16
 Conspiracy  Concordat Black Metal20093.5Sargon the Terrible2009-05-02
 Conspiracy  Irremediable Black/Death20102.5Sargon the Terrible2010-10-26
 Conspiracy  Reincarnated Black Metal20063.75Sargon the Terrible2006-09-01
 Consummation  The Great Solar Hunter Black Metal20194Sargon the Terrible2021-04-09
 Contaminated  Your Ashes Are Nothing Death Metal20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-09-01
 Contamination  Traumatic Recollections Death/Thrash20204Luxi Lahtinen2020-07-03
 Contorsion  Solace Through Lies Thrash Metal20093Christopher Foley2010-05-25
 Contradiction  The Essence of Anger Thrash Metal20093Michel Renaud2009-10-21
 Contrarian  Only Time Will Tell Death Metal20203Sargon the Terrible2020-11-07
 Convent Guilt  Diamond Cut Diamond Heavy Metal20183.25MetalMike2019-02-06
 Convent Guilt  Guns for Hire Heavy Metal20143.75MetalMike2015-03-18
 Convicted  Convicted Thrash Metal20102.75Adam Kohrman2010-08-03
 Convulse  Deathstar Death Metal20204.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-08-25
 Cor Scorpii  Monument+Attargangar Pagan Metal20104.25Pagan Shadow2010-10-15
 Coram Lethe  ...a Splendid Chaos Death Metal20094Brett Buckle2009-03-29
 Coraxo  Starlit Flame II Black/Death20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-01-14
 Core Device  Our Fellowship Eternal Heavy Metal20044Michel Renaud2005-01-05
 Cormorant  Dwellings Progressive Metal20114.5Christopher Foley2012-04-10
 Coronary  Demo 2018 Heavy Metal20184Luxi Lahtinen2018-03-15
 Coronary  Sinbad Heavy Metal20214.25Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-25
 Coronary  Sinbad Heavy Metal20214MetalMike2021-04-27
 Coronatus  Atmosphere Symphonic Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-11-26
 Coronatus  Cantus Lucidus Gothic Metal20143MetalMike2015-03-28
 Coronatus  Fabula Magna Symphonic Metal20094MetalMike2010-02-04
 Coronatus  Lux Noctis Symphonic Metal20073.5Bruce Dragonchaser2009-07-01
 Coronatus  Raben im Herz Gothic Metal20153.75MetalMike2016-04-10
 Coronatus  Recreatio Carminis Symphonic Metal20133.75MetalMike2014-03-10
 Coronatus  Secrets of Nature Symphonic Metal20173.5MetalMike2018-02-11
 Coronatus  Terra Incognita Power Metal20113.5MetalMike2012-01-15
 Coroner  No More Color Thrash Metal19894.5Sargon the Terrible2006-02-28
 Corporectomy  Within the Weak and the Wounded Death Metal20084Jason Cominetto2009-02-04
 Corporectomy  Within the Weak and the Wounded Death Metal20083.75Tony Augsburg2009-01-23
 Corpse Garden  Entheogen Death Metal20152.5Sargon the Terrible2016-02-15
 Corpse Machine  Annihilate Black/Death20133Sargon the Terrible2014-06-04
 Corpsefucking Art  Splatterphobia Death Metal20183.75Michel Renaud2018-12-05
 Corpsefucking Art  Zombiefuck Death Metal20083.25Michel Renaud2008-11-03
 Corpsegrinder  Corpsegrinder Death Metal20223.75Michel Renaud2022-03-03
 Corpsessed  Abysmal Thresholds Death Metal20144Luxi Lahtinen2014-03-02
 Corpsessed  Impetus of Death Death Metal20184.25Michel Renaud2024-01-28
 Corpsessed  Impetus of Death Death Metal20183.5Sargon the Terrible2018-11-06
 Corpsessed  Succumb to Rot Death Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-03-23
 Corpus Diavolis  Elixiria Ekstasis Black Metal20244.5Michel Renaud2024-03-17
 Corpus Diavolis  Revolucia Death/Black20102Sargon the Terrible2010-07-09
 Corpus Necromanthum  He... Who Suffers Knowledge Black/Death20233.75Sargon the Terrible2023-12-19
 Corr Mhóna  Abhainn Pagan Metal20213.5Luxi Lahtinen2022-10-04
 Corretja  Life Aggressively Melodic Death Metal20193.75Bruno Medeiros2019-03-20
 Corretja  The Ancient Wisdom of Lost Generations Melodic Death Metal20214.5Sargon the Terrible2021-09-30
 Corrupted Saint  Mutilated Before the Masses Death/Thrash20202.5Mjölnir2021-07-18
 Corsair  Corsair Metal/Hard Rock20132.5MetalMike2013-03-19
 Corvus Corax  The Atavistic Triad Black Metal20004Sargon the Terrible2023-09-04
 Corvus Corone  Abandoned in Spring Funeral Doom20233.5Mjölnir2023-02-16
 Coscradh  Nahanagan Stadial Black Metal20224Michel Renaud2023-02-04
 Coscradh  Nahanagan Stadial Black Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-08-19
 Cosmic Burial  Far Away from Home Black Metal20233.75Sargon the Terrible2023-05-19
 Cosmic Death  Damnation's Light Black/Thrash20123.5Sargon the Terrible2012-12-28
 Cosmic Death  Perdition Haze Death/Thrash20104Sargon the Terrible2010-09-04
 Cosmic Funeral  Godless War To Eternity Black Metal20123Sargon the Terrible2012-09-02
 Cosmic Jaguar  The Legacy of the Aztecs Death/Thrash20234Luxi Lahtinen2023-05-09
 Cosmic Jaguar  The Order of the Jaguar Knights Death/Thrash20234.25Luxi Lahtinen2023-10-21
 Cosmic Plunge  Dealing with The Harvester Doom Metal20194Rocky Ghosh2019-02-12
 Count Raven  Mammon's War Doom Metal20093Sargon the Terrible2009-11-18
 Count Raven  The Sixth Storm Doom Metal20213MetalMike2021-10-06
 Countess  Banners of Blood Black Metal20214Michel Renaud2021-05-13
 Countess  Heilig Vuur Black Metal20045Chaossphere2004-04-29
 Countess Erzsebet  Countess Erzsebet Doom/Black20233.5Sargon the Terrible2023-08-05
 Counting Hours  The Wishing Tomb Doom/Death20244Luxi Lahtinen2024-03-29
 Countless Skies  Countless Skies Melodic Death Metal20142.75MetalMike2015-03-26
 Countless Skies  Glow Melodic Death Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-09-13
 Countless Skies  Resonance Melodic Death Metal20233.5Sargon the Terrible2023-06-19
 Coven  Worship New Gods Heavy/Doom20122MetalMike2012-12-08
 Coven (Japan)  The Advent Heavy Metal20172.5MetalMike2018-01-20
 Coven (Japan)  The Advent Heavy Metal20173.5Michel Renaud2017-09-25
 Coven Japan  Earthlings Heavy Metal20234MetalMike2023-12-08
 Coventhrall  Legacy of Morfuidra Power Metal20243.75Sargon the Terrible2024-04-06
 Coventide  Druids of the Eventyr Black/Death20063.75Ulysses2006-10-07
 Crackdust  Dented Reality Death Metal20074.25Tony Augsburg2009-02-10
 Cradle Of Filth  Bitter Suites To Succubi Black Metal20013.75Michel Renaud2001-08-27
 Cradle Of Filth  Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay Gothic Metal20173.75Michel Renaud2017-10-30
 Cradle Of Filth  Damnation And A Day Gothic Metal20034.5Scott Murray2003-04-13
 Cradle Of Filth  Existence Is Futile Black/Gothic20214.25Michel Renaud2021-11-20
 Cradle Of Filth  Midian Black Metal20002.75Michel Renaud2001-02-28
 Cradle To Grave  CTG Heavy/Thrash20044Michel Renaud2005-06-14
 Craft  Terror Propaganda Black Metal20034.5Chaossphere2004-06-13
 Craft  Void Black Metal20113.75Sargon the Terrible2011-08-30
 Craven Idol  Forked Tongues Black/Thrash20214.5Sargon the Terrible2021-08-28
 Craven Idol  The Shackles of Mammon Black/Thrash20174.25Mjölnir2020-10-18
 Craving  Call of the Sirens Heavy Metal20234MetalMike2023-08-13
 Crawl  Altar of Disgust Death Metal20244Sargon the Terrible2024-03-30
 Created to Kill  Death's Construction Death Metal20133Sargon the Terrible2013-10-02
 Created to Kill  Monarch to the Kingdom of Death Death Metal20051Sargon the Terrible2006-01-21
 Created to Kill  Worship Or Die Death Metal20080Sargon the Terrible2009-07-04
 Crebain  Night of Stormcrow Black Metal20034Lars Christiansen2007-09-27
 Creeping Death  Boundless Domain Death Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-07-01
 Creeping Death  Boundless Domain Death Metal20232Sargon the Terrible2023-07-12
 Creeping Fear  Onward to Apocalypse Death Metal20173.75Luxi Lahtinen2018-02-04
 Creeping Flesh  Rising Terror Death Metal20143.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-12-05
 Creepshow  Bump in the Night Thrash Metal20204.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-04-19
 Creepshow  Creepshow I Black/Thrash20234.5Luxi Lahtinen2023-02-05
 Creepshow  Midnight Hour Black/Thrash20204.5Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-21
 Crescent  Carving the Fires of Akhet Black/Death20214.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-09-26
 Crescent  The Order of Amenti Black/Death20184.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-05-31
 Crescent Shield  The Last of My Kind Heavy Metal20064Sargon the Terrible2007-01-02
 Crescent Shield  The Stars Of Never Seen Heavy Metal20093Sargon the Terrible2009-05-14
 Crime  First Crime Black/Thrash20173.5MetalMike2017-08-05
 Crimfall  As the Path Unfolds Folk Metal20094.5Adam Kohrman2010-08-09
 Crimfall  The Writ of Sword Symphonic Metal20111.75Bruce Dragonchaser2011-05-06
 Criminal Element  Guilty As Charged Death Metal20084Michel Renaud2008-12-06
 Crimson  Black Carpet Heavy Metal20213.5Mjölnir2021-12-05
 Crimson Cult  Tales of Doom Heavy Metal20123.5MetalMike2012-06-10
 Crimson Cult  Tales of Doom Heavy Metal20122Sargon the Terrible2012-04-28
 Crimson Day  At the Mountains of Madness Heavy Metal20184Luxi Lahtinen2018-03-10
 Crimson Fire  Another Dimension Power Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-08-14
 Crimson Glory  Astronomica Heavy Metal19994Sargon the Terrible2003-03-07
 Crimson Glory  Crimson Glory Heavy Metal19864.5Sargon the Terrible2003-03-02
 Crimson Glory  Transcendence Heavy Metal19885+Sargon the Terrible2003-03-03
 Crimson Moon  Mors Vincit Omnia Black Metal20193.5MetalMike2019-12-20
 Crimson Moon  Mors Vincit Omnia Black Metal20194Sargon the Terrible2019-10-15
 Crimson Moon  Oneironaut Black Metal20164Sargon the Terrible2017-03-11
 Crimson Moon  To Embrace The Vampyric Blood Black Metal19964.25Sargon the Terrible2004-09-08
 Crimson Moonlight  The Covenant Progress Black Metal20034.2ShadowsFall2005-07-06
 Crimson Shadows  Kings Among Men Power Metal20143.5MetalMike2015-02-21
 Crimson Slaughter  Surveillance States Thrash Metal20184.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-12-29
 Crimson Swan  Icon Doom/Death20122.5Sargon the Terrible2013-04-05
 Crimson Wind  The Wings of Salvation Power Metal20112Sargon the Terrible2011-04-19
 Crionics  Human Error - Ways to Selfdestruction Black Metal20043.75Bruce Dragonchaser2010-09-15
 Crionics  Neuthrone Black/Death20074Sargon the Terrible2007-06-28
 Cripper  Killer Escort Service Thrash Metal20064Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2011-10-01
 Cripple Bastards  Desperately Insensitive Grindcore20033.75Christian Renner2003-07-09
 Crippler  To Crawl Among the Gods Death Metal20143.75Luxi Lahtinen2014-09-16
 Cripta Oculta  Eros dos Dolmens Esquecidos Black Metal20102.75Bruce Dragonchaser2010-11-08
 Cristiano Filippini's Flames of Heaven  The Force Within Power Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-12-27
 Critical Defiance  Misconception Thrash Metal20194.25MetalMike2019-04-23
 Critical Defiance  Misconception Thrash Metal20194Sargon the Terrible2023-08-02
 Critical Defiance  No Life Forms Thrash Metal20223.75MetalMike2023-02-23
 Critical Defiance  No Life Forms Thrash Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-08-26
 Critical Defiance  The Search Won't Fall….. Thrash Metal20244.25Sargon the Terrible2024-03-28
 Critical Solution  Evil Never Dies Thrash Metal20134Luxi Lahtinen2013-11-05
 Cro-Mags  Best Wishes Thrash Metal19894.5Sargon the Terrible2006-10-29
 Croc Noir  Mort Black Metal20183.5Michel Renaud2019-01-21
 Crom  Of Love and Death Heavy Metal20114MetalMike2011-11-12
 Crom  Of Love and Death Heavy Metal20115Sargon the Terrible2011-11-28
 Crom  Vengeance Viking Metal20085PowerMetal592009-07-22
 Crom  Vengeance Viking Metal20085Sargon the Terrible2008-10-23
 Crom  When Northmen Die Heavy Metal20174MetalMike2018-01-05
 Crom  When Northmen Die Heavy Metal20173Sargon the Terrible2017-12-28
 Cromlech  Ascent of Kings Heavy Metal20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-04-14
 Cross Vault  As Strangers We Depart Doom Metal20214.25Sargon the Terrible2021-07-28
 Crossfire  See You In Hell Heavy Metal19833.75MetalMike2009-04-11
 Crosswind  Opposing Forces Speed/Power Metal20104.75Sargon the Terrible2010-08-06
 Crosswind  Vicious Dominion Speed/Power Metal20144Sargon the Terrible2015-08-23
 Crosswrecker  Black Flame Divination Black/Thrash20103Sargon the Terrible2011-03-02
 Crown the Lost  Blind Faith Loyalty Thrash Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2009-03-14
 Crown the Lost  Cold Pestilent Hope Heavy/Thrash20114Sargon the Terrible2011-10-09
 Crowned  Ainulindale Black Metal20113.5Sargon the Terrible2012-02-25
 Crows  The Dying Race Heavy/Power Metal19913.254th Horseman2009-01-03
 Cruachan  Blood on the Black Robe Folk Metal20112.5Adam Kohrman2011-04-24
 Cruachan  Blood on the Black Robe Folk Metal20112Sargon the Terrible2011-04-21
 Cruachan  The Morrigan's Call Folk Metal20061Sargon the Terrible2007-03-18
 Cruadalach  AGNI - Unveil What’s Burning Inside Folk Metal20113MetalMike2012-07-01
 Cruciamentum  Obsidian Refractions Death Metal20233.75Sargon the Terrible2024-01-04
 Crucified Mortals  Crucified Mortals Thrash Metal20113.5Michel Renaud2011-09-04
 Crucifier  Cursed Cross Thrash Metal20064.5Hermer Arroyo2009-02-22
 Crucifier (USA)  Led Astray Black Metal20244Sargon the Terrible2024-03-16
 Crucifliction  K.K.N.D. Heavy/Thrash20194Luxi Lahtinen2019-11-19
 Crucifyre  Black Magic Fire Death Metal20143.5MetalMike2015-04-07
 Crucifyre  Infernal Earthly Divine Death Metal20103.5Michel Renaud2011-09-03
 Crucifyre  Infernal Earthly Divine Death Metal20103.5Sargon the Terrible2010-12-16
 Cruel Fate  Destin Cruel Death Metal20234.5Michel Renaud2023-10-24
 Cruel Fate  Live Necropsy Death Metal20224.25Michel Renaud2024-01-08
 Cruel Force  Dawn of the Axe Black/Thrash20234MetalMike2023-12-01
 Cruel Force  Dawn of the Axe Black/Thrash20234.25Michel Renaud2023-08-12
 Cruel Force  Dawn of the Axe Black/Thrash20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-08-17
 Cruel Force  The Rise of Satanic Might Black/Thrash20234Sargon the Terrible2023-08-27
 Cruel Force  Under the Sign of the Moon Black/Thrash20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-08-23
 Cruenta Lacrymis  Sweetness and Blasphemy Black/Death20153.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-04-25
 Crurifragium  Beasts of the Temple of Satan Black/Death20173Michel Renaud2017-05-20
 Crurifragium  Black Seed of Bestiality Black/Death20183.5Michel Renaud2022-11-11
 Crusade of Bards  Tales of the Seven Seas Symphonic Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-02-25
 Crusader  Rise of the Templars Heavy Metal20112.5Sargon the Terrible2011-10-15
 Crusher  Redemption Thrash Metal20163.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-06-09
 Crushing Blow  Cease Fire Heavy Metal20101.75Adam Kohrman2011-01-11
 Crushing Sun  TAO Death Metal20102.25Michel Renaud2010-09-14
 Cruxiter  Paradise Found Heavy Metal20113MetalMike2012-02-02
 Cruz  Confines de la cordura Death/Thrash20223.75MetalMike2022-11-14
 Cruz  Confines de la cordura Death/Thrash20224Sargon the Terrible2022-11-04
 Cryonic  Kings of Avalon Power Metal20102MetalMike2010-02-18
 Cryonic Temple  Blood, Guts And Glory Power Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2004-04-05
 Cryonic Temple  Deliverance Power Metal20182Sargon the Terrible2018-08-19
 Cryonic Temple  Immortal Heavy/Power Metal20082Larry Griffin2008-12-21
 Cryonic Temple  In Thy Power Power Metal20054Sargon the Terrible2006-03-07
 Cryonic Temple  Into the Glorious Battle Power Metal20173Sargon the Terrible2017-03-28
 Crypt Crawler  Future Usurper Death Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-09-19
 Crypt Dagger  From Below Speed/Thrash20203.5Michel Renaud2020-02-28
 Crypt Sermon  Out of the Garden Doom Metal20154.25Bruno Medeiros2015-07-03
 Crypt Sermon  The Ruins of Fading Light Heavy/Doom20194MetalMike2019-08-10
 Crypta  Echoes of the Soul Death Metal20214.25Christian Renner2021-06-22
 Crypteria  Crypteria Death Metal20183Michel Renaud2019-08-27
 Cryptic Brood  Wormhead Death Metal20153.25Michel Renaud2016-06-02
 Cryptic Hatred  Free from the Grave Death Metal20214Luxi Lahtinen2022-02-13
 Cryptic Hatred  Nocturnal Sickness Death Metal20224.25Luxi Lahtinen2022-02-17
 Cryptic Process  Human Snack Death Metal20234Michel Renaud2023-12-11
 Cryptic Shift  Visitations from Enceladus Death/Thrash20203.75Sargon the Terrible2023-08-25
 Cryptic Stench  Horrifyingly Mysterious Death Metal20054Michel Renaud2005-12-20
 Cryptopsy  And Then You'll Beg Death Metal20003Michel Renaud2000-11-24
 Cryptopsy  None So Live Death Metal20035Scott Murray2003-05-06
 Cryptopsy  None So Vile Death Metal19963.754th Horseman2004-12-25
 Cryptopsy  None So Vile Death Metal19964.75Larry Griffin2008-04-19
 Cryptopsy  Once Was Not Death Metal20053.754th Horseman2005-12-06
 Cryptopsy  Once Was Not Death Metal20052.25Lars Christiansen2006-09-12
 Cryptopsy  The Book of Suffering - Tome I Death Metal20153Michel Renaud2016-05-28
 Cryptopsy  Ungentle Exhumation Death Metal20023.75Michel Renaud2002-07-31
 Cryptworm  Oozing Radioactive Vomition Death Metal20234.5Gruesome Sean2024-01-16
 CrySna  Samsara Heavy Metal20122.5MetalMike2015-01-17
 Crystal Ball  Crysteria Heavy Metal20223.5MetalMike2022-02-19
 Crystal Ball  Dawnbreaker Power Metal20133.5MetalMike2014-04-22
 Crystal Ball  Hard Impact Melodic Heavy Metal20004Bruce Dragonchaser2012-07-17
 Crystal Ball  LifeRider Power Metal20153.5MetalMike2015-10-13
 Crystal Ball  Secrets Melodic Heavy Metal20074Bruce Dragonchaser2007-11-03
 Crystal Coffin  The Curse of Immortality Black Metal20234.25MetalMike2023-12-02
 Crystal Eyes  Chained Power Metal20084.25Nahsil2009-05-07
 Crystal Eyes  Confessions Of The Maker Power Metal20054.25Sargon the Terrible2005-05-25
 Crystal Eyes  Killer Power Metal20144.25MetalMike2015-01-16
 Crystal Eyes  Starbourne Traveler Heavy/Power Metal20194.25MetalMike2020-04-21
 Crystal Eyes  Starbourne Traveler Heavy/Power Metal20194.25Michel Renaud2020-01-14
 Crystal Eyes  Vengeance Descending Power Metal20034Christopher Foley2009-04-30
 Crystal Fate  Celestial Prophecy Power Metal20034Sargon the Terrible2008-05-29
 Crystal Moors  Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem Pagan Metal20084.25Pagan Shadow2008-06-26
 Crystal Moors  The Unconquered Land Black/Folk Metal20034Pagan Shadow2007-12-17
 Crystal Moors/Omendark  Crystal Moors/Omendark Split CD Black Metal2007Pagan Shadow2007-12-20
 Crystal Tears  Hellmade Heavy Metal20143.25MetalMike2014-09-14
 Crystal Throne  Crystal Throne Heavy Metal20213MetalMike2022-05-02
 Crystal Viper  Crimen Excepta Heavy Metal20124.5Christopher Foley2012-06-21
 Crystal Viper  Crimen Excepta Heavy Metal20124MetalMike2012-06-23
 Crystal Viper  Defenders Of The Magic Circle: Live In Germany Heavy Metal20103.5Christopher Foley2010-10-13
 Crystal Viper  Legends Heavy Metal20103.25Adam Kohrman2011-02-28
 Crystal Viper  Legends Heavy Metal20104.5Christopher Foley2010-10-19
 Crystal Viper  Legends Heavy Metal20104.25MetalMike2011-02-05
 Crystal Viper  Metal Nation Heavy Metal20095Hermer Arroyo2009-06-11
 Crystal Viper  Metal Nation Heavy Metal20093.5Larry Griffin2009-12-07
 Crystal Viper  Possession Heavy Metal20133.75Christopher Foley2013-12-21
 Crystal Viper  Possession Heavy Metal20133.75MetalMike2014-05-04
 Crystal Viper  Queen of the Witches Heavy Metal20173.75Bruno Medeiros2017-02-24
 Crystal Viper  Queen of the Witches Heavy Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-05-21
 Crystal Viper  Tales of Fire and Ice Heavy Metal20194.5MetalMike2019-11-30
 Crystal Viper  The Cult Power Metal20214MetalMike2021-01-29
 Crystal Viper  The Curse of Crystal Viper Heavy Metal20075Larry Griffin2007-12-23
 Crystal Viper  The Curse of Crystal Viper Heavy Metal20075Sargon the Terrible2007-07-21
 Crystal Viper  The Last Axeman Heavy Metal20085Hermer Arroyo2009-04-23
 Crystal Viper  The Last Axeman Heavy/Power Metal20224MetalMike2022-03-25
 Crystalium  Diktat Omega Black Metal20034Sargon the Terrible2004-04-21
 Crystalium  Doxa O'RevelatioN Black Metal20073.5Pagan Shadow2008-03-31
 Crystallion  A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night Power Metal20063.75Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-23
 Crystallion  Hattin Power Metal20083.75Bruce Dragonchaser2009-07-04
 Crystallion  Hundred Days Power Metal20094Bruce Dragonchaser2010-02-25
 Csejthe  Transcendance Black Metal20104Pagan Shadow2011-02-05
 Ctulu  Sarkomand Black/Death20114.25Sargon the Terrible2015-12-30
 Cult of Eibon  Lycan Twilight Sorcery Black Metal20173Sargon the Terrible2017-10-07
 Cult of Erinyes  Tiberivs Black Metal20173.75Michel Renaud2018-01-05
 Cult of Extinction  Black Nuclear Magick Attack Black Metal20184Michel Renaud2018-05-20
 Cult of Luna  The Beyond Doom Metal20032.5Scott Murray2003-03-17
 Cult of the Horns  Chapter I - Domination Black/Death20173.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-06-13
 Culted  Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep Doom/Black20093.75Mjölnir2019-12-15
 Cultes des Ghoules  Häxan Black Metal20114.5Memnarch2011-05-15
 Cultfinder  Black Thrashing Terror Black/Thrash20123.5MetalMike2012-12-13
 Cultist  Chants of Sublimation Black Metal20183.5Michel Renaud2018-11-10
 Culto Negro  Abismal Speed Metal Speed Metal20172.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-05-02
 Cuntscrape  Papsmear Campaign Death/Grind20092.5Adam132010-10-12
 Curse Breaker/Blade's Edge  Cursed Blade Heavy Metal20224.25MetalMike2023-02-24
 Cursed 13  Triumf Black/Death20134Luxi Lahtinen2014-01-21
 Cursed Blood  Taker of Life Death/Thrash20203.5MetalMike2020-12-12
 Cursed Excruciation  Arcane Diabolism Black Metal20233.75Sargon the Terrible2023-01-26
 Custard  A Realm of Tales Power Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-08-17
 Custard  Forces Remain Power Metal20083.5PowerMetal592009-01-25
 Custard  Imperium Rapax Power Metal20213.75MetalMike2022-01-13
 Custard  Infested By Anger Heavy Metal20123.75MetalMike2012-12-21
 Custard  Infested By Anger Heavy Metal20123Sargon the Terrible2012-12-19
 Custard  Wheels Of Time Power Metal20053Bruce Dragonchaser2007-03-25
 Cyanide Grenade  Quintessence of Death Thrash Metal20173.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-05-16
 Cyberya  Mindcontrol Power Metal20013.5Larry Griffin2008-09-24
 Cyclone  Brutal Destruction Thrash Metal19864.25Luxi Lahtinen2024-04-01
 Cyclone  Inferior to None Thrash Metal19904Luxi Lahtinen2024-04-03
 Cyclone Temple  I Hate Therefore I Am Thrash Metal19994Christian Renner2001-09-21
 Cydonia  The Dark Flower Heavy Metal20031Larry Griffin2009-02-18
 Cydonia (US)  Demo Black/Death20022Sargon the Terrible2004-08-14
 Cynabare Urne  Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls Death Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-12-22
 Cynic  Carbon-Based Anatomy Progressive Metal20113.5Christopher Foley2012-03-18
 Cynic  Focus Progressive Metal19935Larry Griffin2008-07-12
 Cynic  Traced in Air Progressive Metal20084MetalMike2009-01-28
 Cynic  Traced in Air Progressive Metal20082Sargon the Terrible2008-11-19
 Cynthesis  DeEvolution Progressive Metal20113Sargon the Terrible2011-04-25
 Cypecore  Innocent Melodic Death Metal20102.75Michel Renaud2010-08-21
 Cypher Seer  Awakening Day Heavy Metal20072.5Larry Griffin2007-11-07
 Cyphosis  To North and Under Death/Thrash20103Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2011-05-13
 Cyrax  Reflections Progressive Metal20132.5MetalMike2014-10-05

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