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Artist Album Genre Year Rating Reviewer Date Reviewed
 Förgjord  Ajasta Ikuisuuteen Black Metal20083.75Michel Renaud2009-05-18
 Faal  The Clouds Are Burning Funeral Doom20124.5Christopher Foley2012-09-09
 Faal  The Clouds Are Burning Funeral Doom20123.5Sargon the Terrible2013-01-27
 Fabulous Desaster  Hang 'em High Thrash Metal20163.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-04-09
 Fabulous Desaster  Off with Their Heads Thrash Metal20184.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-12-12
 Facebreaker  Dead, Rotten And Hungry Death/Thrash20084Sargon the Terrible2008-01-30
 Facebreaker  Dedicated To The Flesh Death Metal20133Christopher Foley2013-08-26
 Faceless Burial  Multiversal Abattoir Death Metal20183Michel Renaud2018-12-22
 Faces of Bayon  Heart of the Fire Doom Metal20114Adam Kohrman2011-09-11
 Faethon  Immortal Ancient Spirit Pagan Metal20094Pagan Shadow2010-02-19
 Faintest Hope  ...While There's Life Melodic Death Metal20133.25MetalMike2014-09-15
 Fairyland  Of Wars in Osyrhia Epic/Symphonic Power Metal20033.5MetalMike2009-07-28
 Fairyland  Osyrhianta Power Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-08-16
 Fairyland  Osyrhianta Power Metal20203.5Michel Renaud2020-08-06
 Fairyland  Osyrhianta Power Metal20203Sargon the Terrible2020-07-15
 Fairyland  The Fall Of An Empire Power Metal20063Sargon the Terrible2006-10-01
 Faith Factor  07-07-07 Heavy/Power Metal20073Larry Griffin2007-12-02
 Faith Factor  Against a Darkened Sky Heavy Metal20082.25Larry Griffin2009-04-10
 Fake Healer  Two Worlds Heavy Metal20153.25MetalMike2015-11-23
 Falchion  Chronicles of the Dead Melodic Death Metal20083.25Sargon the Terrible2009-01-23
 Falchion  Glory of the Sword Black/Folk Metal20033.5Sargon the Terrible2005-02-03
 Falchion  Legacy Of Heathens Melodic Death Metal20054.25Sargon the Terrible2008-02-06
 Falconer  Among Beggars and Thieves Power Metal20084Sargon the Terrible2009-01-20
 Falconer  Armod Power Metal20114Michel Renaud2011-09-08
 Falconer  Chapters From A Vale Forlorn Power Metal20025Sargon the Terrible2008-02-26
 Falconer  Falconer Power Metal20013.75Michel Renaud2001-10-20
 Falconer  Falconer Power Metal20015Sargon the Terrible2005-08-19
 Falconer  Falconer Power Metal20013.75Steel Warrior2002-09-27
 Falconer  From a Dying Ember Power Metal20204.25Bruno Medeiros2020-06-27
 Falconer  Grime vs. Grandeur Power Metal20052.54th Horseman2005-06-25
 Falconer  Northwind Folk Metal20064.75Sargon the Terrible2006-09-04
 Falkenbach  Asa Black/Folk Metal20134MetalMike2014-01-18
 Falkenbach  Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty Viking Metal20035Chaossphere2004-05-02
 Falkenbach  Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty Viking Metal20033.5Sargon the Terrible2004-06-24
 Falkenbach  Tiurida Folk/Viking20113.5Bruce Dragonchaser2011-01-23
 Falkenbach  Tiurida Folk/Viking20113.75MetalMike2010-12-29
 Fall Of the Idols  The Séance Doom Metal20083MetalMike2009-02-04
 Fall Of The Leafe  Volvere Unclassifiable20042.2Ktb2005-02-23
 Fall Of The Leafe  Volvere Unclassifiable20043Sargon the Terrible2004-06-20
 Fallen  A Tragedy's Bitter End Doom Metal20045Sargon the Terrible2005-03-08
 Fallen Angel  Crawling Out of Hell Heavy Metal20104.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-03-04
 Fallen Angel  Crawling Out of Hell Heavy Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2010-08-28
 Fallen Angels  World in Decay Thrash Metal20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2018-02-26
 Fallen Angels  World in Decay Thrash Metal20153.5MetalMike2015-11-10
 Fallen Decade  Under No God Thrash Metal20093.75Hermer Arroyo2010-02-21
 Fallen Empire  Through The Blackened Gates Of Immortal Hell Symphonic Black Metal20024Sargon the Terrible2004-09-24
 Fallen Nation  Fallen Nation Thrash Metal20173.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-10-14
 Fallen Tyrant  No World to Win, a Life to Lose Black Metal20134Luxi Lahtinen2013-09-10
 Fallen Within  Intoxicated Melodic Death Metal20090Sargon the Terrible2009-12-30
 Falloch  Where Distant Spirits Remain Folk Metal20114.75Memnarch2011-10-18
 Falls of Rauros  Hail Wind and Hewn Oak Black/Folk Metal20084Pagan Shadow2008-11-18
 Falls of Rauros  Of Stone And The Stars In The Sky Black Metal20073.25Michel Renaud2007-07-17
 Falls of Rauros  The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood Black Metal20114Sargon the Terrible2012-04-25
 Falls of Rauros  Vigilance Perennial Black/Folk Metal20173.5Sargon the Terrible2017-05-17
 False Prophet  Second Death Death/Thrash20143.75MetalMike2014-05-19
 Fanatic Attack  Waiting to Rot Speed/Thrash20143Luxi Lahtinen2015-04-02
 Fangtooth  Fangtooth Doom Metal20113.25MetalMike2011-05-19
 Fanisk  Noontide NS Black Metal20045Lars Christiansen2007-03-14
 Fantom Warior  Morbid Invasion Thrash Metal20154Michel Renaud2018-09-12
 Far Beyond  An Angel's Requiem Power/Black20053Sargon the Terrible2005-04-21
 Far Beyond  Songs of Hope and Sorrow Gothic Metal20091Sargon the Terrible2009-11-13
 Farcry  Slaves of Chaos Thrash Metal20121Sargon the Terrible2012-06-24
 Farmakon  Robin Death Metal20072.5Sargon the Terrible2008-04-03
 Farsot  IIII Black Metal20074Pagan Shadow2007-11-20
 Fatal Embrace  Slaughter to Survive Thrash Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2016-08-02
 Fatal Embrace  The Empires of Inhumanity Thrash Metal20103.75Michel Renaud2010-07-16
 Fatalist  The Depths of Inhumanity Death Metal20093.75Michel Renaud2010-01-25
 Fatality  Psychonaut Thrash Metal20134MetalMike2013-09-09
 Fates Prophecy  The Cradle of Life Heavy Metal20132.75Sargon the Terrible2015-05-04
 Fates Warning  Awaken the Guardian Progressive Metal19865+Larry Griffin2009-01-22
 Fates Warning  Awaken the Guardian Progressive Metal19865Sargon the Terrible2003-03-08
 Fates Warning  Awaken the Guardian (Re-issue) Heavy Metal20055Sargon the Terrible2008-05-10
 Fates Warning  Inside Out Progressive Metal19944.25Mjölnir2019-12-09
 Fates Warning  Live At The Dynamo 20000.5Michel Renaud2004-01-31
 Fates Warning  Live in Athens 20053.5Michel Renaud2006-10-12
 Fates Warning  Night on Brocken Progressive Metal19844Sargon the Terrible2003-03-14
 Fates Warning  No Exit Progressive Metal19884.5Sargon the Terrible2004-01-17
 Fates Warning  Parallels Progressive Metal19915+Mjölnir2019-11-27
 Fates Warning  Perfect Symmetry Progressive Metal19895Sargon the Terrible2004-01-25
 Fates Warning  The Spectre Within Progressive Metal19855Sargon the Terrible2003-03-11
 Fathomhell  Non Pietatem Erit Black Metal20123.5Christopher Foley2013-11-29
 Faust  From Glory to Infinity Death Metal20093.5Pagan Shadow2010-07-17
 Faust  From Glory to Infinity Death Metal20093.75Sargon the Terrible2009-10-26
 Faustcoven  In the Shadow of Doom Doom/Black20183.5Sargon the Terrible2018-07-07
 Faustcoven  The Halo Of Burning Wings Black Metal20034.5Chaossphere2004-02-15
 Faustcoven  The Halo Of Burning Wings Black Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2005-08-23
 Fausttophel  No Liars Among the Fallen Black Metal20193.5Mjölnir2020-05-04
 Feanor  We are Heavy Metal Heavy Metal20163MetalMike2016-12-31
 Fear of Eternity  Spirit of Sorrow Black Metal20064.5Lars Christiansen2006-09-19
 Fear Thy Name  I-The Awakening Black/Thrash20024.5Michel Renaud2002-12-07
 Fear Thy Name  Riding The Chariots Of War Death/Black20054Sargon the Terrible2005-03-24
 Fecund Betrayal  Depths That Buried the Sea Funeral Doom20123Sargon the Terrible2013-04-27
 Feed Them Death  No Solution / Dissolution Death/Grind20183.5Luxi Lahtinen2019-03-23
 Feel No Pain  Into the Chaos Heavy/Thrash20183.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-11-23
 Feigd  Feigdadraum Black Metal20103.75Sargon the Terrible2010-06-13
 Feinstein  Third Wish Heavy Metal20044.5Hermer Arroyo2009-04-10
 Fejd  Eifur Folk Metal20103Adam Kohrman2010-11-26
 Fellwarden  Wreathed in Mourncloud Black Metal20203Sargon the Terrible2020-06-29
 Felony  First Works Power Metal20063Bruce Dragonchaser2011-09-05
 Fen  Ancient Sorrow Atmospheric Black Metal20074Brett Buckle2009-03-02
 Fen  Ancient Sorrow Atmospheric Black Metal20073.75Pagan Shadow2007-11-09
 Fen  The Malediction Fields Black Metal20094.5Brett Buckle2009-03-10
 Fenris  Fill The Void Progressive Power Metal20072.3Bruce Dragonchaser2007-04-22
 Fenriz' Red Planet/Nattefrost  Engangsgrill Doom/Black20092.5Lars Christiansen2009-07-17
 Feral  For Those Who Live in Darkness Black Metal20143.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-06-19
 Feral  For Those Who Live in Darkness Black Metal20144Sargon the Terrible2015-07-30
 Feral Horde  Feral Horde (Demo) Black Metal20024.75Scott Murray2003-03-02
 Feral Horde  Progressive Downfall Black Metal20034Chaossphere2003-11-15
 Feral Horde  Progressive Downfall Black Metal20034Nemanja Mandic2004-04-16
 Feral Horde  Progressive Downfall (Demo version) Black Metal20034.5Scott Murray2003-06-11
 Feskarn  Raise Your Swords Viking Metal20123Christopher Foley2014-01-08
 Festerday  ...The Four Stages of Decomposition... Death Metal20153MetalMike2015-06-19
 Festerday  Iihtallan Death Metal20194.25Luxi Lahtinen2019-03-08
 Festerguts  Heritage of Putrescent Death Metal20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-02-14
 Festung Nebelburg  Gabreta Hyle Black Metal20074.25Pagan Shadow2007-11-29
 Fetal Bleeding  The Quest of Immortality Death Metal20183Michel Renaud2019-09-16
 Fetid Zombie  Abort the Messiah Death Metal20083.75Michel Renaud2008-09-06
 Fetid Zombie  Pleasures Of The Scalpel Death Metal20083.75Michel Renaud2008-05-04
 Fetid Zombie  Vomiting in the Baptismal Pool Death Metal20104Michel Renaud2010-08-31
 Feu Gregeois  Francorum Regnum Hierosolymorum Black/Death20074Lars Christiansen2008-03-10
 Feu Gregeois  Mortis Regnum - 2nd Circle Death Metal20103.5Adam McAuley2010-11-05
 Fferyllt  Achanterez Folk Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2017-12-04
 Fhoi Myore  The Northern Cold Black Metal20124Memnarch2012-06-23
 Fiakra  Invasion Heavy Metal20123MetalMike2012-10-21
 Fiakra  Invasion Heavy Metal20122Sargon the Terrible2012-09-14
 Fiends at Feast  Towards the Baphomet's Throne Black/Death20123.75MetalMike2013-05-24
 Fiends at Feast/Tragic Death  Purgatory Rites Black/Death20143.5MetalMike2015-01-31
 Fifth Angel  The Third Secret Heavy/Power Metal20183.5Bruno Medeiros2018-11-03
 Fifth Angel  The Third Secret Heavy/Power Metal20184MetalMike2018-12-02
 Fifth Reason  Within or Without Progressive Metal20012Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-29
 Fimbul  Ramnens Ferd Black Metal20074Lars Christiansen2007-06-09
 Fimbul  Ramnens Ferd Black Metal20073Pagan Shadow2007-11-25
 Fimbultyr  Gryende Tidevarv Folk/Viking20084.25Pagan Shadow2008-09-23
 Final Assault  Kick Out Your Brain Thrash Metal20163.75Luxi Lahtinen2016-07-28
 Final Redemption  Vindicated Carnage Death Metal20073.25Michel Renaud2008-01-28
 Final Sign  Hold High the Flame Heavy/Power Metal20153.75MetalMike2016-08-16
 Final Sign  Hold High the Flame Heavy/Power Metal20154.25Sargon the Terrible2016-10-01
 Final Tragedy  Greed Progressive Metal20014Michel Renaud2002-05-05
 Finally Deceased  Finally Deceased Death Metal20113.5Michel Renaud2011-09-10
 FinDuMonde  Licantropia Death Metal20123Christopher Foley2012-08-29
 Finist  Awakening Folk Metal20052.5Bruce Dragonchaser2007-06-16
 Finist  Awakening Folk Metal20050Larry Griffin2008-06-02
 Finnentum  Reveries Black Metal20092Bruce Dragonchaser2011-02-26
 Finnr's Cane  Wanderlust Doom/Black20101.5Sargon the Terrible2010-11-11
 Finntroll  Jaktens Tid Folk Metal2001Christian Renner2001-07-07
 Finntroll  Midnattens Widunder Folk Metal20084Christopher Foley2009-04-07
 Finntroll  Nattfödd Folk Metal20084Christopher Foley2009-04-19
 Finntroll  Ur Jordens Djup Folk Metal20072Christopher Foley2009-04-23
 Finnugor  Death Before Dawn Black Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2003-10-22
 Finsterforst  ...Zum Tode Hin Folk Metal20094.5Pagan Shadow2009-05-22
 Finsterforst  ...Zum Tode Hin Folk Metal20094.75PowerMetal592009-09-18
 Finsterforst  Mach Dich Frei Folk Metal20153.75MetalMike2015-02-16
 Finsterforst  Mach Dich Frei Folk Metal20154.25Sargon the Terrible2015-02-12
 Finsterforst  Rastlos Pagan Metal20125MetalMike2012-11-09
 Finsterforst  Rastlos Pagan Metal20125Sargon the Terrible2012-12-14
 Finsterforst  Zerfall Pagan Metal20194.5Bruno Medeiros2019-09-02
 Finsterforst  Zerfall Pagan Metal20195Sargon the Terrible2019-10-08
 Fire Strike  Slaves of Fate Heavy Metal20174MetalMike2018-01-17
 Fireforce  Annihilate the Evil Power/Thrash20173MetalMike2017-10-01
 Fireforce  March On Heavy Metal20114MetalMike2011-03-27
 Fireland  Fireland II Heavy Metal20102Sargon the Terrible2010-07-13
 Fireproven  Future Diary Progressive Metal20184Luxi Lahtinen2018-07-21
 Firestorm  Web Of Deceit Progressive Power Metal20083.5Christopher Foley2009-05-29
 Firestorm  Web Of Deceit Progressive Power Metal20083Larry Griffin2009-06-06
 Firestorm  Web Of Deceit Progressive Power Metal20082.5MetalMike2009-06-02
 FireWölfe  We Rule the Night Heavy Metal20143.5MetalMike2015-05-01
 Firewind  Between Heaven and Hell Heavy Metal20024.5Scott Murray2003-03-28
 Firewind  Days of Defiance Power Metal20103.25Hermer Arroyo2010-11-08
 Firewind  Few Against Many Power Metal20121Sargon the Terrible2012-08-31
 Firewind  Firewind Power Metal20204.25Bruno Medeiros2020-05-10
 Firewind  Firewind Power Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-08-03
 Firewind  Forged By Fire Heavy Metal20053.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-30
 Firewind  Immortals Power Metal20173.75Bruno Medeiros2017-04-12
 Firewind  The Premonition Power Metal20083Larry Griffin2008-04-21
 Fisthammer  Infallible Death Metal20144Luxi Lahtinen2014-08-02
 Fjord  Vinlandic Northern Heritage Folk Metal20074Sargon the Terrible2008-11-12
 Fjord  Vor Tru Pagan Metal20093.75Sargon the Terrible2017-07-09
 Fjorsvartnir  Legions of the North Black Metal20123.75Sargon the Terrible2012-06-23
 Flageladör  Predileção pelo Macabro Speed Metal20183MetalMike2019-03-28
 Flagellation  Incinerate Disintegrate Death Metal20074Lars Christiansen2007-05-01
 Flame  Ignis Spiritus Black/Thrash20203MetalMike2020-08-17
 Flame  March into Firelands Black/Thrash20113.5Memnarch2011-05-07
 Flame of War  Long Live Death! Black Metal20124Sargon the Terrible2012-06-07
 Flames of Wrath  Heaven Atop the Skulls Thrash Metal20183.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-12-02
 Flashback Of Anger  Splinters of Life Progressive Power Metal20094Christopher Foley2009-05-13
 Flatulated  Tales of the Gruesome and Horrifying Death Metal20102.75Adam McAuley2010-10-27
 Flatulated  They Came From The Crypt Death Metal20123Christopher Foley2013-02-10
 Flesh  Worship The Soul Of Disgust Death Metal20083.5Sargon the Terrible2008-10-21
 Flesh Consumed  Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate Death Metal20083.5Michel Renaud2009-04-18
 Fleshcrawl  As Blood Rains From the Sky…We Walk the Path of Endless Fire Death Metal19993.75Sargon the Terrible2003-08-13
 Fleshcrawl  Soulskinner Death Metal20014Sargon the Terrible2005-01-10
 Fleshcrawl  Structures of Death Death Metal20074.25Lars Christiansen2007-10-24
 Fleshgod Apocalypse  King Death Metal20163Bruno Medeiros2016-12-29
 Fleshgod Apocalypse  Oracles Death Metal20094.25Christopher Foley2011-02-19
 Fleshgod Apocalypse  Veleno Death Metal20193Michel Renaud2019-05-24
 Fleshmould  Interitum Death Metal20123.5Sargon the Terrible2012-07-08
 Fleshwrought  Dementia/Dyslexia Death Metal20102Michel Renaud2010-10-24
 Flight  A Leap Through Matter Heavy Metal20183.75MetalMike2019-02-11
 Floating Worlds  Below The Sea Of Light Power Metal20133Christopher Foley2013-11-25
 Flotsam and Jetsam  Doomsday for the Deceiver Power/Thrash19864.5Sirliftsalot482006-04-19
 Flotsam and Jetsam  Flotsam and Jetsam Power/Thrash20163.5MetalMike2016-07-12
 Flotsam and Jetsam  No Place for Disgrace Power/Thrash19882Sirliftsalot482006-05-04
 Flotsam and Jetsam  The End of Chaos Thrash Metal20193.25MetalMike2019-01-10
 Flowing Tears  Razorbliss Gothic Metal20044.5Sargon the Terrible2004-11-08
 Flowing Tears  Serpentine Gothic Metal20024.5Sargon the Terrible2003-04-16
 Fogalord  A Legend to Believe In Power Metal20124MetalMike2012-12-09
 Folge Dem Wind  Inhale the Sacred Poison Black Metal20113.75Bruce Dragonchaser2011-04-25
 Folkearth  A Nordic Poem Folk/Viking20044.5Lars Christiansen2007-02-13
 Folkearth  A Nordic Poem Folk/Viking20043.75Pagan Shadow2008-03-08
 Folkearth  Balder's Lament Folk/Viking20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-07-27
 Folkearth  Drakkars in the Mist Folk/Viking20074.25Pagan Shadow2008-01-08
 Folkearth  Father of Victory Folk/Viking20083.75Pagan Shadow2008-10-24
 Folkearth  Fatherland Viking Metal20083.75Pagan Shadow2009-11-25
 Folkearth  Rulers of the Sea Viking Metal20093.75Pagan Shadow2010-07-15
 Folkodia  In a Time of Legends Viking Metal20093.5Pagan Shadow2010-01-07
 Folkodia  Odes From the Past Folk/Viking20084Pagan Shadow2008-10-23
 Folkodia  The Fall of the Magog Folk Metal20133Luxi Lahtinen2014-03-05
 Follow the Cipher  Follow the Cipher Power Metal20184.25MetalMike2018-09-17
 Fool's Game  Reality Divine Heavy Metal20095Sargon the Terrible2009-08-10
 For Ruin  December Heavy/Thrash20074.25Michel Renaud2008-07-25
 Forbidden  Forbidden Evil Thrash Metal19884Sargon the Terrible2003-09-03
 Forbidden  Omega Wave Thrash Metal20104Michel Renaud2010-10-27
 Forbidden  Twisted Into Form Thrash Metal19995Christopher Foley2010-11-02
 Force of Darkness  Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness Black/Thrash20143.5MetalMike2015-01-06
 Force Of Evil  Black Empire Heavy Metal20054Michel Renaud2005-11-22
 Force Of Evil  Force Of Evil Heavy Metal20033.5Sargon the Terrible2004-03-07
 Forced Kill  Hard Death Thrash Metal20144.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-06-07
 Forcentury  Vanguard Power Metal20093.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-03-04
 Forefather  Curse of the Cwelled Pagan Metal20153.5Sargon the Terrible2015-08-25
 Forefather  Last of the Line Pagan Metal20124.25MetalMike2012-07-09
 Forefather  Ours Is The Kingdom Viking Metal20044.25Sargon the Terrible2008-02-20
 Forefather  Steadfast Pagan Metal20085Sargon the Terrible2008-02-19
 Foreseen  Helsinki Savagery Thrash Metal20144.25Luxi Lahtinen2015-04-05
 Forest Of Impaled  Forward The Spears Black/Death20034Sargon the Terrible2003-10-12
 Forest Of Impaled  Rise and Conquer Black/Death20074Sargon the Terrible2007-11-10
 Forest of Shadows  Departure Doom Metal20043.75Lars Christiansen2007-03-01
 Forest of Shadows  Six Waves of Woe Doom Metal20084Brett Buckle2009-02-02
 Forest Silence  Philosophy of Winter Black Metal20064.25Sargon the Terrible2009-10-18
 Foret d'Orient  Essedvm Death Metal20113Sargon the Terrible2011-12-18
 Forever's Edge  Chaotic Silence Progressive Power Metal20103Bruce Dragonchaser2010-08-25
 Forgive Me  Into The Shroud Black Metal20091Sargon the Terrible2010-05-22
 Forgotten Horror  Aeon of the Shadow Goddess Black/Death20154.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-07-24
 Forgotten Legacy  The Oracle Heavy Metal20093.75MetalMike2011-04-21
 Forgotten Tales  The Promise Power Metal20013Michel Renaud2001-11-11
 Forgotten Tales  The Promise Power Metal20014.5Pierre Bégin2001-11-14
 Forgotten Tomb  ...and Don't Deliver Us From Evil Black Metal20124Sargon the Terrible2013-04-09
 Forgotten Tomb  Love's Burial Ground Black Metal20044.75Sargon the Terrible2004-12-31
 Forgotten Tomb  Negative Megalomania Doom/Black20074.5Lars Christiansen2007-02-27
 Forgotten Tomb  Nihilistic Estrangement Black Metal20203.25Mjölnir2020-04-15
 Forgotten Tomb  Nihilistic Estrangement Black Metal20203Sargon the Terrible2020-09-09
 Forgotten Tomb  Songs to Leave Black Metal20024.5Ktb2006-08-21
 Forgotten Tomb  Springtime Depression Black Metal20034.25Michel Renaud2003-08-29
 Forgotten Tomb  Under Saturn Retrograde Black Metal20113Sargon the Terrible2011-06-01
 Forhekset  First Step to Nowhere Black/Death20074Lars Christiansen2007-12-09
 Forhell  Throne of Chaos Black/Thrash20143.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-02-25
 Forlorn  The Crystal Palace Black/Folk Metal19964Sargon the Terrible2004-06-22
 Forlorn Chambers  Unborn and Hollow Black/Death20133.5Sargon the Terrible2013-04-15
 Forlorn Path  Man's Last Portrait Black/Death20134MetalMike2013-07-31
 Forlorn Winds  The Day the Wolf Swallowed the Sun Black Metal20124.5Memnarch2012-12-16
 Forn Valdyrheim  Reminisce Eternity Symphonic Black Metal20053Sargon the Terrible2005-06-09
 Forsaken  After the Fall Doom Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2009-05-22
 Forsaken  Anima Mundi Doom Metal20043.5Sargon the Terrible2004-07-15
 Forsaken  Dominaeon Doom Metal20054.5Sargon the Terrible2006-06-05
 Forte  Stranger than Fiction Power/Thrash19924.25Nahsil2011-12-09
 Forte Ruin  Forte Ruin Melodic Death Metal20152.75Christopher Foley2015-09-03
 Forte Ruin  Rebuilding the Machinery Progressive Metal20183.5MetalMike2018-06-18
 Fourth Circle  Elements Gothic Metal20163MetalMike2017-04-09
 Fourth Monarchy  Amphilochia Black Metal20073.75Michel Renaud2010-11-10
 Fovitron  Altar of Whispers Black/Death20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-07-27
 Fozzy  Chasing the Grail Heavy Metal20102.5Hermer Arroyo2010-02-06
 Fracture  Dominate and Overload Progressive Power Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2010-08-20
 Fracture  Simple Chaos Progressive Metal20103Bruce Dragonchaser2011-01-16
 Fracture Point  Inherit The Downfall Death/Thrash20083Sargon the Terrible2008-08-08
 Frailty  Lost Lifeless Lights Doom/Death20083.75Sargon the Terrible2009-02-05
 Frank Caruso  Kaleidoscope Melodic Heavy Metal20073Bruce Dragonchaser2007-02-24
 Frantic Amber  Burning Insight Melodic Death Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-03-03
 Frantic Bleep  The Sense Apparatus Progressive Metal20053Chaossphere2005-03-08
 Freedom Call  Crystal Empire Power Metal20014.25Michel Renaud2001-01-21
 Freedom Call  Dimensions Power Metal20071Sargon the Terrible2008-01-07
 Freedom Call  Eternity Power Metal20024.5Larry Griffin2009-04-14
 Freedom Call  Land of the Crimson Dawn Power Metal20124.25Michel Renaud2012-01-27
 Freedom Call  Legend of the Shadowking Power Metal20103.5Christopher Foley2010-07-16
 Freedom Call  Legend of the Shadowking Power Metal20104Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-07-09
 Freedom Call  Live in Hellvetia Power Metal20113.5Bruce Dragonchaser2012-01-14
 Freedom Call  M.E.T.A.L. Power Metal20194.5Bruno Medeiros2019-11-16
 Freedom Call  Master of Light Power Metal20164.75MetalMike2017-05-13
 Freedom Call  Stairway To Fairyland Power Metal19995Michel Renaud1999-12-07
 Freedomination  The Stand Heavy Metal20153.5MetalMike2015-04-06
 Freedoms Reign  Freedoms Reign Heavy Metal20133.75MetalMike2013-06-17
 Freevil  Freevil Burning Death/Thrash20073.5Jason Cominetto2009-01-30
 Freitod  Nebel Der Erinnerungen Black Metal20103.75Sargon the Terrible2010-04-15
 Frequency  When Dream And Fate Collide Power Metal20064Bruce Dragonchaser2010-11-27
 Freternia  A Nightmare Story Power Metal20024Bruce Dragonchaser2007-05-14
 Freternia  A Nightmare Story Power Metal20024PowerMetal592010-02-11
 Freternia  Warchants & Fairytales Power Metal20003.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-19
 Fretless  Damnation Heavy Metal20194Luxi Lahtinen2019-08-23
 From Beyond  Thrashin' Machine Thrash Metal20033.5Michel Renaud2006-10-18
 From the Vastland  Daevayasna Black Metal20183.25Luxi Lahtinen2019-03-18
 From the Vastland  Temple of Daevas Black Metal20144Luxi Lahtinen2014-11-21
 From the Vastland  The Haft Khan Black Metal20203.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-09-16
 Front Beast  Demon Ways of Sorcery Black Metal20132MetalMike2013-10-17
 Front Beast  Shadows Black Metal20193MetalMike2020-03-29
 Frost  Raise Your Fist To Metal Heavy Metal20043.5Michel Renaud2004-03-15
 Frostbitten Kingdom  Infidel Angel Black Metal20101.5Sargon the Terrible2011-02-28
 Frostfall  Dark Torments/Beyond the Dusk Black Metal20103.75Pagan Shadow2010-08-12
 Frosthelm  Pyrrhic Black Metal20193.75MetalMike2019-07-31
 Frosthelm  The Northwinds Rend Flesh Black/Thrash20123.5Christopher Foley2013-01-20
 Frosthelm  The Northwinds Rend Flesh Black/Thrash20122.5MetalMike2013-03-27
 Frostmoon Eclipse  Another Face of Hell Black Metal20073.75Pagan Shadow2007-12-12
 Frosttide  Decedents - Enshrined Melodic Death Metal20184.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-12-18
 Frozen  In Time Death/Black20074.5Michel Renaud2008-01-02
 Frozen Crown  Crowned in Frost Power Metal20194.25Bruno Medeiros2019-04-04
 Frozen Crown  The Fallen King Power Metal20184.5Bruno Medeiros2018-06-24
 Frozen Hell  Rise! Melodic Death Metal20132.5Christopher Foley2013-10-16
 Frozen Land  Frozen Land Power Metal20184.5MetalMike2018-11-29
 Frozen Tears  Slaves Heavy Metal20093Larry Griffin2010-01-19
 Fuck Off and Die!  Anti All Black/Thrash20084Michel Renaud2008-05-26
 Fueled By Fire  Spread the Fire!!! Thrash Metal20074.25Michel Renaud2007-08-06
 Fueled By Fire  Trapped in Perdition Thrash Metal20134Christopher Foley2013-09-17
 Fueled By Fire  Trapped in Perdition Thrash Metal20133.5MetalMike2013-11-14
 Fullforce  One Power Metal20113.75Michel Renaud2011-09-26
 Fumigation  R0 5.7 Death Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-08-01
 Funebrarum  The Sleep of Morbid Dreams Death Metal20094.5Larry Griffin2010-01-15
 Funebre  Children Of The Scorn Death Metal19914.25Sargon the Terrible2006-03-14
 Funera Edo  De Bello Heroica Black Metal20123.5MetalMike2013-03-10
 Funeral  As the Light Does the Shadow Doom Metal20084.75Brett Buckle2009-01-24
 Funeral  From These Wounds Funeral Doom20065+Sargon the Terrible2007-06-16
 Funeral  To Mourn is a Virtue Doom Metal20113.5Sargon the Terrible2011-09-01
 Funeral Age  Fistful Of Christ Death Metal20034Sargon the Terrible2003-10-02
 Funeral Age  Thy Martyrdom Come Death Metal20104.5Sargon the Terrible2012-12-03
 Funeral Baptism  Gate Black/Thrash20173.5Michel Renaud2017-05-22
 Funeral Circle  Funeral Circle Doom Metal20133.75MetalMike2014-01-20
 Funeral Circle  Funeral Circle Doom Metal20133.75Sargon the Terrible2015-10-17
 Funeral Fog  Under the Black Veil Black Metal20033.75Scott Murray2003-03-31
 Funeral Forest  Hateful Visions Black Metal20073Sargon the Terrible2008-08-11
 Funeral Goat  Mass ov Perversion Black Metal20092.5Larry Griffin2010-10-13
 Funeral In Heaven  Daiwaye Haaskam Saha Paralowa Black Metal20093.75Sargon the Terrible2010-01-27
 Funeral In Heaven  Janaani Janmabhumisca Svargadapi Gariyasi Black Metal20083Caspian2009-03-06
 Funeral Mist  Hekatomb Black Metal20183.25MetalMike2018-08-08
 Funeral Mist  Maranatha Black Metal20094.25Brett Buckle2009-03-15
 Funeral Mourning  Drown in Solitude Funeral Doom20083.25Brett Buckle2009-03-08
 Funeral Oppression  The Prisoners of Life Black Metal20154Luxi Lahtinen2015-11-19
 Funeral Procession  Funeral Procession Black Metal20064Sargon the Terrible2006-05-03
 Funeral Storm  Arcane Mysteries Black Metal20194Michel Renaud2020-10-06
 Funeral Tears  The World We Lost Funeral Doom20144Luxi Lahtinen2015-06-22
 Funeral Throne  Nihil Sine Diabolvs Black Metal20084.25Lars Christiansen2008-08-15
 Funeral Throne  Nihil Sine Diabolvs Black Metal20084.25Pagan Shadow2008-06-15
 Funeralium  Funeralium Funeral Doom20071.5Sargon the Terrible2007-09-12
 Funerarium  Nocthule Black Metal20084.5Lars Christiansen2008-05-05
 Funereus  ......Return of the Old Goat Black Metal20143MetalMike2015-02-03
 Funeris Nocturnum  Code 666: Religion Syndrome Deceased Black Metal20023.5Ktb2005-03-17
 Funerus  Reduced to Sludge Death Metal20114.25Michel Renaud2012-07-07
 Furi Helium  Releasing Hell Thrash Metal20183.25Luxi Lahtinen2018-11-14
 Furia  Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang Black Metal20034.25Scott Murray2003-08-09
 Furia (Poland)  Grudzien Za Grudniem Black Metal20094Nahsil2009-11-30
 Furia (Poland)  Halny Black Metal20104Adam McAuley2011-04-02
 Furia (Poland)  Marzannie, Królowej Polski Black Metal20123Memnarch2012-03-24
 Furor Gallico  Furor Gallico Pagan Metal20103.25MetalMike2011-09-23
 Furthest Shore  Chronicles Of Hethenesse Book 1: The Shadow Descends Viking Metal19993.75Sargon the Terrible2004-12-14
 Furva Ambiguitas  In Articulo Mortis Funeral Doom20094Pagan Shadow2010-12-09
 Fury  Slavekind Thrash Metal20023.5Michel Renaud2002-08-22
 Furyon  Gravitas Heavy Metal20122.5MetalMike2012-06-27
 Fusion Bomb  Concrete Jungle Thrash Metal20194.25Luxi Lahtinen2019-05-02
 Future is Tomorrow  Fit to Die (Part 1) Progressive Power Metal20094Hermer Arroyo2009-09-25
 Futures End  Memoirs of a Broken Man Progressive Power Metal20094.5Christopher Foley2010-12-14

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