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Lordi meets Immortal (sort of) = S.H.O.U.T
What are your recent metal purchases?
Vio-lence - Eternal Nightmare 30th Anniversary Tribute
Frank (Killjoy) Pucci of NECROPHAGIA (4 Nov, 1969 - Mar 18, 2018 ) R.I.P.
Just 2 days ago... (related to Jeff Hanneman)
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Battleroar - Codex Epicus

Cult of Extinction - Black Nuclear Magick Attack

The Outer Limits - Apocalypto

SynaptiK - The Mechanisms of Consequence

Battleaxe - Power from the Universe

Anialator - Rise to Supremacy

Avslut - Deceptis

Necronomicon (Ger) - Pathfinder... Between Heaven and Hell

Perpetrator - Altered Beast

Outline - Fire Whiplash

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Inquisitor (Netherlands)
Vio-lence - Eternal Nightmare 30th Anniversary Tribute
Evil Drive
Maniac Abductor
Beast in Black
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