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Heavy Metal OTD Thread
A thread for the bands of Heavy Metal OTD Roster. Info, Interviews, Gigs and more.

Krepusku is a Melodic Death Metal Band from Transylvania, Romania. They have recently released 'Hybrid' full-length via MSH Music Group. Below you can watch the second track of the album 'Hybrid High Breed'

[Image: krepuskul.jpg]

Facebook Video Link
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Shouldn't this be in the Announcements forum?
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War of Thrones Feat. Former Members Of Crimson Glory, Rob Rock and more : Debut Album 'Conflict In Creation' is Out NOW via Sonic Night Music

[Image: war-of-thrones_conflict-in-creation.jpg]


1. Ascending 
2. Creation 
3. Savior 
4. Entranced 
5. Damnation 
6. Aftermath 
7. Say What 
8. Kingdom 
9. Rule the World 
10. Reaction 
11. Channeling Demons 
12. Descending

✅ Listen to “Rule the World” :: 
✅ Get to know the band ::
✅ Profile ::
Serving bands since 2000 - Heavy Metal OTD
You know, I get you're just doing your job and all, but as Mike asked, shouldn't this be in the announcements thread?
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