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Heavy Metal OTD Thread
Half Past Eight - Of Loss and Belief

[Image: cover.jpg]

Groovy verse riffs, heavy and diversified breakdowns, epic lead passages culminating in melodic refrains. Punchy drum rythms in conjunction with a wiry bass sound are underlining the song dynamic. Accompanied by the variety of the two vocalists and guitarists, Half Past Eight generates a distinctive sound.

Founded in 2011 the four-membered metalband from Mannheim, Germany released their debut EP „Instability“ which was completely self recorded, mixed and mastered on November 30, 2014. Social criticism, sustainability and self-determination are the leitmotif of the cd's six songs. After numerous concerts HPE can resort to a longtime stage experience.

The next milestone in the band's history is the publication of the first LP-album „Of Loss and Belief“ on March 31, 2018 which deals with afterlife, the handling of losses and different beyond imaginations. The lyrical spectrum is reflected in the songs arrangements and cover a lot of metal genres.

With their Debut, it is not easy to assign band a specific genre of metal, because many influences (e.g. Core, Thrash, Death and Groove, (Punk)rock) played a role in the songwriting.

[Image: album.jpeg]


1. Of Loss and Belief    
2. The Black Tides of Styx
3. Forsaken and Divided
4. Agitator
5. Memoria
6. Samsara
7. Saligia    
8. A Valkyries Martyrdom
9. Totentantz
10. Sekai no Yami
11. Afterlife
12. Sustained


Band formed back in 2011, Johannes, former bassist Max, and Florian, knew from school and started playing together. Soon thereafter Kevin joined, whom got to know over youtube, because he did guitar covers just like Flo and another youtuber advised him of his channel.

Band started rehearsing and writing songs, named themselves Half Past Eight (short HPE) and played the first live gig in December 2012. Until now they have played far over 50 gigs and shared the stage with various bands (best known should be Deadlock).

Some of the influences are: Trivium, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, August Burns Red.

Lineup,Florian Schreiber (Guitars / Vocals), Kevin Grygosch (Guitars / Vocals), Daniel Fabian (Bass), Johannes Guttowski (Drums)

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Repressions I-VI is the title of the self-released EP of the US Black/Gothic metal band Verwelkend. EP contains nine tracks that can act as a prelude to their forthcoming work and it was released on April 16, 2018.


Now here I wait forgotten in time. This woman in black i've become. Sadness and lose consume my soul, You could have saved him. Taken from Possession In Black

[Image: Repressions.jpg]


1. Repressions I- 
2. Repressions II- 
3. Repressions III- 
4. Repressions IV-
5. Repressions V- 
6. Repressions VI- 



Verwelkend was born of one concept,make dark music and spread it like a venom for those who wish to hear it.

Conceived in 2014,Verwelkend underwent many name changes before any music was officially recorded.Many of Verwelkend’s songs are written solely based on the beliefs,emotions,and experiences of its founding member,Leiden.

The main basis for the band's music is an attempt to convey fear,unease,and dread both through the band's music as well as their imagery resulting in the tracks Voices and Life Support causing extreme distress and sadness to some listeners.

Death,Lament,Anger,Satanism,Occultism,the Demonic,and Sickness are just some of the topics covered within the bands music.Many many hours and sleepless nights were put into the band resulting in hundreds of lyrics and the band's first demo E.V.P consisting of only guitar work and vocals.

The band then recruited their current drummer known as Ember. Ember brought an extreme sense of passion and skill to the band having apprenticed under Chad Szeliga of Breaking Benjamin and Black Label Society fame as well as learning from numerous other acts within the metal scene.

Following numerous hardships,the band released their song Possession In Black as a taste for what to expect from their upcoming demo. Possession In Black was received extremely well by its listeners and found its way to the ears of many larger bands.

The band's second demo,know as Exorcismus,has garnered the band praise as well as acknowledgement from many parties.. Following the release of Exorcismus,Leiden was nearly killed resulting in the band's dedication to its work and beliefs only being reinforced leading to an even more driven conglomerate.Verwelkend then released the very well received dark ambient piece known as “Kenopsia”.

Members of Verwelkends Shades were subjected to listening to the piece under observation reporting severe discomfort,nervousness,and a droning sense of nothing. Verwelkend is currently working on material for an upcoming project with all lyrics and many guitar parts finished.


Lineup, Leiden - Lyrics, Guitars & Vocals :: Ember - Drums & Bass

New album “Magnetism” was released in March 23th, 2018. Band is hitting a road this April with noise-rockers Barren Womb (NO) and JABBA (NO) with 18 concerts all over the Europe.

[Image: talbot_mgntsm_cover.jpg]


1. Feral 
2. Magnetism 
3. Vanhalla 
4. Icicle 
5. Infra 
6. Adrift 
7. Blown


Talbot, the heaviest duo on Earth (and beyond), has been conquering the world actively since 2008.
With Magnus Andre on bass guitar, synths, vocals and Eugene Mikhaylov on drums & vocals, this duo from Estonia's capital Tallinn, has created a unique sound of their own - massive, atmospheric and noisy with a nice amount of psychedelia on top of it.

Band has previously released an EP "Tundra" in 2008 and album "EOS" (2010). "EOS" was nominated for the Best Metal album of 2010 at the Estonian Music Awards.
Talbot’s second album “Scaled was released in April 2013 and has already gained a lot of feedback from the listeners and reviewers.

The duo finished their yet another European tour in May and among the other festivals also played at the Roskilde Festival 2013 (DK) and Rock The Beach 2013 (FI).

"Talbot can now be considered true pioneers of the Sludge/Post-Metal genre. Talbot are now a force to be reckoned with in the realm of extreme music. Scaled is a brilliant album and one that will be called a classic in the years to come." (The Sludgelord)

"All six tracks on Scaled offer excellent listening and varying dynamics and I can't recommend it enough. I expect to hear a lot more from the doom duo and if you're into something a bit different don't hesitate." (Phil Johnston / Echoes and Dust)

"Back at Von Krahl, Talbot has whipped up a thunderous sound. The drum kit took up half the stage, behind them sitting heavily tattooed, utterly solid percussionist Jarmo Nuutre, who beat his instruments within an inch of their lives with pummelling brutality and an almost balletic grace. Distorted bass lines form their blunt, powerful tunes, and a dual vocal played a melodic rock vocal off against Nuutre’s guttural doom-metal roar. Talbot marry bone-crunching force with dextrous musicality.“ (John Rogers / The Line Of Best Fit)

"Talbot was awesome. Besides the guys looked exactly like the kind of guys who drink beer in the shower. Which is awesome." (Juuso Vermasheinä / Flockified)

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Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals .. Inkvisitor ‘s new gem is out!

[Image: album.jpg?w=800&ssl=1]


1. Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals
2. Second Sacrament
3. A Shadow Suspended by Dust
4. The Confession
5. Mindslaver
6. Necromancy Cascade
7. Paradigm Shift
8. War Is Path to Victory
9. The Revenant (Redeemer)
10. Quagmire Twilight (Deleted Scene)


Inkvisitor is a thrash metal band originating from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed in August 2012 by Jesse Kämäräinen and Lauri Huttunen after Jesse posted an add about forming a band. Together they agreed that thrash metal would be the genre and the two managed to form Inkvisitor’s first line-up with two additional musicians. The line-up was short-lived and quickly replaced by Petteri Milan on drums and Petteri Huikkonen on bass. Aapo Vuori was last to join the band during spring 2013.

The band spent the summer composing and rehearsing new songs and in Fall performed their first live shows. In December 2013 the band entered to studio to record their first release, Delirious Tales EP. The EP was released in April 2014 and was met with positive reviews and receiption. For example the Finnish metal magazine Inferno picked the EP as the Best of Month in May. The band toured in May and in summer 2014 started to write and rehearse new material. During Fall 2014 the band will tour and then enter the studio to record their first full length album.

The band toured in May and in summer 2014 started to write and rehearse new material. During Fall 2014 the band completed tour in Finland dubbed Mobile Shredding Unit Tour and it consisted of 10 gigs.

After the tour bassist Petteri Huikkonen informed that he’ll be pursuing other activities than music and therefore quits the band. He cited lack of time to be the main reason for his decision. The band started to look for an replacement.

In December 2014 the band won competition organized by Tuska Open Air Metal Festival to play with Lost Society at Tavastia, Helsinki and completed the year by playing at Klubi, Tampere with total of 24 shows in 2014. After a christmas break in January 2015 the band starts to record it’s debut album named Doctrine of Damnation and completes the recordings in February. The album will be released 17.8.2015 and features ten new songs. Due the lack of bassist, Jesse’s old friend Pekka Löhönen plays the bass on the record. Lauri’s and Petteri’s old friend Ville Grekula fills in for the live shows.

Doctrine of Damnation was released to a positive reception both domestically and world wide. The band toured actively throughout the year and released two music videos for the songs Damnation and Hellbound for Carnal Knowledge. In November 2015 Petteri was fired from the band due to his lack of motivation. He was instantly replaced by Tino Jäntti.

The band also immediately started to write new material for their second full length album. It was decided early on that the album would be a concept album revolving around a single storyline. In Spring 2016 the band entered the studio to record two songs from that album to be released as singles. First single Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals was released in May 2016 with a music video.

Inkvisitor was later confirmed to co-headline Tuska Festival’s new project Tuska on Wheels -tour with Block Buster. After the tour Aapo informed that his interest in heavy metal and Inkvisitor had diminished and that he would depart from the band. The band started immediately to look for a new frontman.

While looking for a new vocalist the band completed writing all the material for the second album and demoed instrumental versions. In December 2016 Lauri informed that his motivation to tour and be in an active band had dropped. He would still play on the record. Luckily Jesse already had a guy in his mind, he called immediately to his long time friend Joonas Kolehmainen to fill in and Joonas answered the call. In February 2017 Markus contacted the band and wished to join. He and Jesse held a demo session and after the session it was a no-brainer. Markus joined the band officially in March.

In April 2017 the band entered Electric Fox Studios with Tuomas Kokko engineering. All drum parts were recorded and guitars, bass & vocals recorded for two songs. One of the songs Second Sacrament was sent to Nino Laurenne of Sonic Pump Studios for mixing and later to Virtalähde Mastering to be mastered. A music video was also shot in April. The song was released as single in May 2017. Rest of the recordings were completed by October 2017.

[Image: BandImage.jpg?w=800&ssl=1]

During Autumn 2017 the band completed it’s line-up permanently. Sakari Soisalo joined on bass and Mikko Saviranta took over the lead guitar duties. With the album complete, the band started to work on the release. During January the band filmed a music video to be released later in 2018. After planning, the release date was set on 20th of April 2018. In March 2018 filmed another music video and 2nd single “Mindslaver” from the album was released.

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[Image: cover.jpg]

'SAVAGES' is the latest release of the French Mathcore - Djent band The Dali Thundering Concept. It contains 11 exceptional tracks and released via Apathia Records & Thundering Production on April 13th.

[Image: 5.jpg] 


1. Ostrich Dynasty 
2. The Myth of Happiness 
3. Blessed with Boredom 
4. Cassandra 
5. There is no Calm before the Storm 
6. Ink 
7. Flying with the Shepherds 
8. Demeter 
9. Empty the Void 
10. Utopia 
11. We build the Past 


The Dali Thundering Concept is a four piece band founded in 2010. Offering a symbiosis between deathcore brutality and prog/djent aerial parts, the band made a first move in 2012 with a first concept EP about the evolution of art, Whent X Met Y.

Two years later, they released a commited debut album, Eyes Wide Opium, thanks to which they take place among the references of french modern metal bands.

In 2015, the band truly begins to spread internationally, they start touring accross Europe, play festivals such as UK Tech Fest or Euroblast, and share the stage with heavyweights of the scene such as Animals as Leader, Between the Buried and Me, Textures, Protest the Hero, Betraying the Martyrs, Monuments, Heart of a Coward, Decapitated, Tesseract or Fit for an Autopsy and more.

After a reedition of their first EP When X Met Y in February 2016 and two European tours, The Dali Thundering Concept have released 'Savages' on the 13rd of April 2018.

Lineup, Sylvain CONIER : Vocals Léo NATALE : Guitar Steve TREGUIER : Bass Martin GRONNIER : Drums Cesar : Staff and Mascot Nico CAZAUX : Communication & Promotion

[Image: cover.jpg]

Wrathrone strikes hard with their sophomore album titled fittingly ”Reflections of Torment”. It's safe to say that these Finnish death dealers have really found their rotten groove and sound on this bestial offering! Rumbling double guitars, low-grinding bass with blasting drums topped with unearthly growls.

[Image: album.jpg]


1. Throne
2. End of Your Sanity
3. Gut Goddess
4. Bloodline
5. Dead Inside Me
6. Bloodshroud
7. When All Light Died
8. Through Desolate Passage
9. Last Journey North
10. By Dawn They'll Hang


Wrathrone delivers a heavy dose of old school death metal with their own spices. The band was formed in the end of 2008. So far, the band has released 2 EP's; Burning Hatred (2011), Left Unburied (2013) and the first full length album, Born Beneath, released in January 2016. The album got nice coverage in the metal media and the metal heads received it well all round.

The early years Wrathrone performed occasionally, picking up the pace during the years. As the second EP was released, also the amount of gigs started to grow rapidly. In the spring 2013, Wrathrone also ventured abroad to perform for the first time. As of today, the band has delivered about 70 shows. Besides Finland, Wrathrone's been to Poland, Germany and the Baltic countries several times. During 2016, we had three separate tours abroad. As the show frequency has grown, the band has reached really high level in performance, crushing the stage every night.

Our sophomore album “Reflections of Torment” was recorded during the autumn of 2017 at V.R. Studio in Turku and mixed/mastered at Wolfthrone Studios. It will be released by Satanath Records with The Void Records in CD and digital formats in April 2018 and by Cimmerian Shade Recordings in vinyl and tape formats in September 2018.

Lineup, Matti Vehmas - Vocals Vili Mäkinen - Guitar & backing vocals Lauri Holm - Guitar Pekka Wärri - Bass Mikael Ruoho - Drums
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