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What's the last movie you saw?
(11 hours ago)Sargon the Terrible Wrote:
(Yesterday, 06:19 PM)MetalMike Wrote: Captain America: Civil War

I like these Marvel movies but it feels weird how they are subtly changing the characters from what I remember in the comics back in the day. Thor is now the smartass which used to be Spiderman, who is now an awestruck kid. Antman is a dope and he used to be one of the smartest scientists around, etc.

Well, it's not the Hank Pym Ant-Man, it's the Scott Lang Ant-Man.  But Hank is still around.

OT: Pacific Rim: Uprising

I was expecting this to suck, but I thought it was as good as the original, just different.
OK, I was admittedly not an Ant-Man devotee so I didn’t realize it was a different guy.

My kid didn’t like Uprising, especially the “love interest” angle but I haven’t seen it.
We need it as a liquid in our veins instead of blood

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