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10,000 Reviews and Counting...

10,000 Reviews and Counting...

by Michel Renaud

10,000 Reviews and Counting...

The Metal Crypt saw the light of day on September 18, 1999, then known as "Michel's Metal Page", three months later changing to "Michel's Metal Crypt" and eventually I took my name out since regular reviewers had joined the poser-crushing effort. Anyway, this all started as a fun hobby to learn how to build a web site. I absolutely did not expect that I'd still be doing this nearly 19 years later and today, July 3, 2018, the 10,000th review just went online. Imagine that. Sure, some more recent web sites have more reviews but they also have more staff. Except for a short stint that lasted a year or so, the number of regular reviewers here has always been rather small. I guess we like it that way.

Things sure have changed. In the beginning, I reviewed only albums that I bought since I wasn't getting promos at the time. Eventually as the site became better known, bands and labels started sending in promos. I personally ever only asked for maybe two or three promos (I remember the first one being Majesty's Keep it True), so having the bands and labels reach out and offer to send in material without us asking was a sign that we were doing something right. Back then the promos were CDs, with the occasional tape or vinyl and a couple of DVDs. Nowadays most promos come in the form of mp3 files and labels are much more generous with them. That makes it impossible to review everything we get. Sometimes I come across an album I got years ago and finally get around to listening to it and, if I have anything to say about it, I'll review it then. Better late than never, I guess. I think that's not necessarily a bad thing if the album is still available but fell off the radar, since most coverage is usually in the weeks or months surrounding the release date. Unfortunately, the number of non-metal promos has been increasing as of late. Yeah dude, send a pop, hip-hop or rap album to a site named "The Metal Crypt." That makes a lot of sense. Fortunately, since these are e-mails that can be deleted quickly, a bunch of CDs don't end up in a garbage dump somewhere these days.

My review count, sitting at 1586 as I write this, should be much higher, but for various reasons I sometimes went silent for months, if not years at a time, just updating the site with material from the other contributors. Still a pretty decent total, and I'm not done. Hopefully neither are the likes of Sargon the Terrible, MetalMike and Luxi Lahtinen who are currently the most active reviewers beside me, and let's not forget Luxi's regular contributions of great interviews and tributes that have really kept the Interviews section alive these past few years. He seems to be the only one of us who likes doing interviews! Bruno Medeiros checks in from Brazil every now and then with some thorough reviews and, boy, is he ever entertaining when he's reviewing something he doesn't like. ;)

I'm only mentioning the current crop of regulars, but there have been dozens of reviewers here over the years, writing anywhere from one to several hundred reviews (Larry Griffin, Chaossphere and 4th Horseman all come to mind when thinking hundreds) before disappearing. Lack of time, change of musical interest (whaaat!?), and sometimes I don't even know why because a lot of them just disappeared without a word. Well, it's not like this is a paying gig. We do it for fun. Some past heavy contributors are still around on our message board, such as Christopher Foley and Bruce Dragonchaser. I call them the Brexiters. Wish they'd start writing here again (wink, wink...) I'm forgetting some names here, but they can rest assured that I'm not forgetting their contribution, no matter how big or small. Oh and, let's not forget Christian Renner, who originally signed his reviews as "Mystophales", and was the first regular to join the site. He still pops in every now and then.

We could have more staff, more reviews, more visitors, but I think we like to keep it small and cozy around here. We pride ourselves in being rather elitist in what we cover and being metal as fuck, very rarely compromising by reviewing something that's not quite metal – at worst, it's usually at least mostly metal with a hint of metal-ish hard rock or 70s heavy rock. Not much of that though. If we compromised too much, we wouldn't sleep well at night. Well, I don't, but it has nothing to do with this. ;)

So, there you have it, folks. 10,000 reviews! Damn.

Thanks for being there are reading us. That's what keeps us going.

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