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Interviews Nachtmystium

Interview with Azentrius

Interview conducted by Chris Mitchell (Desolate Gale)

Date online: March 11, 2004

Hails! How are you today Azentrius?

Doing much better than a Hatian refugee on a raft...

For those that are unfamiliar with Nachtmystium can you give us a quick history of the band?

Formed in 2000 by me, several hours of music recorded between then and now. I will continue to record and release music under the Nachtmystium moniker until I become extinct.

Which bands have influenced Nachtmystium's music?

Tori Amos, Sleep, Square Pusher, Black Sabbath, Earth, Ulver, Manes, Burzum, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Puissance, Katatonia, Ildjarn, Conqueror, Danzig, etc. Yeah, fuck off to the pseudo underground fag thats reading this that has anything to say about my tastes.

I just finished listening to "Reign Of The Malicious" and I thought it was fucking brilliant. You play a very original style of Black Metal that is a breath of fresh air in a scene where there is nothing, but countless clones. Where do you and the other members of Nachtmystium draw their inspiration from?

Reign of the Malicious was original? I didn't think so, that was me imitating Darkthrone and Burzum when I was 18 years old. Sure, it had pehaps more feeling than some of the homosexual garbage passed off as 'black metal' these days, but overall, I don't look at that release as anything more than a necessary stepping stone. Newer Nachtmystium ("Demise" LP and the "Eulogy 4" MCD, both of which are in the to-be-released-soon catagory currently) are far superior displays of musicianship and originality in my opinion.

What is your opinion on the following subjects:

a) National Socialism in Black Metal

Who cares? Polotics have nothing to do with Nachtmystium and Nachtmystium has nothing to do with modern black metal, so it's not of my concern.

b) Satanism

Not something that I associate with my music currently. I definitly draw on "Satanic" ideologies within my own world view, mainly with the 'survival of the fittest' mentality, but overall, I really don't concern myself with it too much these days.

c) The Black Metal Scene today

Fuck modern black metal. There are a few good bands, but there are millions of horrible clones and over rated bands that are doing nothing new.

Are you involved in any side projects and if no, in the future is there any other direction you would like to take Nachtmystium?

The future will hold the answer to that...I'm very open minded and enjoy alot more than just black metal, so I would not be suprised if other elements come into play in the future. No side projects currently, I am a session member of Krieg however.

Is Nachtmystium for you only a means to express yourself creatively? Or does it serve it a greater purpose?

Nachtmystium is a completely intimate portrayal of my views on life. It's really personal to me, so I don't care what anyone thinks of it really.

What are you currently listening to these days?

Currently addicted to the "Requiem for a Dream" soundtrack and lots of Conqueror per usual.

Sombre Records recently died, do you still keep in touch with Marcel or do you know if Sombre will ever come back?

Marcel was a close comrade while he was around, I know that he has suffered from an illness in the last year or so and that he had problems with finances prior to that. I've heard that he may start the label back up once he's recovered 100%.

That's everything. Thanks for the interview Azentrius and do you have anything else you would like to add?


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